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  1. Celeb News Britney Teases Secret Project on IG

    Oh wow queen of perfumes I'm ready... THIS BETTER BE FOR A MUSIC VIDEO OR
  2. The slayage tho...

    Confessions did that tbh, I was and I'm still in love with such piece of art I remember listening to Hung Up everywhere those where good times
  3. Discussion Miss it B4 U Miss It, Text You Pictures, Quicksand (HQ Snippets)

    I need them but not that much
  4. Discussion What do you want to see next from Kesha?

    A full pop album with good synths, I mean not like the past works but something evolved lyrically better, how she does it now but dance.
  5. Worst type of pop right now?

    Every single one of them, specially Latin fuckboy music, I'm so tired of that thing
  6. I need another blackout, WE ALL need another blackout cry8wendy4


    1. Kenny Mccormick

      we need a whole new formula 

      we don't need another blackout or in the zone, we need something new and innovative aretha1

      we also need proper promo :P

    2. barbiej33p

      We need a blackout from an up and comer. Theres a popstar out there somewhere cranking out bops bey5

  7. Poppy just released her first album, you all better listen to it cry8bey6iggy1iggy1iggy1bey1


    1. LuranusLur

      i like poppy

  8. Lorde

    Just an old Melo sketch
  9. Discussion 5"2 thoughts? - Spoilers ahead

    I can't even describe how I feel about it, it's like this is what I wanted to see, the behind the scenes of her, to see the daily life, the places we see she visits but we didn't knew what she did there, like I was curious, seeing her in such normal context is so weird and so cute. Sure there were some moments like Coachella, ASIB, etc. that weren't there but for me it felt really good, I loved it, The amount of times she cried, it was and it is sad since she still suffers from it, and at the end when she says that she worked her whole life for the superbowl show I was like So good, this, for sure, gives a new meaning to Joanne or at least more understandable. I hope this helps to the GP or the non fans to see her as a normal person and even more I hope it works to everyone to see your own fave or pop star as a normal person, as a human.
  10. Double Dutchess is out omg finally iggy1iggy1bey5

    Enchanté is amazing, the video too, I may not like Kendall but the song it's still really good fall3

  11. Discussion Worse editing fuck-up?

  12. Single Lorde | Homemade Dynamite Remix (ft. Khalid, Post Malone, and SZA) | September 14, 2017

  13. Music Video Fergie ft. Nicki - You Already Know (Music Video)

    Where is the video tho?
  14. Celeb News Zayn shaves head

  15. Did you know Bieber released a new song?

    Didn't knew about this sis sorry