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  1. Harry Styles

    Had a fabulous birthday weekend, got drunk and spent time with friends and family and got d*ck too so is the game definitely coming back on june 22nd? And is the calendar just continuing from where we left off? (Meaning Genesis will come out on June 29th)
  2. Harry Styles

    Music Video

    I’m so excited, her acting and the song in this trailer and zaddy Bradley serving VOCALS
  3. Harry Styles


    OMG she was at the studio where they were MASTERING Joanne in 5F2 I’m trying to NOT get hyped but SJDHDJD
  4. Harry Styles


    ... or he's just still friends with him, i mean even gaga has still spoke to him since they split up so
  5. Harry Styles


    i really wished she'd carried on the era for another year tbh, i would've loved to have had her release at least another 4 singles in 2012 ugh Her best album, and changed my life tbh. Came through with that TRUE 80s influenced album ugh. The era could've lasted YEARS and I'd have been happy
  6. Harry Styles

    we'll pretend it's the lighting, only GAYS can see blonde in this image
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  8. Harry Styles

  9. Harry Styles


    I think her quip was more to do with being forced to do products or having her name just slapped onto things, where as if she’s working with a team to make this perfect and she’s invested it could be great.
  10. Harry Styles


    Omg y’all I’m legit a makeup and skincare WHORE so y’all have no idea how hype I’m am for this, like I’ve wanted her to do this forever. I think a Gaga x Versace line would be great but lbr none of us could afford nor would wear any clothing she were to make unless she collaborated with someone like H&M, River Island or ASOS
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  13. my sims when I go downstairs for food 


  14. Harry Styles

    mess i just skimmed through the post, aw well i'll update this in June
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