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  1. Discussion

    Okay I've been listening to this apbum lately and it has me Fucked Up™ like omg. Could Rihanna have handled the era better? Yes but I don't understand how this album is looked over so much. Yes it was crammed between Loud's success and Unapologetic's release. But this album somehow manages to make me emotional and bop at the same time. I'm bopping to Birthday Cake one second and the next second I'm at the edge with We All Want Love. You Da One is a cute bop and the bridge is poppin! It suffered as the followup to WFL and probably shouldn't have been the second single. The video is iffy, I would've preferred a really cute video that suddenly switched to a dark and sexy during the bridge. Rihanna would be all cute and wifey and then suddenly switch to a room very similar to the real room during "you da one that I'm feelin. you da one that I'm lovin." Then it would seitch back to cute during the end. Where Have You Been and We Found Love are both iconic. Where Have You Been should've been released sooner but whatever. Both amazing dance songs that start the album off bopping. The rest of the album doesn't have a similar sound to these two songs which can throw the mood off but WFL transitions fine to Talk That Talk. We Found Love is literally an iconic song. It's not my favorite because it was very overplayed, but you bet you can find me dancing in circles to this JAM! 💃 Talk That Talk, Cockiness, and Birthday Cake are literally sex anthems. Who doesn't sing or atleast think of the lines "cake cake cake cake cake" during birthdays? Talk That Talk and Cockiness feature great rappers and when Rihanna sings "Remember how you did it?" On Birthday Cake! Holy shit I might've just orgasmed. The transition from Birthday Cake to We All Want Love????? It's a roller coaster, but like a good one! I go from twerking to wanting to call up anyone I've ever cut out of my life and be like "hey, screw you." Like I just wanna climb a tree and look at the leaves listening to it. Then from We All Want Love to Drunk On Love. She might as well push me to the edge, all my friends are dead. I just wanna run around in a field and strip like the WFL video. Drunk In Love who?? Beyonce who?? Every song of this album is single worthy! Roc Me Out and Watch N' Learn are the hot twins that will fuuuuck you up. She invented sex with these songs. Hearing Rihanna say the word Daddy. Like why isn't this mainstream? Farewell and Fool In Love are two of her most emotional songs. They're definitely both overlooked in comparison to her other ballads and slow songs. ReD LiPSTiCk 💄 has had me boppin' for 6 years and I won't stop till the day I die and I will never die. Rihanna, weed, and dick, what else does anyone need? "All on ya dick cuz you really got me feeling that feeling tonight." ICONIC ICONIC ICONIC. Can't fight the feeling. Do Ya Thang is a very cute prequel-sequel to You Da One. It's basically the same. Plus Talk That Talk has an amazing grungy aesthetic. Who looks good kicking trash and drinking in bath tubs? RIHANNA. Talk That Talk is one of her best works tbh and is an amazing spiritual sequel to Rated R. It's a deeply emotional album that disguises itself behind a layer of sex. Amazing. Iconic. For the album that produced her biggest hit, Talk That Talk is probably the most ignored album in her discography besides her first two albums.
  2. Background info: I really love the whole retro-indie vibe of her's really laidback and 'coffee house' but isn't boring. Has anyone else here heard/liked her music? I love the new singles (Video Games & Blue Jeans) & I downloaded her indie album the other day and it's really good! Her debut album comes out in January 2012 OLD THREAD TITLES
  3. Pray You Catch Me: 10/10 Hold Up: 9/10 Don't Hurt Yourself: 9.5/10 Sorry: 7.5/10 6 Inch: 8/10 Daddy Lessons: 9/10 Love Drought: 10/10 Sandcastles: 9.5/10 Forward: 9.5/10 Freedom: 9.5/10 All Night: 9/10 Formation: 9/10 Average: 9.1/10
  4. Discussion

    Hosted By: @Hannah | May 23, 2016 1. Love Me Harder 2. Problem 3. Break Free 4. Be My Baby 5. One Last Time 6. Break Your Heart Right Back 7. Why Try 8. Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart 9. Hands On Me 10. My Everything 11. Best Mistake 12. Intro 13. Too Close 14. Only 1 15. Cadillac Song 16. You Don't Know Me 17. Bang Bang Hosted by: @Hannah | June 15, 2016 1. The Way 2. Tattooed Heart 3. Baby I 4. Honeymoon Avenue 5. Right There 6. You'll Never Know 7. Daydreamin' 8. Pink Champagne 9. Lovin It 10. Piano 11. Better Left Unsaid 12. Boyfriend Material 13. Almost Is Never Enough 14. Popular Song 15. Put Your Hearts Up Hosted by: @Hannah | July 19, 2016 1. Into You 2. Touch It 3. Dangerous Woman 4. Side To Side 5. Moonlight 6. Everyday 7. Thinking Bout You 8. Greedy 9. Sometimes 10. Let Me Love You 11. Knew Better / Forever Boy 12. Be Alright 13. Leave Me Lonely 14. Focus 15. Bad Decisions 16. Step On Up 17. Jason's Song (Gave It Away) 18. I Don't Care Hosted By: Hannah | June/July 2017 TBA Hosted by: @Hannah @Luca. & @Hyun. | October 8, 2016 Hosted By: @Hannah @Luca. & @Hyun. | September/October 2017 TBA
  5. Discussion

    For all random Gaga related things.
  6. fuck this song is PERFECTION the melody the LYRICS the verses the instrumental the bridge the fucking pre chorus and chorus the vibe like its LITERAL POP PERFECTION imagine a video "intro instrumental plays* im uptight, playing by the rules in this game of LIFE 365 days on the grind somethings STIRRING UP AND I MAY NEED TO UNWIND the world honestly doesn't deserve this godly track in their lives fuck the GP fuck the haters fuck the media
  7. Witness or Roulette. There's literally no other option. She either let Witness be the next song that best represents her atm, (Like how Teenage Dream was) or release Roulette and avenge Legendary Lovers, the super fan fave album song this era. She could recover her image a bit with Witness or release a real banger that is Roulette. Thoughts?
  8. Discussion

    Why did she replace the FLAWLESS album version of Fever with THIS It went from being amazing 90s house to some dance shit WHY DID SHE DO THIS
  9. Tour Dates:
  10. the above tracklist has essentially been confirmed by all but Lana herself! which of the unreleased tracks are you most excited for? obviously we're still waiting on a couple bonus tracks, but we have enough new fodder as of now to hype ourselves over
  11. I was just browsing the section and I realized I had never told you guys this story!!! It's a bit of a read but it was one of the best days of my life so I hope that it's at least somewhat entertaining So this was like a couple years back but I was at The Honeymoon Tour with a friend and the showhad just ended. We had awesome seats so we were kinda lounging around the stage when this person with some sort of ID around their neck ran up to us and was like "DO YOU WANNA MEET ARIANA GRANDE?!?" We were like um YES and he was like ok come on! So we ran backstage through this curtain thingy and I'm seeing all of the dancers and I'm totally freaking out We turn this corner and like RIGHT THERE is Ariana grande I was SHAKING we were just like um hi and she was just SO sweet and nice and she gave us big hugs and stuff and it was magical. So anyways she was like "I'm so sorry I have to go back to the hotel but give this man your number bla bla." I was like um what the heck but anything for Ariana So anways I walk over to this guy and he's like what are you doing on the 26th and I was like "um nothing I don't have anything I think." And he goes "How woudl you like to go to an awards show?" and I was just like He was like yeah we got this fan experience thingy going on but we totally flubbed it so we thought we'd just pick someone from the audience. I was like floored I was like there's no way this is real but he was like yeah way it is! I was like well um YEAH I'm so down I kinda felt bad for my friend who was with me but he was super great about it and everything so we good So anyways its like the day of the 26th and I'm super nervous and I don't even know exactly what all I get to do at this award show but I'm super spontaneous and I obviously love Ari so I was so down for the ride. So anyways we pull up to this tent thing and some guy is there waiting and he was like you're P#&*#@ right and I was like yeah and he was like come this way! And so again I'm super nervous and I was like looking around at all these famous people and I'm just kinda star struck So we're walking around like backstage of this award show and out comes Ari looking just like FLAWLESS She was like AW HI and I was like HI I still can't believe this is all happening and she was like It's so good to see you again" and she just like grabbed my hand and we started like running around talking to all these people and stuff and she showed me backstage and everything and it was amazing. So anyways we round this one corner and there's Alfredo and he took this picture and I look super dumb in it but it is form a few years back so I'm just a lil fetus so here it is. Then she was like well I have to go and I was like "thank you so much this has been so much fun its been an honor bla bla bla" and she was like aw you're so sweet I had so much fun and I was like "yeah me too it feels unreal" and she was like "that's because it is you FLOPT" and I was like "oh you right you right gotta keep that Ari section post-count up in @Hannah's absence though" and she was like "haha so true when will other sections" and yeah that was that so there's my story on how I never met Ariana
  12. 01. Kendrick Lamar, 'Damn' 02. Drake, 'More Life' 03. Lorde, 'Melodrama' 04. Harry Styles, 'Harry Styles' 05. Bob Dylan, 'Triplicate' 06. Ed Sheeran: '÷' 07. Halsey, 'Hopeless Fountain Kingdom' 08. Future, 'Hndrxx' 09. Chris Stapleton: 'From a Room: Volume 1' 10. Ornette Coleman, 'Celebrate Ornette' 11. Run the Jewels, 'Run the Jewels 3' 12. Willie Nelson, 'God's Problem Child' 13. Roger Waters, 'Is This the Life We Really Want?' 14. Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie, 'Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie' 15. Various Artists, 'Outlaw: Celebrating the Music of Waylon Jennings' 16. Paramore, 'After Laughter' 17. Migos, 'Culture' 18. Juanes, 'Mis Planes Son Amarte' 19. Feist, 'Pleasure' 20. Father John Misty, 'Pure Comedy' Also featured : SweetSexySavage, Kehlani
  13. Discussion

    - She developed her own superhero film called Warcop in the early-nineties with comic book writer Grant Morrison that would've starred her as a space-faring cop from the future who traveled back in time to the present day in order to catch a criminal. She eventually pulled the plug on this project before it got very far. - An action figure of the Blank from Dick Tracy saw a very limited release because - Weird Al Yankovic's parody "Like a Surgeon" was actually her idea: this is the only time ever Weird Al got the idea for a parody song from the original artist.
  14. This is honestly one of Ariana's best songs and they literally snubbed any interviews, performances, promotion, etc. Why didn't they stick to the original version that featured in the trailer?
  15. Ora's week will get busier with Thursday's video release of "Your Song," her debut single on Atlantic Records (a full album, her first in America, is planned for the fall). Her 2012 debut album, "Ora," was a success internationally but it did not get a U.S. release. Despite that, she toured U.S. cities but had to pay for it herself. "My team at the time thought it wasn't a good idea and it would be a waste of time. I thought differently because my online presence grew really dramatically ... And so the team ... they're like, 'Well we're not helping you, we can't do it. We're not going to put money into it.' I said, 'Well fine! I'll put my own money into it.' And so I did," said Ora, who was previously signed to Jay Z's Roc Nation and Columbia Records. "And I phoned up Iggy (Azalea) ... she came on the road. It was so, like, small tour bus. I think we, at one point, shared one microphone. ...And you know what, every single show was sold out." Ora said she will tour properly when her album — expected to feature 2 Chainz, Charli XCX, production duo Stargate and hit songwriter Julia Michaels — drops in November. Full article:
  16. "My Everything" is Ariana's signature album in the pop world, why is Yours Truly not as memorable? was it bcus she was still on Nick then?
  17. No more PRESSURE from poop infection employers @#Music & @Chapman. TMZ has LEAKED Sylk's REAL Ranking of Mariah's album! CAUTION: SCORCHING HOT TEA AHEAD! MULTIPLE SOURCES CONFIRM THAT THERE ARE INFACT NO LIES SPOTTED! #14 #13 #12 #11 #10 #09 #08 #07 #06 #05 #04 #03 #02 #01 It's a special occasion, Sylky's emancipation! A cause for celebration, I ain't gonna let nobody's drama bother me...
  18. Hey Guys!!! It's finally almost that time! The results will start in 25 minutes, so let the pre-show begin!!! Thank you to the 20+ people who sent in rates and made this so fun! I'm super excited to share the results and I've had a blast doing this!! RESULTS: 15. Mind Maze: 115. 5.48 14. Into Me You See. 125. 5.95. 13. Tsunami: 130. 6.19 12. Save As Draft: 146. 6.95. 11. Hey Hey Hey. 157. 7.48 10. Bigger Than Me: 158. 7.52. 9. Bon Appetit: 161. 7.67 8. Pendulum: 171. 8.14. 7. Miss You More: 175. 8.33 5. Deja Vu: 184. 8.76 5. Swish Swish: 184. 8.76 3. Power: 193. 9.19 3. Chained To The Rhythm: 193. 9.19 2. Roulette: 207. 9.86. 1. Witness: 228. 10.86.
  19. let's revive this tbh the last thread hasn't been active at all so here's a new one! Ray Of Light vs. Frozen
  20. Note - this thread is made for people who like rap, so feel free to keep comments such as "I wouldn't listen to that shitty music" to yourself! Deservedly iconic: A really underrated one from Training Day: Probably actually listen to this more than the original Ghostbusters theme song: Also I hate to admit it but I sorta dig most of Will Smith's hits Especially Wild Wild West.
  21. I've added the Bonus Target tracks to the poll. Multiple choice option added.