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  2. Mystic

    I just can't at people putting Debut above Post in their rankings. Post is literally a more mature/varied/experimental version of Debut
  3. Thanks <3 I'll try Little Earthquakes soon I've tried some songs and I'm in love with Professional Widow right now And I don't know why, but To Venus And Back is attracting me soooo much, I love all of the track's titles, the cover, I already love it without having heard a second of it
  4. Mystic

    ***Homogenic >>> Vespertine = Post >> Vulnicura > Debut = Medulla > Biophilia >>> Volta***
  5. Mystic

    1. Rated R > Good Girl Gone Bad > Unapologetic > Loud >>>> Talk That Talk >>>> Music Of The Sun >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> A Girl Like Me. Not able to rank Anti yet, but probably top3 (not beating Rated R though)
  6. Which album works best as a first listen? I've heard like... 3 or 4 tracks from Under The Pink and it looked pretty nice, and since people say she's got a musical link with PJ and Bjork... I'm perched for ha discography tbh
  7. It's just a good track I guess. Nothing as great as LES's tracks tho.
  8. New single tomorrow called The Wheel
  9. Mystic


    Not when Lolita exists
  10. Mystic


    Guys what's happening I think I actually LIKE Guns and Roses
  11. A.K.A. : Brite Lites Born To Die: Lolita (so[...]oo easy), but also Carmen, This Is What Makes It Shit Paradise: Yayo AND IT'S THE ONLY.MP3 THING U CAN TRASH Ultraviolence: Guns & Roses Honeymoon: Terrence Loves You Or Art Deco
  12. Mystic

    Others gems I forgot to mention: Love this one so much Oops I didn't know the videos would be so big Anyway, those are few of my faves
  13. Mystic

    Laundry Service is a classic. My favorite Shakira album along with Vol.2 Her last 3 albums don't do much for me tho, apart from a few songs. Btw Waka Waka is gross My fave song: Poem To A Horse any others stanning this one?
  14. Mystic

    Kinda Outta Luck
  15. Mystic


    I agree with you both. And Freak is sm better than Art Deco. + How come Goddess is still amazing and so powerful after more than one year? This album is freakin flawless. Sometimes I even wonder if it's not as good as UV.