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  1. Elusive


    How is this video fake?
  2. Elusive


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  4. Elusive


    1. Love Drought 2. Pray You Catch Me 3. All Night 4. Formation 5. Hold Up 6. 6 Inch 7. Sorry 8. Freedom 9. Daddy Lessons 10. Don’t Hurt Yourself 11. Sandcastles 12. Forward
  5. Elusive here

    @Mariah's 18 #1's Has been banned once again ari4

  6. Elusive

    We Belong Together vs Don't Forget About Us vs I Stay In Love vs Angels Cry vs You're Mine (Eternal) vs With You Looking In vs Outside vs Petals vs Portrait One Sweet Day vs Bye Bye My All vs After Tonight vs I Only Wanted Fly Like A Bird vs I Wish You Well vs Heavenly Dreamlover vs Fantasy vs Heartbreaker vs Loverboy Underneath the Stars vs Fourth of July vs Bliss Breakdown vs Crybaby
  7. Elusive

    I agree
  8. Elusive

    Ariana should stop with her trap-pop sound, Sweetener and Thank You, Next were enough. For her next album, she should go along the lines of Dangerous Woman or try something new.
  9. Elusive


    I am ready sista But hopefully an album comes afterwards
  10. Elusive

  11. Elusive

    Waffle cone Red or black
  12. Elusive


    1. Unconditionally 2. Witness 3. Thinking of You
  13. Elusive


    Just Dance vs Disco Heaven Bad Romance vs Teeth Marry The Night vs The Edge Of Glory (Can't choose) Aura vs Applause Diamond Heart vs Angel Down La Vie En Rose vs I'll Never Love Again
  14. Elusive


    1. ghostin 2. imagine 3. needy 4. thank u, next 5. bloodline 6. in my head 7. fake smile 8. NASA 9. bad idea 10. break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored 11. make up 12. 7 rings
  15. Baby One More Time Single Ladies Crazy In Love Genie in a Bottle Irreplaceable  Lady Marmalade Womanizer 3 Hold It Against Me Baby Boy Check On It What a Girl Wants Come On Over Baby