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fave Katy Perry logo (albums)

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first of all this is her debut album so she has little control or something it looks like a regular font but still it captures the Katyness so yeah.




jesus this logo is everything its custom made its not a fucking font! look at the 'Rs' in it they look different and I like that it looked like a candy I could just eat this up! this logo just represented Katy 101 percent still not sure if this is licorice inspired or icing tho.




this is one is too legit its like a ribbon, the way its done makes it look ornate and pristine. those loops are ridiculous and dramatic it adds life to the logo.




now the last 2 were extravagant logos she ditched her signature cursive style, PRISM became the exact opposite. PRISM's logo is just the same as the album's theme: simple and blunt. this is actually Gotham dubbed as the new "Helvetica" or so they say or the Obama font. the only exceptions are that letters A and Y that are edited to look like a triangle for obvs reasons




so which one is your fave logo?




I'm allowing multiple choice just indicate which is your fave first lj1

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they had the triangle but its not Gotham moo1

No, the bastille font is a redrawn, hand shaped version of Futura. But Gotham and Futura are Sans Serif cousins, so add the triangle embellishments and those two logos are definitely similar.

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