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  1. King X

    Whew this was so boring. This whole era is a nonevent. Iggy came thru with the trashy visuals. So one dimensional tho.
  2. King X

    She’s successful where it matters
  3. Good numbers for a debut music group (The Carters) 👏🏼
  4. King X

    The self sabotage is real 😂
  5. I agree with you on everything except the rapping. If it was closer to the sing rapping style like Independent Woman and Bugaboo, I would love it!
  6. King X


    Good for ya tbh. Sick of this Tidal shit
  7. Global icon. Wigs collected all around the worllldd. Still dippin in my Low lows giirrrll
  8. Not at all, but it’s a step up from Lotus. I mean idk if that’s saying much.
  9. So sick of Fighter. And she needs to switch up the arrangement to something she can sing.
  10. King X

    Celeb News

    It’s good acknowledgement From the next queen of pop
  11. A multitalented queen. This will hold me over until B7.
  12. King X


    Summer, Black Effect and 713. apeshit is a given tbh. It may change upon more listens
  13. King X


    Black Effect, Summer and 713 must be singles.
  14. End of Time, Schoolin’ Life, Standing on the Sun, All Night wig!
  15. King X

    A classic. Sasha Fierce is dead (thankfully). Whew! Dark times.