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  2. no, it will probably have better sales this week than last week last week 4 days it was almost out of top100, 3 days top20 this week 7 days top30/top40
  3. pemibapy

    the 2014 is not HQ tho, the colours don't seem that good, so
  4. wut? huge drop? no. last week it only had 3 days of streaming + 3 days of good sales this week we have 7 days of better sales + 7 days of stream
  5. more posts don't complain
  6. pemibapy

    slaying that hair cry1
  7. that's part of ha performance if it is shit that's her fault but that is promotion I just hope to be slayed with the 2nd single, but I won't most likely .gif' alt='fall2'>
  8. pemibapy

    I always forget her tour is named prismatic, so I always gigle a bit when I see the name
  9. pemibapy

    that sounds nice tbh
  10. yeah they looked great not gonna get us and all the things she said bring so many childhood memories those songs are truly amazing
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJcfdkHzFpY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pa8bCtFraj0 what is this then? omg that's awk
  12. not sure that it will pick up tho, lets wait and see