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  1. Bionic deserved better. alex1

  2. Gaga didn't have to do us like that.... omg.... fall9

  3. Happy New Year! wub1

  4. King Tom Odell just released a new song and video ny10


  5. This is still so underrated oprah1


    1. Dancing Queen

      Dancing Queen

      the whole album is underrated

    2. Kleth
  6. Bebe came through fall9brit7


  7. Kali DID THAT,Kylie DID THAT, Tove Stykre DID THAT, Azealia DID THAT giveup1giveup1oprah13 So many bops, albums omg antm1

  8. When you don't give queen paloma faith your support by watching this video, you are forcing your last brain cell to work. Give your cell a new reason to live, watch art right nowcry4antm1


    1. Hunty Bear

      Hunty Bear

      that black masked look is everything kylie2 

    2. sonowgoodbye


      This song needs to blow up. It’s so good cry5

    3. Kleth


      @Hunty Bear indeed wendy4 @sonowgoodbye I truly can see this song being a big hit, it has the potential, it would be so good antm1

  9. Gaga performed 
    the grammys are over brit7

  10. So tired of men tbh brit12

    1. Dancing Queen
    2. Kleth


      @Mr. "Legend" Gorgeous yes, I want the dicks  gaycat1 but not dealing with the men that have them. wendy4

    3. Dancing Queen
  11. HAPPY NEW YEAR 😀 I love all of you and wish you all the best in the world truly, I hope your projects, dreams and ambitions happen. 💟 antm1

  12. I went to a baseball game and very lowkey liked it dead7wendy4


    Merry Christmas 🎁nat2bey5moo5