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  1. i don't have many pop vinyls bcos i'm very picky about having color pressings and they're usually sold out or cost $$$$$$ but here's my discogs since my collection is kinda big now: https://www.discogs.com/user/pheromonecvlts/collection
  2. in case you couldn't tell, the used is my favorite band.
  3. get ready girls and gays, my chemical romance are touring the us in september.
  4. i mean, it's all about personal preference and that's cool, that's your preference. mine is that bullets far surpasses black parade and that overall it was a truly mediocre album. apart from it's title track, it just didn't come close to being even nearly as good as three cheers.
  5. i hated the black parade. the song? slaps. but the rest of the album did nothing for me. i just found it was awful in comparison to three cheers and bullets. but everyone thinks tbp is their best.