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Dem bitchez don't know Birthday!!!

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I agree she should have done a more traditional video ALONG with it but it's still a cute and funny video. I think Dark Horse just overshadowed it. 


naahh I think if she did the same thing on tour with the balloon riding on stuff it would have been a hit like a wizard of OZ thing riding that balloon to greet her lover a happy birthday katy3 wearing her birthday suit katy3 good thing the tour gives it so much justice cry4.gif' alt='cry3'>.gif' alt='cry2'>


but the video fall4 I admit its good techincally like the whole reality show thing bad grampa style is cool but Katy should be aware that she needs to top DH with this video. the lyric video really hyped all of us that she was gonna release a Teenage Dream era inspired video. fall3.gif' alt='fall2'> oh well :)

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The video is like a story to watch, I had a laugh with it at the time but would find it boring to watch again now.

I believe that Katy and her team were just trying too hard to make something special until it became something which barely fitted the category. Perhaps that girl in this clip saying, 'That's a music video??' is very telling of the all over aspect which doesn't work so well. Still, better than naked ass twerking.

I agree, with a more appealing video showcasing the song instead of slapstick comedy the song might have been promoted better.

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