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  1. Didn't knew about this sis sorry
  2. here

    If I could reach out and hold your hand, I would
    If I could live inside this dance, I would bey6bey5

  3. Review

    omfg sounds so good, I seriously can't believe this wasn't released on artpop, it could have been everything I hope and THEY NEED to release that Artpop 2 soon
  4. here

    Fergie just released the trailer for the new album, I got all hyped  bey5bey6

  5. here

    I like a straight guy, kill me brit2jj4wendy4

    Boy problems, who's got em? mess1bey6

    While y'all here watch fire fade, stream lust for life, joanne, rainbow, melodrama, and be sure to listen to the new paloma faith (y'all better stream it) 

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    2. Kleth

      @AGNTEA I will eventually, onlylovecanhurtlikethis.mp3 brit12 She is so perfect, She hasn't announced it yet, but she may this next week cry3   oprah6 @Mystique I know i'll end it, i already feel like i'm wasting time wendy4 but should end:) @Princess Aurora I won't cry9 @Jose it's sad, and the fact that we are friends like we have been friends for a year and a half now, we are in the same classes and everything but still it should end cry9demi1

      Thanks for the support fall2fall7fall6fall3demi1

    3. Jose

      @Kleth i fucking know cry3 i fell for this boy of my class 3 months ago, and i told him like a month ago, and now he doesn't want to talk to me (or look me in the eyes) sia2 i don't mind now but then i was so sad

    4. Kleth

      @Jose I thought months ago of taking that risk, but better keep the friendship I know it's not going to happen anyways so demi1

  6. here


    Logic did that 

  7. here

    My friends and some persons I know (part of the GP, they are not part of Stan Twitter or follow any artist) have said that Taylor and the video for LWYMMD looks like someone old trying to be cool and that is totally boring now.

  8. You are probably right, but she is trying at least , I just like her, some songs here and there. I mean it's good but not that good, I thought if I listened it more I would like it but I feel nothing to be honest, I don't find it exciting, meh I don't think the GP will like this.
  9. Production Lyrics Total I mean sounds good but not what I expected, not what I wanted, is good but meh, if it works to dethrone Despacito let it be
  10. here

    Taylor just released a new song giveup1

    Gaga announced her documental mess1wendy4
    Fergie just dropped a new music video  ahs1
    Tove Lo will release her new film tomorrow   antm1

    What else omg I can't take this brit2