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    I have to say that I like deluxe editions, I mean I really like to hear bonus tracks, another cover that could have been the chosen one by the artist but not by the label and all those kind of variations. Even if they don't have impact. But about the question, yes they are loosing relevance since this is the "streaming era" and I think we won't have another physical era anytime soon, unless someone comes with a big thing. I personally feel like Gaga or the pop girls could revive this, but, even if they try it again it sounds too hard to do it.
  2. Celeb News

    It sounded good omg
  3. Photos

    She is serving for sure, VersaceGa is my favorite, every time she uses Versace is everything
  4. Photos

    So gorgeous, as usual
  5. here

    So tired of men tbh brit12

    1. Kleth

      @Mr. "Legend" Gorgeous yes, I want the dicks  gaycat1 but not dealing with the men that have them. wendy4

  6. This was so stupid coming from them. The song is not a single and probably doesn't generate that much of money. Why in the world would they sue her like what was the reason? The song sounds a little similar in one part but you even have to force it. They were sued for this exact song and now they want to sue lana for a song they stole? And they had to know, I mean it's obvious that they would get tons of hate and backlash. The straights officially lost it. I hope she wins and they get nothing from this. She doesn't deserve this.
  7. Game

    yassss it was good! thank for hosting this @Mr.Gorgeous
  8. I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE PAID DUST TO GET FREE I'm I can't Anyways The perfect encore would have been change, love and finally get free for me but she paid dust and snubbed GET GOD whatever
  9. Not sjws actually coming for Dua I can't at this she shouldn't be suffering this kind of treatment
  10. Review

    She is coming! to perform Million Reasons Andrelli Remix JOANNE 2.0 THE REVIVAL RE UP CALLME JOANNE DELUXE EDITION WITH REMIX BONUSTRACKS
  11. Game

    Well I really think piece of me is overrated, it's iconic of course, but eeeh. Get Back, Perfect Lover or Ooh Ooh Baby deserved to be in the top 3
  12. Game

    I'm... Get God (with this song) and Perfect Lover I'm so sorry
  13. Game

    Got here on time for the best part, RADAR AND TOY SOLDIER DID NOT DESERVE THAT, but I'm okay with the rest
  14. here

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 😀 I love all of you and wish you all the best in the world truly, I hope your projects, dreams and ambitions happen. 💟 antm1