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QUINN    19,353

In the 10 days since the last stats check, we've had quite a bit of activity take place!


Roar has officially taken its spot as the 3rd most watched Video of all time, overtaking Party Rock Anthem earlier this week with 14.2 million new views and a 1.68% increase over last week.  Dark Horse stays strong in its spot as 2nd most viewed of all time, taking on an additional 16.3 milion views at a 1.89% increase over last week. 


Those aren't the only two videos from this era that had a great week, though.  It looks like someone finally clued This Is How We Do in on the fact that everyone thinks it's a massive flop. With the largest increase of the week at 3.30% over last week's views, TIHWD gained 8.6 million views and ran up three places in the most viewed of all time list from 109 to 106.  


Strangely enough, Ur So Gay and the Birthday lyric video both scored in the 2% increase range, making them the second and third highest gainers of the week... percentage-wise, anyway.


Roar and Unconditionally are both closing in on big milestones for likes: Roar is just 25,500 likes shy of the 3million mark, while Unconditionally has just 11,700 to go before hitting a million. So go hit those like buttons if you haven't already!!


5 videos saw increases in position on the all time VEVO most watched list, which is unsurprising considering they all also fell in the top 300 of the most watched videos of the week:

Roar (+1) 3 overall, 21st most watched this week

Last Friday Night (+1) 38 overall, 64th most watched this week

This Is How We Do (+3) 106 overall, 45th most watched this week

ET (+1) 71 overall, 197th most watched this week

California Gurls (+2) 230 overall, 241 most watched this week


I have added 4 videos to the videography and stats page, taking high view and like counts into consideration:

Thinking of You Extended Video

Teenage Dream Director's Cut

If We Ever Meet Again



Stats will now reflect video's placement in the top 1000 most viewed VEVO videos of all time, as well as placement in the top 1000 most viewed of the week.  Going forward, I'll be updating all stats on Saturday evening each week.


Curious about other data for these videos, or want me to start tracking something new?  Feel free to ask!

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So It Goes...    723

The fact that roar is STILL the 21st most watched vevo video after a year and a half giveup1 it's not even like that's the only place to stream the song

I know. I get it more with Taylor because youtube is the only place to stream SIO and Blank Space. But there are so many methods for streaming Katys music and she still slays youtube dead2

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QUINN    19,353

Is the roar lyric video one of the most viewed lyric videos ever now?

It's definitely in the top 10.  Two Avicii videos, the Skyfall lyric video, a Christina Perri video, and the Payphone lyric video all have over 100k. Roar falls at around 6th most viewed I think!

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Excellent thread, thanks for the great work!! : :)

I didn't even realize Birthday official video was that low, well, I rather watch the lyric video, too, haha, it's an odd thing with that.

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