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  1. wait. gigi and zayn are dating again? excuse?
  2. slam dunk festival & sad summer festival.
  3. honestly i'm so behind on everything i thought this was real for a minute
  4. aerials


    all i own is merch. my fav piece is my taking back sunday denim jacket for their 20th anniversary tour.
  5. ok but what was 100k gonna do?????
  6. coven was by far their worst season for me, don't get me wrong 80% of the seasons have been pretty bad and you're right about them recycling the same things. ryan murphy has always had a habit of finding new projects and neglecting the ones he's been working on. nip tuck was neglected and ended when he started glee. ahs was the show he gave love to when he neglected glee. then he found scream queens, which he neglected for american crime story. now he has 911 and 911: lone star. who knows what next.
  7. i remember when i was in university, there had been a string of rapes in manchesters gay village where a man had lured them from clubs to his apartment nearby and assaulted them. i wonder if this is the guy because from what i remember, they had never caught him back then.
  8. someone gotta remake this with the wasted overlay from gta
  9. aerials


    get ready girls and gays, my chemical romance are touring the us in september.
  10. aerials


    i mean, it's all about personal preference and that's cool, that's your preference. mine is that bullets far surpasses black parade and that overall it was a truly mediocre album. apart from it's title track, it just didn't come close to being even nearly as good as three cheers.
  11. aerials

    lewis capaldi was ROBBED.
  12. aerials

    i love ariana but she 100% deserved to win over ari. lizzo dominated this last year, she's been such a hot commodity.
  13. the grammys are trash and they do this literally every year. they let one artist sweep all of the categories and it undermines all of the other artists who achieved equally or even more than the artist they awarded. it's just boring.
  14. aerials

    dance gavin dance - we own the night