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The 30-day Kesha Section Challenge: Day 30 [END]

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Galaxy    2,339



Thank you so much for participating in the 30-day Kesha section challenge! I want to thank all you guys who participated actively in this and answered the questions daily. Also, I want to announce that there is a Kesha Megarate coming soon! A huge Kesha rate where you can rate and send in your votes regarding album tracks, singles, unreleased songs, collaborations and whatnot. It'll be an event happening once in a while where I'd post the results. Stay tuned for more information soon! Meanwhile, answer the last question:



Day 30:


What is your all-time favorite Kesha memory?



Click here to get an overall view from the questions per day!


Questions per day

Day  Question

1.    What is your favorite song off of Animal?

2.    What is your favorite interview?

3.    What are your favorite unreleased songs?

4.    What things by Kesha do you own?

5.    What is your favorite song off of Cannibal?

6.    What is your favorite Kesha lyric?

7.    What is your favorite Kesha outfit?

8.    What is your favorite photoshoot?

9.    What is your favorite performance from the Animal/Cannibal era?

10.  What is your favorite song off of Warrior?

11.  What is your favorite single cover?

12.  What is your favorite album cover?

13.  What is your favorite instagram photo?

14.  What is your favorite memory of the Warrior era?

15.  What is your favorite hair color?

16.  What is your favorite Kesha cover of a song?

17.  Who would you want Kesha to collaborate with?

18.  What is your favorite Kesha quote?

19.  When/how did you start stanning Kesha?

20.  What was the first song you heard?

21.  - Day missed -

22.  What do you expect from the next album?

23.  What is your favorite single?

24.  What is your favorite collaboration?

25.  What is your favorite album photoshoot?

26.  What is your favorite music video?

27.  What is your favorite red carpet look?

28.  What is your all-time favorite performance?

29.  What is your favorite tour outfit?

30.  What is your all-time favorite Kesha memory?

Again, thank you so much!

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Okan    7,377

Idk tbh.

I think it's when Die Young is leaked. It's because I heard the song, not because it's a leak.

(& maybe We R Who We R's release.)

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im not tagged...




my favorite memory is when i saw the Dirty Love video. it was new and I never saw anything like it before. and the concept at the end saying that as bad as the video was, it had to be edited before it was to be released to the public eye.

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Thomas    121

Aww, this seemed so cool cry7 Too bad I missed it

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