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  1. Harry Styles

    Harry Styles & Sony Music Part Ways
  2. Harry Styles


    Y’all do know these pics are clearly her editing them on like FaceTune and posting them right? They’re all taken on a phone from a computer screen (you can see the interlace effect I’m every pic - and the interlace bends with the editing so she edited them AFTER on her phone) I think she did it out of fun and probably because she’s seen fans come for her body a lot more lately. My guess is it’s either for V Mag or there’s really new music coming
  3. Harry Styles

    @Maria I’m glad you’re becoming our new cult leader while Ronald is away, I’m gonna do some reviews after work tomorrow so will you put the money into Fad’s bank account ready for season 9 please. Also if you need any graphics making for your site or for the thread hmu sis I have the time this week
  4. Harry Styles

    @Maria ok bitch go AWF i stan this aesthetic
  5. Harry Styles

    @Joanne and you down voted me because?
  6. Harry Styles

    @Ronlop can Gaga get her Sony contract btw
  7. Harry Styles

    yes i do actually lol
  8. Harry Styles

    im going to go to either June 8th or 12th since my birthday is the 10th
  9. Harry Styles

    currently already cancelling all my plans to go to the vegasRAVE for ms germanotta
  10. Harry Styles


    omg she's ACTUALLY doing stuff when I have money for once WIG! Please tell me I can buy a residency ticket outside the US to go?
  11. Harry Styles

    Harry Styles Leaves Hospital For First Time in Weeks
  12. Harry Styles


    well she's basically redoing her ideas and the schedule, but the album is 100% going to be EDM based on all the producers she's working with, I think she's definitely making a half computer based and half analog based album. I have like a whole long ass theory and explanation i may make a thread about sometime in the next few weeks tbh
  13. Harry Styles


    not a big fan of this tbh it sounds like a messy gamer boy anime game soundtrack to me, i mean we already basically know the sonic direction she's going in based of of all the producers and their work. EDM again mainly techno, house and dance with electropop in there too
  14. Harry Styles


    i feel like it'll come out in november since i think she's trying to redo artpop
  15. the rah rah bitch wearing bangs and serving sex again? omg we're DONE for ladies