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  1. King X

    Artist TLC

    Yass and the fact that this thread was opened almost 9 years ago. Lawd.
  2. Black Effect, Summer and 713 must be singles.
  3. A pop star teasing their single before it's official release? As a Beyoncé Stan, I am shook. I bet this will EAT Malibu, too.
  4. Idk, but it is nice to see Queen Bey up there with the current girls, 20 years later.
  5. Wig flew to the top of the H of the Hollywood sign. This is amazing
  6. Crazy In Love - 25Naughty Girl - 15Be With You - 215Me Myself and I - 160Yes - 215Speechless - 50
  7. I can't give up hope If she gives up thatTidal bullshit she could've easily gotten a number one. But I'm ok with knowing her songs don't need to go to number one to be iconic
  8. Queen of stanning the other Queen B
  9. They're also having a Rihanna vs. Beyonce in a bar here in Brooklyn. I'll be attending that