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  1. Full hasn't leaked yet but here's a snippet, it's supposedly for the unreleased song "Acid Wash Girls" from the BTW sessions in 2010, made during the same sessions as The Queen and TEOG in Norway. Some people are suspecting it's also from LG5. my personal belief is it's an ARTPOP concept demo (most likely Fashion!) tbh
  2. Photos

    She's happy and in love and that makes me as a fan happy, could she be dating some hot Versace model or A list actor or male artist? Sure but she loves who she loves, I wonder if she loves him like how she loved Taylor of if Tay is the love of her life really.
  3. Discussion

    Just for future reference this is called Falsetto, she doesn't have a whistle register as far as we know. But slay me queen, I remember when she used to sound atrocious singing Alejandro live and always got out of breath and stuff now she's great at it
  4. The game pulls a Joanne in 1974 and suddenly the gays flock to play
  5. Review

    Most award wins (even the GRAMMYs) go off popularity and she was the most popular female this past 12 months so her chances are very high tbh if she loses then meh I guess, it'd be 2011 all over again tbh
  6. Review

    Well, Million Reasons is 100% winning SOTY if it's nominated and 5F2 has been the only note worthy music film recently
  7. Review

    Whew she could easily walk away with 2-3 wins then if she gets the nominations (5F2, SOY, PVA)
  8. I would post in their CAL thread and drag but I'm still banned but anyway we been knew we had the best version, like everyone KNOWS about our version and takes inspo
  9. Photos

    I know this may be a reach but WHY is she excessively using the term "fashion"? Like she's used it almost every post since she started posting on Instagram again... is this a hint at something? OT: she looks skinnTy YAS kween
  10. Celeb News

    xoxo hoeanne i was in a hoe mood lately, but i do rihblog more than just that from time to time
  11. Celeb News

    I personally think he'd be the best solo producer for gaga because he's her most diverse producer, he can produce radio friendly R&B/Electropop, make hardcore EDM and Trap, hip-hop, rock and more. He's Gaga's best producer when it comes to diversity i mean he produced the majority of ARTPOP aka her best produced album and the majority of the fan fave tracks from BTW too. If it came down to it i'd be here for him to be the main producer but i need more self-produced tracks from gaga
  12. Celeb News

    he's not insecure tbh, just probably sick of people crying out for her old (and kinda overrated) producers, he's said a lot of things that gaga's essentially "thought" before after all online about fans and other people she's worked with so... yeah. and as producers go he's 10x better than RedOne no matter how biased someone's opinion may be, it's a fact tbh his diversity and mastering > Nadir's production "skilss" (since he uses loops for about 60% of his tracks) and i personally believe he's better than Fernando (I mean fernando legit tried to steal production credits for some of his work on BTW after all) I doubt that will ever happen, Fernando and Paul fell out after Fernando tried to steal main production credits and fiddled with Interscope's legal documents to make himself as lead producer on a few of the songs Paul produced like Bloody Mary and Black Jesus apparently (this info was what Paul revealed from 2014? I believe) and Gaga's probably realised Nadir's not evolving sonically or as a person which is probably why she scrapped 90% of their work for Joanne. I think DJWS is going to be her Quincy Jones and she'll make music with him forever tbh
  13. Celeb News

    he just responded to (and lowkey dragged) fans who were asking for Garibay & Nadir on the next album and basically he's saying he's the only producer (so far anyways) for her next project. He also confirmed it won't be like his work on ARTPOP. to me this feels like we're gonna get an R&B/Electropop/Trap Extended Play before the year's up tbh if not then an album in 2018.
  14. Discussion

    This is why she needs a disco album imo because disco was he political statement of the 1970s, also I think it's good people aren't silent because then we become complacent. It's just like how he won; complacency. I doubt she'd do it though after stitching her reputation back together finally, she's an icon to the public and a household name like back in 2010 again
  15. Discussion

    We make a million threads with a Million_Reasons.mp3 of what we want the album to be and why, but what do we REALISTICALLY feel the album will be? After her Super Bowl message of togetherness, The Cure and now her meditation process I feel like the album is going to be uplifting, less serious, more chilled vibes ala The Cure. I also feel like this might be her first trend chasing album and she will make a chilled Pop-R&B/House album. Of course I forever hold hope of a disco album but I feel like it's going to definitely be more like The Cure, which I'm happy with since I love the song and it's vibe and I still replay it over and over now. What do you guys think REALISTICALLY she's going to make? And what fashion will we get?