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  1. I've actually never thought of Madonna as being pretty, and I think she knows that she isn't one of the prettier girls The only time I ever thought she looked hot was the Steven Meisel shoot from the early 90s
  2. I feel like she'll open with Roar Firework should definitely be the closer
  3. and I wasn't crazy about the idea of Birthday being single right after DH, but she should've at least come hard with the video She should have been ROLLING in frosting and bouncing around
  4. Can we just talk about how RUDE she is for not releasing LL during Q4 2014 It would have scalped
  5. I like to pretend those are singles
  6. I feel like 2014 built up a lot of hype and set everything in place for this new record I need her to come through and dominate
  7. it's a modern classic that will stand the test of time and continue to be played for generations to come deal