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  1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tracklist 1. Future Nostalgia 2. Don’t Start Now 3. Cool 4. Physical 5. Levitating 6. Pretty Please 7. Hallucinate 8. Love Again 9. Break My Heart 10. Good in Bed 11. Boys Will Be Boys ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Singles Don't Start Now November 1, 2019 Physical January 31, 2020 Break My Heart March 27, 2020
  2. @Gilly @Maraj @Gabe. @Entea @Manel
  4. Freaky Prince


    Just announced during her Q&A.
  5. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tracklist 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Heartless 8. 9. Blinding Lights 10. 11. 12. 13. After Hours 14. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Singles Heartless November 27, 2019 Blinding Lights November 29, 2019
  6. Urbanov


    Featuring collaborations with Rosalía and Björk
  7. KID KROW Conan Gray March 20, 2020 Singles 1. Checkmate (June 26, 2019) 2. Comfort Crowd (Sept 5, 2019) 3. Maniac (Oct 24, 2019) 4.The Story (Jan 10, 2020) 5. Wish You Were Sober (March 18, 2020) Tracklist 1. Comfort Crowd 2. Wish You Were Sober 3. Maniac 4. (Online Love) 5. Checkmate 6. The Cut That Always Bleeds 7. Fight or Flight 8. Affluenza 9. (Can We Be Friends?) 10. Heather 11. Little League 12. The Story
  8. Ruthless Love


    ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Track listing Velvet Superpower EXPLICIT Stranger You Are EXPLICIT Loverboy Roses feat. Nile Rogers EXPLICIT Closer to You Overglow Comin in Hot On the Moon Love Don't EXPLICIT Ready to Run New Eyes Feel Something ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Singles Feel Something New Eyes Comin in Hot Superpower Roses
  9. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Track listing I'd Rather Lose Save a Little for Yourself Fifteen Tryin' My Best Los Angeles Easy Target When I Wasn't Watching Forgiveness Stories Reminding Myself of Me If That's What it Takes Silver Landings ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Singles When I Wasn't Watching I'd Rather Lose Save a Little for Yourself Fifteen
  10. She doesn't slow down. After having one of the most acclaimed Pop albums of 2015, Carly Rae Jepsen is already recording for CRJ4. This from Popjustice: As you well know global sax-repopularising singer of song Carly Rae Jepsen has recently been in a studio environment with PC Music’s Danny L Harle, and now the latter has said some words about it all. “It was great,” L Harle told the latest issue of Beat magazine. “The enthusiasm was peaking throughout the entire session.” Are you both so into the song that you’re doing though? “We’re both so into the song that we’re doing.” edit: here is an audio only clip of the song (hopefully more) that they worked on. This is a Danny L Harle written song that he played at a music conference in London on May 19/16 with CRJ's vocals. The song has been referred to as - "Super Natural" edit June 6/16 - The demo of Super Natural has leaked. Also, in an interview with Tegan and Sarah, the songs that they had worked on during the Emotion Sessions have been taken back. So, all of you hoping for another Tegan/Sarah/Carly collaboration are sadly out of luck. We will have to wait 4 weeks to see if T&S re-used any of those songs for their new album... In an interview with Stereogum, she mentioned a Q1-2017 release for the album. She won't be taking time off after her current tour. She's heading to Japan for a few shows then to Sweden to record album number 4. She also has 2 songs written with Tavish Crowe called "Tenderly" and "Sails" June 2/16 CRJ tweeted a selfie of herself heading to a studio in NYC! So she's not in Sweden after all. The recording session was with Dev Hynes (All That). August 12/16 - Super Natural is released as Danny L Harle ft Carly Rae Jepsen August 12/16 - In an interview that she did a few weeks ago with FADER, CRJ lets it spill who she's been working with on CRJ4: The guy behind Michael Jackson's Thriller and Shellback. Over the next couple months, I’ll just continue chipping away on the new album. When I was on the Canadian tour [April/May 2016], we didn’t have internet on the bus, so there wasn’t much else to do other than write songs. Two of my favorite [favourite] collaborators, my saxophone player Jared, and Tavish Crowe, who was actually a part of “Call Me Maybe,” are in the band with me, so we’ll make pop-up studios with a laptop and our gear wherever we are. I really started [the new album] from a disco-inspired place. Like Donna Summer: dreamy, sexy disco. I think I have about 17 songs that were started [on tour], just as little demos, that I [then brought] to Sweden. I went to Sweden for two and a half weeks, and I worked with a lot of the people I worked with on the last album, Mattman and Robin, and I had sessions with Karl [Johan Schuster] and Rami [Yacoub]. When we were in Sweden, we probably had seven or eight completely new ideas. That’s the fun right now: to just write and play, and listen back, and see what’s starting to feel right. It’s still so new. There’s a lot of people in the world who I’d be really excited to work with. I’m actually going to the studio with Danny and Nate [Campany, songwriter] and Kyle [Shearer, producer], and we’re going to write some things, potentially for my album, because the vibes were good [on “Super Natural”]. I had a meeting in London with Rod Temperton, the writer of “Thriller.” He’s just the most amazing man — he played me the “Thriller” demo, which was crazy to hear. In the original lyrics, [Michael Jackson] used to be like, Starlight, stars so bright. It was just cool seeing his process, and meeting the man behind that killer hit. We just talked about what disco meant to him. I’m just going to dig in, and do my research, and figure out what exactly it is about disco that’s exciting me. But, I started in one place with E•MO•TION, and then I landed in the ‘80s, and that was an unexpected journey. I’m allowing myself the freedom to not be totally committed. Looks like Cut To The Feeling will be on the new album Spread Love! Edit: Someone on Wikipedia has updated the date of release as September 29, 2017 - it has since been removed. Edit: In a phone interview with the Globe&Mail in Toronto on June 15, 2017, CRJ denied "Spread Love" as the album title and has yet to pick a release date. Edit: On the back of the Promo CDr for CTTF in the UK, it states that she'll be returning to the UK later this year. Sounds like they are readying the album release for Fall. Edit: July 11/17 - in a Facebook interview before her Chicago Free Show, she stated that she is in no hurry to release the new album. Edit: July 19/17 - someone tweeted a casting call for a CRJ Music Video. Album promo is starting Edit: July 29/17 CRJ posted on Instagram a photo of Jack Antonoff in the studio. Not shocking as he's been noted as working with Carly for years now, but some Swifties on Twitter suggest that this may be a collaboration with Taylor Swift as Taylor's backup singer, Kamilah Marshall, was there too. Edit: Aug 17/17 It was announced that CRJ will be opening for Katy Perry's "Witness The Tour" for dates Jan 5/18 to Feb 5/18. This would mean the new album will be pushed back to 2018 - after the tour. Edit: Aug 18/17 CRJ mentioned while doing promo interviews for Leap! that the music video for Cut To The Feeling will be released in a few days. Leap! hits theatres in the US on Aug 25th. Still no word if CTTF will be considered Single #1 from the new album, now that it's getting a music video. Edit: Sept 2017 CTTF was added the the Japanese Exclusive Album, EMOTION Side B+ and released there as a full single to promote the album. So CTTF won't be on the new album. Edit: Apr 18/18 Rumour tweet by an industry insider states August 24, 2018 as release date of new album Edit: Aug 6/18 Carly was at Beauty Bar Chicago and her stage manager let it slip that the album is done, but Carly keeps adding to it. They are just waiting for the label to OK a release date. Edit: Sept 10/18 Producer Yves Rothman, let it spill online that CRJ was releasing an EP in 2018 called Miss U Kiss U. Edit: Oct 30/18 Party For One is released as lead single to CRJ4. Her Canadian label, 604 Records confirmed on their website that it will be the lead from her next album - (so the EP idea has been scrapped). Edit: Jan 14/19 CRJ confirmed her album through a reply tweet to Billboard: [tweet now deleted] Edit: Jan 18/19 CRJ announced through Instagram that she and Tavish Crowe have picked the album tracks from a list of 200 songs. Edit: Feb 20/19 CRJ announced through socials that second single, Now That I Found You, will be released on all music formats on Feb 27th. The song will also be used as the lead intro for the Netflix show, Queer Eye Season 3 premiere on March 15th. Edit: Feb 25/19 CRJ announced through socials that a third single, No Drug Like Me, will be released along side Now That I Found You, on Feb 27th. Edit: Feb 27/19 In an interview with Zane Lowe, CRJ mentioned that she had her final listening party with friends to pick track list order. Edit: April 1/19 No April Fools - Dedicated is announced for a May 17th Release pre-orders on iTunes reveals that Party For One will not be on it. Too early to tell if it will be a bonus track on the deluxe version of the album. This doesn’t look like the cover artwork. Edit: April 9/19 Tracklist leaks (no particular order) - Track 15 may still be Party For One [tweet now deleted] Edit: April 16/19 CRJ tweeted that the song, Julien will be released on April 19th and The Knocks did a follow-up tweet letting us know that it was one of their productions. Edit: April 17/19 CRJ tweeted the back cover of the deluxe edition with track order. Party For One is Track 15 on the Deluxe Edition...and debuted the album cover artwork!
  11. I've done this for a few artists on the forum and Ari is up next! I've been Ari fan since Dangerous Woman but really became a stan with thank u, next. This my ranking of the albums from worst to best. I'll include a track by track score to show you where the numbers came from. Bare in mind that this is totally my 100% biased opinion and you're free to agree or disagree! I'd love to hear your thoughts and what your own rankings are! Let's get going! 5. sweetener SCORE: 6.3/10 TRACK-BY-TRACK SCORES For an era that started so well, I was shocked at how much I disliked the album from the first time I heard it. It's worth noting that there are a lot of good ideas within the album and it's also worth noting that the album features some of her best songs (including my all time favorite Ari song, "no tears left to cry"). But the good just can't begin to outweigh the poor. By far the biggest issue is Pharrell's producing. While he was an amazing choice in the 2000s, his style never really updated with the times and in 2018, it sounded out of touch and dated. Couple that with features that are completely wasted (especially Missy Elliot) and Ari leaning into some of her worst tendencies as a singer and the whole experience feels frustratingly hollow and disappointingly bland. The album feels almost slapped together in places which is amazing considering it was the one that got a ton of time and attention compared to it's follow up. 4. My Everything SCORE: 6.9/10 TRACK-BY-TRACK SCORES This album was facing a difficult task: following up one of the best debut albums of recent memory. It was almost always going to suffer in comparison to what came before. Surprisingly, it didn't completely drop the ball. There are some amazing songs on this album and almost all of them show off Ari's vocal ability well. The production is, for the most part, solid, and the features are all given a moment to shine even if the song they feature on isn't all that stellar. But what the problem is...is that it didn't do anything that Yours Truly didn't do better. There wasn't much growth between the first album and this one. Some of these songs sound like rejects from the first album and that does a lot of damage to this album's identity. This is also the most purely commercial sounding album of her career. It rode the then current trends for all they were worth and it left a lot of the singles feeling shallow and the album tracks feeling ignored. It's far from a bad album, but it is a disappointing one. 3. Dangerous Woman SCORE: 7.1/10 TRACK-BY-TRACK SCORES In many ways, this is the album where Ari came into her own. It was her first truly confident album and through most of the run time, that confidence drives the album forward. This is an album that bleeds iconic in every note and even when it misses, it doesn't sink to the depths that some of her lesser work does. This is perhaps her strongest batch of singles in terms of strong representations of the different sounds from the album. Ari's vocals are stunning, her attitude is infectious, and the consistency of the album is remarkable. But this is a transitional album so all of the creases aren't quite ironed out. The album does lose momentum as it goes along, leaving the back half feeling like mostly padding. And she hadn't quite yet found exactly what she wanted to say, not really making any definitive statements (which isn't a must, but she does attempt to do this a couple times and doesn't totally stick the landing). It stands as an impressive body of work, even if it's one of her rougher around the edges ones. 2. Yours Truly SCORE: 7.7/10 TRACK-BY-TRACK SCORES Pretty much everyone was prepared for Nickelodeon girl to fail. But this is without question one of the strongest debut albums in recent memory. She comes out of the gate swinging with an impossibly strong batch of songs and heart stopping deliveries. The vocals are the shining point of the album and she knows exactly what she's working with here. She does something not many artists do on their debut and it's stay safely within the realms that they're comfortable with. She never overextends into stuff that she's not comfortable with, but she also doesn't play things totally safe. The production backs her up incredibly well, with a jazzy feel and highlights on some traditional instrumentation where possible. It's a fantastic album who's only real downside is that it's not quite as definitive or confident as her best work. But that's really not something specific to this album, that's pretty general to almost all debut albums. 1. thank u, next SCORE: 8.8/10 TRACK-BY-TRACK SCORES In my opinion, Ari's definitive statement. An album that should've been a failure. Made quickly, released so soon after her previous album...it shouldn't have worked. But remarkably it all does. This is one of the most purely aesthetic albums ever released. It has entirely it's own vibe and it's incredibly identifiable. There's no other album that really sounds like this one, even if it's core elements are used pretty commonly in modern music. What's so impressive about this album is how tight and personal it is. Ari doesn't present herself as the modern pop diva we knew her as and instead presents her as a simple girl who's speaking from her heart. The production is tight, the vocals are as well, and everything meshes together so well. There's not much more to say about that the album that hasn't been said already, but really the work speaks for itself.
  12. https://shop.jonasbrothers.com/collections/media/products/what-a-man-gotta-do-digital-album-download
  13. "The album, described as an 'R&B-infused, emotionally honest body of work,' will feature production from Doc McKinney (The Weeknd, Santigold), Lido (Halsey, Chance the Rapper), and 30 Roc (Kendrick Lamar, Cardi B)." "I called the album Good to Know because of everything I’ve learned in the past few years -- every piece of feedback, criticism (internal or external), whatever it is -- it’s all just information. And it’s all good!" said JoJo in a release. "I’ve been lucky to have the space to reflect on my own journey up to now, and I hope people can take comfort in the fact that I am not anywhere near perfect, and I will never sugarcoat anything. We are all constantly living and learning, and that’s what makes this life so fun." Lyrics of tracks: SO BAD • "Does she know how you like to get dirty? Know how much you like to hurt me? You don't ever have to worry...oh baby she don't need to know that you can need it so bad. You say you love her but you need it so bad. Don't think you love her if you need me so bad." PEDIALYTE • “We always say ‘just a few drinks’... you know that I know what that means. Next thing it’s 5 in the morning: how is it 5 in the morning?” GOLD • “You’re bringin it out of me. My body and soul. Spirituality takin me places thought I’d never go. And you’re teachin me everything. You’re telling me “no”. You’re makin me better from wherever whatever I was before.” MAN • "You know me I just don't stop. I've been down but I'm back up. Know they all had a little crush. Now they all want a little love." SMALL THINGS • “I’m getting good at holding it in. All my emotions, all my feelings. But the more that I fight them the bigger they seems. What really kills me is all the small things." LONELY HEARTS • “How can I work on me if I’m workin on your body? I thought we were meant to be but we never really got it, did we?” THINK ABOUT YOU • “I push it down. I take a deep breath. Try to think a little less. He lays me down. It’s pretty good sex... Out of context.” COMEBACK • “Trust me It's so much better when you trust me So fuckin' good boy it's disgusting Tell me it’s mine or ima lose my fuckin mind I need that d*** all the time” DON'T TALK ME DOWN • “Don’t talk me down Don’t fill my head with doubts Don’t call me late at night Knowing what I’m like Can’t trust myself When you walk out Don’t turn around Don’t talk me down”
  14. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Track listing Saving the Train Chicago Running with the Devil Living in Colour Still Alive Lost and Found Shout Swallowed No Shame Golden Weight ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Singles Weight Running with the Devil Golden Still Alive
  15. Still Alive by Alexz Johnson Album Case & CD: Tracklisting: Singles: 1st Single - Weight (April 19, 2019) 2nd Single - Running With The Devil (September 27, 2019) 3rd Single - Golden (December 14, 2019) 4th Single - Still Alive (March 6, 2020) Music & Lyric Videos: Pre-order Links: https://shopalexz.com/ https://www.amazon.com/Still-Alive-Alexz-Johnson/dp/B084LH38L6/
  16. Lady Gaga will "give people what they want" says Chromatica album collaborator Ryan Tedder Lady Gaga is "going to give a lot of people what they want" with her new album Chromatica according to one of the album's collaborators. Shedding light on the song he worked on with Gaga exclusively to OfficialCharts.com, OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder said he was "blown away" when working with the US popstar for the very first time. Ryan announced he had worked with Lady Gaga for the very first time on Instagram last week. While Ryan remained tight-lipped about the name of the track he made with Gaga and producer BloodPop, he told us what fans can expect. "I've heard a few tunes and I was floored. It's the coolest sh*t that's going to drop in 2020. Trust me, it's taking everything in me to not blurt it out because the song I was lucky enough to be apart of is a true unicorn song. It's a bucket list for me and when it comes out, you'll understand why. "BloodPop is very forward-thinking and progressive. I'm super stoked. [Gaga] took her time and she's killing it. I think she's going to give a lot of people what they want." https://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/lady-gaga-will-give-people-what-they-want-says-chromatica-album-collaborator-ryan-tedder__29032/ Lady Gaga’s Chromatica will feature ‘exciting duets’ and a ’true unicorn song’ and you can colour us intrigued Chromatica “is about kindness to everyone but also to yourself,” Lady Gaga told NRJ France, as she appeared to confirm a major fan theory. “The album has very exciting duets,” she said. “I do not want to give away too much but I am excited for you to hear it.” Fans recently went into overdrive after Gaga and Ariana Grande started following each other social media, prompting many to believe they have collaborated for the new record. Sadly for us all, NRJ didn’t ask the “Stupid Love” singer whether the rumour is true, but we’re taking her word as solid proof. Lady Gaga continued by reflecting on the message of Chromatica, which she said is that “there is a way to change perspective about life”. “The time spent in the studio was a celebration,” she added. https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2020/03/13/lady-gaga-chromatica-new-album-lg6-duets-ariana-grande/
  17. Mr. Mendes


    It took me awhile to admit to myself that I stanned Gaga. Being an almost life long Madonna stan put me at odds with her, but I admired her from afar. I came out as a Gaga stan about three years ago, right around the time I actually began to lose interest. A Star Is Born kinda got me looking at her again and now Stupid Love and Chromatica has pulled me back into being excited. So in anticipation for the release of the new album, I decided to go through and rank her albums. This is my totally, 100% biased opinion, no hint of objectivity shall be found here. I elected to not include C2C and ASIB and I also chose to do TFM independently from TF. With all that in mind, let's go! 5. ARTPOP OVERALL SCORE: 6.0/10 SONG-BY-SONG SCORES: Even as a fan, I've been an ARTPOP "hater". I used to not like a single thing about the album or the era, but over time I've warmed up to some of it. I like some of the songs on the album. Genuinely like them. And I can appreciate what she was trying to do with this album. But the results just didn't do it for me. The album's biggest sin is that it tries way too hard to be different and weird. Whereas the oddity sounds of her previous releases felt natural, here they felt manufactured and calculated. From the laughing on "Aura", the fax rap bullshit on "Jewels N' Drugs", the banal obnoxiousness of "Donatella" and the snorting on "Swine", it all just felt like way too much of a knowing attempt to make something that lived up to the album's lofty title. And because of that it all feels incredibly ungenuine. This is the coldest album of Gaga's career. Save for two songs, she offers nothing in the way of personal connection, meaningful ideas, or important and topical points. You can't really hear and feel Gaga beneath the soundscape and it makes for a negative and hollow listening experience. 4. Joanne OVERALL SCORE: 7.6/10 SONG-BY-SONG SCORES: From here on, we're on the albums I really, really enjoy. I wasn't enthusiastic about Joanne when it came out. I thought it was boring and pretentious with very little of note. But over the years, something has changed in me. I grew to really appreciate the album's ideas, it's simplicity, and the artistic choices that she made. More than any of her albums, this presents us Gaga as an artist rather than a pop star. The traditional instrumentation adds a lot of heart and character to the album and it stands out among her catalogue for this reason. In a lot of ways, this was Steffani and not Gaga and I'm okay with that. Not every song hits and yes it's probably her slowest album and the one that's the most of a challenge to listen to from front to back. But there are a lot of great things happening within this album and it's unfortunate that it wasn't given a proper chance. 3. The Fame OVERALL SCORE: 7.7/10 SONG-BY-SONG SCORES: It's hard to think back and consider how much of a shot in the arm this album was when it came out. It's rare that a debut album showcases such a clear and concise set of goals and such an identifiable image, but that's exactly what this album was. It didn't exactly branch out from the sounds that were popular at the time, but what made it stand out was how it took a familiar formula and twisted it. Gaga was able to take the sounds of the era and adapt them to her voice and contort them to fit her lofty ambitions. She never went into territory that she couldn't handle which makes this an extremely confident album. Gaga is clearly having a ton of fun with the music and she invites us all to have fun with her. It's very dated in 2020 but there's so much happening and so much fun within the runtime that it's almost unnoticeable. 2. The Fame Monster OVERALL SCORE: 8.5/10 SONG-BY-SONG SCORES An EP so legendary and packed with quality that it's treated as an album. There was no warning for The Fame Monster, no indication at just how much Gaga had grown up since her debut. I would argue that this remains one of the biggest leaps in quality and vision between projects in the history of pop music. Gaga knew exactly what she wanted and what sounds she wanted to push to the mainstream on this EP and she never once fails to reach her goals. The writing is deeper and more expressive, the production is more detailed and encompassing, and the vibe is more cohesive and impressive than her debut. Each of these tracks has gone on to become classics in their own right, leaving behind nothing but fond memories. This was the moment Gaga became Gaga and because of that it remains perhaps the most important release of her career. 1. Born This Way OVERALL SCORE: 8.9/10 SONG-BY-SONG SCORES I wasn't excited for the album based off of the song "Born This Way". I never fed into the whole rip-off song controversy, my issues with the song all came down to the cheesy and cliche presentation of admirable ideas. But that couldn't be further from what the album as a whole turned out as. The album is, for my money, the definitive Gaga album. All of the elements that make her Gaga came together for the first time. The big and bombastic production of The Fame, the lyricism and confidence of The Fame Monster, and a newfound sense of purpose and vision came together to craft one of the most unique albums of the 21st century. It's chaotic and full of ideas, never staying on one thing for more than a single song and while it could've been a mess, it just....works. It works beautifully.
  18. Release Date January 10, 2020 Genre Pop Label Interscope TRACKLIST Rare Dance Again Look At Her Now Lose You To Love Me Ring Vulnerable People You Know Let Me Get Me Crowded Room (feat. 6lack) Kinda Crazy Fun Cut You Off A Sweeter Place (feat. Kid Cudi) SINGLES Lose You To Love Me October 23, 2019 Look At Her Now October 24, 2019
  19. single tomorrow “To Die For” video 5am UK time