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  1. What is this thread to be honest? Totally random and unreal, no thanks.
  2. Music Video

    I was waiting for this long time, I need that album, those bops
  3. here

    this semester school has literally left me fall7fall3dead7fall8vomit1 completely. 

  4. here

    IDK but I feel like there is not going to be a MV for The Cure fall1 Wish I'm wrong please ahs1

  5. This is actually refreshing, I mean in these days a song like this feels so good, sure is not like to dance to, but it sounds relaxing to me, I like it
  6. are we going to witness something messier than artpop era with the kp4 era?
  7. To be honest I was expecting something with a different sound more like CTTR and is just that I don't like the song it sounds so repetitive and lacks of something for me I don't feel anything with it , the lyrics are and Migos? I wouldn't say its awful and I think the hate is because of Migos, my least favorite katy song, I have listened the song like four or five times and still feels the same, and I think there are people that just don't like it and were expecting something else.
  8. here

    brit15 This is actually good bey5


    1. Onika

      Lowkey better than Katy's single dead2 

  9. This wouldn't had happened if she would have released Witness
  10. So happy that everything is working out for good finally