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    Mess. No tweet from zayn or sia
  2. Sia

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    That's Sia manager. Wondering who is doing the remixes
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    If I'm not wrong Arianna Dangerous Woman My Everything Rihanna Anti Sia This Is Acting Who would have thought Sia at the age of 41 having success at streaming.(Her fan base is also not that big) Considering all the negative remarks when TIA receive when it was release. Queen of longevity FYI 1 billion stream is around 6 million dollars in royalties in 2016 2017 is around 3.4 mil
  9. Sia

  10. http://www.msn.com/en-sg/money/technology/why-you-should-never-look-avril-lavigne-up-on-google/ar-AAsiN8e?ocid=spartanntp
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    #1(3) Greece 03(05) Sweden 04(23) Hungary 06(08) Ireland 07(25) Netherlands 13(20) New Zealand Climbing everywhere except.... no prize for guessing the right country
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    Just 1 live performance together from this 2 elusive will push it up any charts in the country they promote This will be a slow burning hit. Cheap thrills took fuking 6 months to reach number 1 and hit number1 in 25 country DtD have a better start than CT. Hoping DTD will do better than CT
  14. Very stunning visuals going to search for videos now.