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  1. Charts Hot 100: #1 rockstar, #5 Perfect, #20 Wolves, #86 End Game

    Come through future Queen of Pop, DUA! Proud of Halsey and Demi, too
  2. Other SZA: "Beyoncé told me: be consistent - no matter what"

    Imma need an official collab, I know they worked BTS on Feeling Myself
  3. Achievement Pitchfork includes Mi Gente Remix in the top protest songs of the year

    A woke queen
  4. Why did Christina disrespect Whitney like that?

    She was shaky and straining in some parts. It was cute. I wouldn't say she did THAT. Sis just did it.
  5. American Music Awards 2017 Discussion Thread | 8/7c on ABC

    Sis this is pretty much my reaction to every one of her performances for the past 2 years
  6. Charts Hot 100: #1 Despacito, #5 Attention, #8 Bodak Yellow

    Here for New Rules' imminent slayage
  7. Selena Gomez being a petty bitch

    A pop star teasing their single before it's official release? As a Beyoncé Stan, I am shook. I bet this will EAT Malibu, too.
  8. 3 down, 2 more to go

    Idk, but it is nice to see Queen Bey up there with the current girls, 20 years later.
  9. Celeb News Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life (Official Audio) ft. The Weeknd

    Wig flew to the top of the H of the Hollywood sign. This is amazing
  10. General News Justice League full trailer released

    Wig erupted I can't this looks goodt
  11. Photos Beyoncé serving beauty on Instagram

    I would be here for Jade
  12. Celeb News Beyoncé facetimes with sick fan

    Queen of Facetime
  13. Game Dangerously In Love +/- game - ME MYSELF AND TALENT WON!

    Crazy In Love - 25Naughty Girl - 15Be With You - 215Me Myself and I - 160Yes - 215Speechless - 50
  14. Achievement Beyonce had the most #1s on the Hot 100 by Female Artists in the 2000s!

    I can't give up hope If she gives up thatTidal bullshit she could've easily gotten a number one. But I'm ok with knowing her songs don't need to go to number one to be iconic
  15. Achievement Beyonce had the most #1s on the Hot 100 by Female Artists in the 2000s!

    Patiently waiting for number 6. It's been 84 years