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Style video is HERE

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I feel a bit underwhelmed? It's always disappointing when a video doesn't end up looking like the way you wanted it, when you heard the song, but this video just felt like out of place. Try muting it and play wildest dreams, I s2g it suits it more.


The song felt slower in the video or is that just me?

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I loved the video. I thought it was absolutely beautiful! I also really enjoyed how it wasn't what everyone expected it to be. 


It's so soothing to watch. The visuals/effects are all great and don't look tacky. The video itself is pretty sensual and that's nice to see. Classy sexy isn't done that often nowadays. Tay managed to do it twice in a row now.

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I love the intro and the scenes during the first verse but after that it got quite repetitive and lame tbh.


can't help but agree. she's drop dead gorgeous, if only the video had just a bit of a storyline.

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Very sexy , sensual and delicate video.... i think not good move for song but very classy and different video nowadays Those people who complain has different vision for this song... but director ,

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