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Taylor rumored to be Chinese spy!

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The Rumor Doctor hears all kinds of things, and his job is to look into them to see if they are true. That’s why the Doctor has spent the past few days investigating whether country singer Taylor Swift is a Chinese spy.

For whatever reason, a reader from San Antonio wrote Stars and Stripes alleging that Swift is a “mole from north eastern China,” adding that entertainers should be “screened to check their uterus and equipment for their bugging kits.” Perhaps the reader noticed that Swift had scheduled concert dates this week at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C., which happens to be located in the city's Chinatown area.

Or maybe he’s got other issues. This rumor may be absurd, but The Rumor Doctor’s job is to investigate the ailment, not question the patient.

The Rumor Doctor reached out to Paula Erickson, Swift’s publicist, for comment on the Chinese mole issue.

Erickson swiftly replied that Swift would not be offering any comment.

“I would appreciate it if you would refrain from running this piece,” Erickson replied via email.  “I think it is beyond obvious that Taylor is NOT a Chinese mole, and to even attempt to imply otherwise is defamatory. This is not something we need to dignify with a response.”

The Rumor Doctor then approached the Chinese Embassy in Washington, to inquire whether Swift is now or has ever been employed by the People’s Liberation Army or Chinese intelligence. As of deadline, embassy spokesman Wang Baodong had not replied.
The Rumor Doctor next called the U.S. Communist Party to see if Swift’s music espouses global communism.

As it turned out, getting communists on the phone is much harder than it sounds. So The Rumor Doctor turned to the Brookings Institution, a prestigious think tank in Washington.

But Michael O’Hanlon, a respected expert at the institution, declined to comment on the matter.

“If Ms. Swift was really under serious criticism I’d come to her defense, but I sense that, as you noted, this is a bit of a left-field sort of thing and so I think I’ll abstain absent a clearer reason to weigh in,” O’Hanlon said in an e-mail.

Source: http://www.stripes.com/blogs/the-rumor-doctor/the-rumor-doctor-1.104348/taylor-swift-pop-country-starlet-or-chinese-spy-1.105275

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