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  1. Kleth


    Sine From Above / Enigma Replay Babylon
  2. She is so powerful... no one saw this coming... unexpected, totally unique, completely not ever done before... I'm just..
  3. Kleth


    Well... thank you Jeff Koons
  4. Kleth


    She literally did a 180.She's coming with everything and i'm here for this.
  5. Kleth


    Stupid Love just saved pop music, that's it
  6. I don't even know why his stans are bothering to protect him and force themselves into believing that this song is good... It's literally the definition of generic
  7. I'm so in love with this album and its aesthetics. It's so consistent, so pleasing. A SERVE!
  8. SHE'S SERVING YOUR HONOR!!! I Disagree is already a masterpiece without a doubt, every single song has been superb. It looks like she's finally in her zone with this new era.
  9. The megamix and overall project are really nice, but I just can't stand that Light Years wasn't included! It had everything to be part of this compilation. I mean, it would have been incredible to hear the megamix starting with the " 10, 9, 8, 7, 6...." and using "thank you for flying KM Air..." at the end.
  10. Omg, she truly improved. The presence, the choreo... she's is serving...
  11. Kleth


    She looks so good and so powerful, omg. These videos have that gaga energy that was missing... her mind
  12. For me, these homemade videos are incredible, but I hope she releases more Doin Time production type of videos.