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  1. She has already been exposed for body shaming, mocking of disabled people and starting homophobic rants. It wouldn't be a surprise if her pathetic ass somewhat pulls the race card and plays the victim like she did many times before
  2. Radio


    1. 6 Inch - Urbanov 2. Sorry - Fab 3. Sorry - SWINE 4. 6 Inch - Anna-wa 5. 6 Inch - Jony 6. Sorry - Hyun. 7. SORRY- BEAUX 8. 6 Inch - Diamond 9. 6 Inch - Maraj 10. Sorry - Royale 11. Sorry - Radio 12.
  3. Radio

    Wow sis you need to teach me how to come up with those clever nicknames
  4. Radio


    I do it's just that everyone already took my favorites
  5. Radio


    I will take Pray You Catch Me ig
  6. Radio


    screaming at this barely reaching half of a page, an uneventful thread for an uneventful album
  7. Radio


    Cute but Katy's remains superior
  8. Radio


    Diamonds is not excellent And Disturbia should be higher
  9. Radio

    I used to love Taylor and hate Rihanna back in 2012, started to love myself eventually!
  10. Radio

    Isn't Porcelain Black a Trump supporter?
  11. Radio

    I am torn between two playlists
  12. Radio

    Can we like... skip this part
  13. Radio

    I had classes sorry for missing this