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  1. ImmaVainBitch


    I think they meant X for Xtina ND for and, A for Alecia
  2. ImmaVainBitch


    Someone on Twitter said they think XNDA stands for Xtina and Alecia (P!nk)
  3. Love on the Brain was the best performance of the night at the BBMAs, Rihanna killed it ??

  4. ImmaVainBitch

    Please be true
  5. ImmaVainBitch

    After my 1st listen 6 inch, Freedom and Daddy lessons stand out so far, I'm sure some others will grow on me when I listen some more
  6. ImmaVainBitch

    She has performed on the Graham Norton show and The Voice UK in the last two days, which is why it is doing better over here
  7. ImmaVainBitch

    Summer Rain's first single In The Womb
  8. ImmaVainBitch

    Beautiful Fighter Candyman Your Body Say Something
  9. ImmaVainBitch

    I need this to come to the UK
  10. ImmaVainBitch

    I cant wait for this
  11. ImmaVainBitch

    Partition should be on the soundtrack
  12. ImmaVainBitch

    I'm praying for her to sing Pretty Hurts
  13. ImmaVainBitch

    I voted Lotus but I thought BEYONCÉ would be on the poll