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    OMG GURL That's amazing!
  2. Sonny101

    Finally some talented artists coming back
  3. Sonny101

    KATY PERRY - Part Of Me: 25.454 (+ 4.997)
  4. Sonny101

    Big name radio stations are barely playing it! I request it to z100 so many times and they'll play it maybe twice a day. People have gotten lazy with requesting her. They just assume other people will do it. We need to encourage people to request it everywhere!
  5. Sonny101

    LADY GAGA - Marry The Night: 30.392 (+ 0.201) Jesus, this really needs to start picking up.
  6. I have no receipts, but word around twitter/gagadaily is that she is recording a music video for Yoü And I. I don't know what she plans on using it for, my guess is just promo because she has said she will never make Yoü And I a single.
  7. Sonny101

    I know I'm late, it didn't JUST occur to me, I realized this the second I heard the album (and could have guessed before it came out) The Fame is heavily influenced by Lüc with songs like Brown Eyes. Most of her unreleaed music is also influenced by him. TFM isn't too much... other than Speechless and I guess Dance In The Dark
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    Like I said, I noticed them all just by listening to the album haha. And thank you
  9. Sonny101

    yes, no highschool, I would if I could :: I agree. It's not like I sat there doing research. Most of these things I figured out just from listening to the lyrics. I know a lot about Lüc & GaGa because I've previously read stuff about them.
  10. Sonny101

    +laughcry+ actually a lot of people do that ::
  11. Marry The Night GaGa met Luc Carl in a bar Ginger is the name of Luc's car Government Hooker Although not directly referenced, it's no secret that Luc used to treat GaGa like shit. That may have inspired GH at one point or another Judas Once again, although no direct Luc reference, this song is widely speculated to be about him, considering it is about "a man who continues to betray you" Hair The idea described in the song "Hair" is believed by Luc Carl himself, hence the long hair. Scheiße Another "Judas" case. Luc isn't directly referenced however a song about not needing a man to live life has his name written all over it. Bloody Mary For starters, Bloody Mary is coincidentally the name of GaGa's car, which is the counterpart to Lüc's Ginger. Bloody Mary is rumored to have been written when GaGa had broken up with Lüc the first time. Fashion Of His Love The bridge was taken from a song called "Earthquake" which was confirmed to be written about Lüc Carl. GaGa never treated Lüc as an accessory, rather as a prize. It's pretty evident that this was written with Lüc in mind. Highway Unicorn GaGa and Lüc would make love in the back of his many hot-rods. Heavy Metal Lover Lüc Carl is a huge fan of Heavy Metal Lüc's favorite drink is whiskey Rivington Rebels is the name of a group involved in Lüc Carl's bar on Rivington St (coincidentally where GaGa lives) A reference to Lüc and GaGa breaking up after she reached fame He owns a bar in New York. She mentions many different alcoholic beverages. Electric Chapel This entire song seems like an engagement proposal from GaGa to Lüc to be honest. The Queen This is GaGa telling Lüc that she CAN be his Queen and he was wrong when he said she'd never make it Yoü And I This entire song is dedicated TO Lüc. The accented ü in the song title is a reference to the ü in the name "Lüc" This was written when GaGa had first moved back to New York after the fame and breaking up with Lüc. He tastes like whisky since like I said it's his favorite. She wants to be his again They had made love for the first time on the couch that GaGa keeps in her apartment. She used to sit at his bar. Lüc Carl originally lived and grew up i Nebraska before moving to New York Two years after they broke up she moved back. Jokes and Rock and Roll, both two things Lüc was fond of, made her remember him. Muscle cars (also what he was fond of) also hurt her. Apparently while they were dating he sang Heart Of Gold to her naked with a guitar +laughcry+ A reference to the fact that they can not live together in New York "heaven" although she is rich. Once again, Lüc comes from Nebraska, meaning she'll serve him her whole life. They were together for 6 years Just something I noticed
  12. Sonny101

    :lmfao: So mad they canceled the concert yesterday :/
  13. why can't we all just get along
  14. +laughcry+ A huge drop from extraordinary numbers is still big numbers Some people are so dumb