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  1. this hamster did mermaid first tbh :stare:
  2. its uh very 80s
  3. yas slayty section :worship:
  4. Shake It Out top 3 :legend:
  5. The Writer too low too, glad Cosmic Love is in top 10, happily surprised Tears Dry on Their Own actually almost made it to top 10 too
  6. umm fuck me pumps is flawfree, way too low
  7. kinda, who are you, idk anyone's names now, thanks for noticing me tho queen1
  8. sent, glad u added ellie :dancey:
  9. if you're gonna add Ellie i'll wait to send my ratings
  10. looking forward to Hello Kitty
  11. it almost has 10mil views wish it would get top 50 on itunes at least