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  1. Yes ladies the rumours are true, I do have a new song out 


  2. Nope in fact Rohan was the only one of a few good big Gaga accounts, people didn’t like him because Gaga noticed him all the time
  3. stans on GGD and twitter are basically happy GM96 is gone since he always got retweeted, faved and replied by Gaga a lot. mess Also apparently it’s a candid company that’s cracking down on their images being shared online without them making money off them, Apparently LGN’s gallery got reset and wiped every image pre-2018 because they got a copyright claim and had over 1k Candids from this company on their site nnn
  4. Oh wow talent coming back wig, wb Alex 💕
  5. Genesis will FINALLY be coming the gays deserve it
  6. Right ron thanks that’s all I wanted to know I hope that didn’t come across as too bitchy sjdhdj ❤️ I’ll still be playing, I’m sure a season in the summer will be a good idea anyway
  7. Ok I’m not tryna sound rude but can we either like get a concrete date @Ronlop like idc if it’s not until May just please can you set a date so we can either plan or give up on the game n
  8. Well... we don’t actaully know but Ronlop said he’d let us know at least a week in advance dkdjddjdjd
  9. Won’t lie Kylie’s album disappointed 

    me and I was a lil hyped for it :/ 

  10. good evening audiophiles! the guys who has posted a lot of the recent gaga stems leaks from a few months back is taking a poll of which btw stems he'll leak next, Scheiße and HML are leading the way currently, hopefully we'll be getting something soon i NEED Scheiße stems.
  11. Photos

    Love how she’s taking her friend out for her birthday, we got no pap pics of her (yet) and she’s also wearing an outfit that probably costs more than her friends yearly salary Queen, hope she starts posting more frequent again please bring back those pre-AMA looks with the strawberry blonde wig and stuff
  12. According to a series of tweets and confirmation from police, there is currently an “active shooting scene” at the headquarters of YouTube in San Bruno. San Bruno police confirm that they are responding to the incident, but other details remain unclear. But employees at the scene are also reporting the shooting and are trying to protect themselves there. There are helicopters on the scene as well as police SWAT teams. The YouTube building is in a busy area of San Bruno, which is near the San Francisco airport. It is run in a separate location from the campus of Google in Mountain View, which is further south. The huge video platform is a unit of the search giant, which, in turn, is part of Alphabet. Unlike the more college campus setting of Google, YouTube is a building right on the street and its main lobby is relatively accessible — there is security — in comparison to other tech firms. The site often gets many fans, who want to visit YouTube. CEO Susan Wojcicki runs YouTube, which has staff both there and all over the world. We will update this story as soon as more information is available. https://www.recode.net/2018/4/3/17194226/active-shooter-youtube-hq-silicon-valley-california
  13. ok but are we gonna talk about how they're trying to make it seem like being gay is shameful or embarrassing though? fuck heterosexuals man. And poor thing he looks so annoyed and a lil upset after asking if Charlie actually said that since he already knows the gay rumours, yes it's cute for a thirsty gay meme on stan twitter and forums but it's actively becoming irritating tbh and i don't even stan or really like him (musically).
  14. apparently Golden's leaked but ATRL is hogging the link nnn

  15. Game

    I’ll participate and send in my votes later this month