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  1. For me 1 ARTPOP 2 Britney Jean 3 Prism
  2. Celeb News

    Is this the fall of Snapchat? Looks like it
  3. Well like everyone said she was probably nervous, but that stage production, the intro. It was good.
  4. here

    When you don't give queen paloma faith your support by watching this video, you are forcing your last brain cell to work. Give your cell a new reason to live, watch art right nowcry4antm1


    1. Hunty Bear

      that black masked look is everything kylie2 

    2. sonowgoodbye

      This song needs to blow up. It’s so good cry5

    3. Kleth

      @Hunty Bear indeed wendy4 @sonowgoodbye I truly can see this song being a big hit, it has the potential, it would be so good antm1

  5. I really don't know how to feel about this. Her decisions are taking her to a wrong path. Although I like her personality, her overall, why choose that trash to work with? There are tons of producers that can do the same work that the dr trash does. She doesn't understand what she is getting into. I was really expecting something from her and it wasn't this.
  6. Album

    Bop after Bop, I've been waiting since I heard Say My Name, I know it'll be good
  7. Discussion

  8. Disagreeing would be homophobia
  9. Discussion

    Dangerous Woman for sure
  10. This could have been one of the worst moments in life tbh, thankfully he got caught, I can't even imagine
  11. She is a queen she is everything I ever wanted she is god tbh
  13. here

    Gaga performed 
    the grammys are over brit7