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  1. I don't even know why his stans are bothering to protect him and force themselves into believing that this song is good... It's literally the definition of generic
  2. SHE'S SERVING YOUR HONOR!!! I Disagree is already a masterpiece without a doubt, every single song has been superb. It looks like she's finally in her zone with this new era.
  3. Kleth here

    Bionic deserved better. alex1

  4. Kleth

    It is indeed, a true MASTERPIECE!
  5. Kleth here

    Gaga didn't have to do us like that.... omg.... fall9

  6. Kleth here

    Happy New Year! wub1

  7. Because she is an unproblematic queen
  8. I can't stand her, she lost it. She's on her 4th album curse
  9. Kleth

    Treasure Island & Kream > Bed this time Nicki and Ariana didn't do that.
  10. Kleth here

    King Tom Odell just released a new song and video ny10


  11. Somebody's getting banned hey hey 🎼
  12. Kleth here

    This is still so underrated oprah1


    1. Dancing Queen

      the whole album is underrated