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  1. Her voice skkskksksks. Almost cried
  2. Kleth


    Finally someone made a thread about her, I hope everyone stops sleeping on her. She has bops, lyrics, talent, voice, I love her. I'll Still Have Me is so beautiful. I discovered her because of her bop Only With You and because of Katy too. She has this unique style
  3. Because she is an unproblematic queen
  4. I can't stand her, she lost it. She's on her 4th album curse
  5. Kleth


    She is finally coming to end us.
  6. Kleth

    Music Video

    ART in all senses. She truly came to give everyone art. She did that .
  7. Kleth

    Treasure Island & Kream > Bed this time Nicki and Ariana didn't do that.
  8. Kleth


    Born To Die vs Honeymoon Off to the Races vs Music to Watch Boys To Blue Jeans vs Terrence Loves You Video Games vs God Knows I Tried Diet Mountain Dew vs High by the Beach National Anthem vs Freak Dark Paradise vs Art Deco Radio vs Burnt Norton (Interlude) Carmen vs Religion Million Dollar Man vs Salvatore Summertime Sadness vs The Blackest Day This Is What Makes Us Girls vs 24 Without You vs Swan Song Lolita vs Don't Let Me Be Missunderstood
  9. Kleth


    this masterpiece.
  10. Kleth


    She isn't playing anymore, she is coming for blood this time.
  11. Kleth here

    King Tom Odell just released a new song and video ny10


  12. Kleth

    Music Video

    I'm shaking you guys. If this trailer by itself almost killed me my heart will explode in the movie . WE'RE NOT READY.
  13. Kleth


    Until Gaga or Bradley confirms I won't believe anyone else. Not even WB Better get off the hype train before it crashes But if it gets released then