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  1. King X

    Whew this was so boring. This whole era is a nonevent. Iggy came thru with the trashy visuals. So one dimensional tho.
  2. King X

    She’s successful where it matters
  3. Good numbers for a debut music group (The Carters) 👏🏼
  4. King X

    The self sabotage is real 😂
  5. I agree with you on everything except the rapping. If it was closer to the sing rapping style like Independent Woman and Bugaboo, I would love it!
  6. King X


    Black Effect, Summer and 713 must be singles.
  7. King X

    A classic. Sasha Fierce is dead (thankfully). Whew! Dark times.
  8. Continue educating, sis!!! Also recommend Rather Be, 2 and Gone Away.
  9. Big fat cat like in the Bodegas yasss
  10. King X

    Didn’t even realize he released an album. Can he at least get a top 10 before talking like this?
  11. King X

    It’s a cute bop. The hook could’ve been stronger. Didn’t expect much - it’s Rita Ora. I think Cardi missed out on a good Weekend/Sza reference in her verse
  12. She’s been fluctuating on my list like her weight circa 2010-2013 (and now her lips?) since Lotus. i think she’s still top 10
  13. King X

    It was sooo hard being a fighter in 2010-2011. We were like the trump supporters of that era. you KatyCats have it easy imo.
  14. King X

    Good. This is probably her worst lead single to date. Those new lips are trash too.
  15. Lol at anyone believing this. This is one of the companies that called Jay a former crack dealer. the fact that Bey can sell out stadiums on her own is evidence enough of her demand. She would’ve sold more albums than your faves without these “inflated” streams anyway.