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  1. Deserved. Hopefully this will make other racists think twice before shooting a minority.
  2. Round 22 Winner: off the table 9 votes. Coney island: 7 @Lynk: "The Weeknd is NOT a band!" @Ghostface: "Instead of keeping with the conversation, I decided to be a contrarian and talk about Lana x-ray". Round 23: Female Collab Met Him Last Night or Breathe
  3. Round 22 Winner: Kiss It Better 10 votes. Pray You Catch Me: 2 Round 23: Broken-hearted Girl or Needed Me
  4. Round 77 Winner: Fall In Line 9 votes Chillin With You: 2 Votes Round 78: EDM Hold It Against Me or Lotus Intro
  5. Round 22 Winner: Eh Eh 13 votes. Hey Hey Hey: 3 @Ghostface, "I cannot use human language to communicate my ballot, so I will use an animal gif, instead." Round 23: Deja Vu or Perfect Illusion
  6. Why are remixes included in this competition... Underneath the Stars
  7. Not trying to be devil's advocate. But I lowkey see her point now The phrase, "guilt-free" is kind of triggering to someone with past history of eating disorders. Having said that, it's still ridiculous that's she's fighting this so hard... go fight world hunger or climate change instead, sis.
  8. No point of complaining, when host doesn't take action Norman Fucking Rockwell