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  1. Katy being on the list is funny considering everyone here calls her the floppiest flop.
  2. Most iconic UK pop girl group They would also make a better powerpuff girls trio than the current PPG trio.
  3. This is the type of thing @Dennis Reynolds was talking about, fake laughter.
  4. Round 29 Winner: Save Your Tears 12 votes. Lover Remix: 1 Round 30: ghostin or Afterglow
  5. Round 29 Winner: Good Girl Gone Bad 8 votes. If I Were A Boy: 3 Round 30: Bootylicious or Sex With Me
  6. Round‌ ‌84 ‌Winner:‌ Liar 7 ‌votes‌ ‌ Stronger Than Ever: 2 Votes‌ Round 85: Don't Cry or Blank Page
  7. Round 29 Winner: Boys Boys Boys 11 votes. One Of The Boys: 1 Round 30: Angel Down or By The Grace Of God
  8. @Billie Frank, thoughts on this compliment(?)/shade?
  9. Maybe you should stan her, so you can actually see how much input and creativity she have in her music career. From songwriting, to choreo, to music video ideas etc. Even your faves, Rihanna and Ariana etc don't have that much of input in their body of work. I'm pretty sure Scooter is the one who decides which singles to release etc. Rihanna doesn't even write her own songs, at least Britney writes at least 30% of her discography. She also doesn't steal from songwriters and demanding to be co-writers like Beyonce and Rihanna and more. Also I see more reasons to stan Britney