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Big Brother | PRISM | Final round

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Okay so here's the idea I had for the POV twist:


The HOH picks two people to be nominated at the beginning of the round. At that time, the HOH then goes to random.org/lists and pastes all of the other remaining players in a list into the form and clicks "randomize":




from there, it will give you a list:




The first two people on the list (in this case, goot and california boy) will now join the two nominees in a 5 question Katy Perry trivia game.  The host will ask 5 questions 1 at a time, and any of the 4 chosen players (the two nominees and the two random players) can answer.  The person to get the most of the 5 questions right is the winner of the POV.


The winner of the POV can then decide if they want to use it to keep one of the nominees safe, or if they want to keep the nominations the same.  If they choose to save one of the nominees, the HOH then has to pick a replacement player.  From there, the final remaining nominees will be voted on by all players on who should be eliminated.


This will stretch the game out a bit, but it will make it so it's a lot more fun and interactive, and will give some of the people with less-hyped songs a chance to win the whole thing!


What do you guys think?  If this is way too complicated I understand, I just thought it might be fun to add a new element to the game fall3.gif' alt='fall2'>




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Time got away from me tonight so I only got about half of these done. Y'all are more than welcome to use them however you'd like! or don't. I don't care. lol. I'll do the others tomorrow!








they're all so prismatic oprah1 LL is so out of this world! oprah6.gif' alt='oprah4'>

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