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  1. I love it! Really can't get over that intro... 👌🏼👌🏼
  2. Hi creep1

    1. Sine


      Hey there... creep1 how's it been?

    2. Dennis Reynolds

      Dennis Reynolds

      I'm well! :) What about you? It's been a while, all good I hope!

    3. Sine


      Nice! :D I'm doing very well and very happy, I'll tell y'all more about it soon. cloud1

  3. Saiga

    how are you pretty

  4. Sex themed? Dangerous Woman 2.0 is coming!
  5. hi king love and appreciate you and all your hard work hug1 

  6. legends only

    1. Sine


      The taste jumped out. ari5

  7. I'm sorry for going offline. I literally had the whole day planned yet I was dragged out at the last minute. Imagine how tired I am. But it's nice to see that talent eventually won in the end, even with that petty ass 0. Thanks for hosting @Divine, and stan NTLTC for clear skin!
  8. Now Everytime isn't up there either??? Y'all's taste is questionable.
  9. R.E.M and Bloodline not being in the top 10? This is a crime.
  10. Oh I'll be here this time, yes! Well...