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  1. Harry Styles

    @Bleachella these are the new rescheduled dates for GEMINii i'll be returning to game hopefully later this month and be able to fully play by March again
  2. Harry Styles

    What kinda CAL level mess sjdhdj bobby better have just sold a sample of an unreleased song or something we-
  3. Harry Styles


    A white gays paradise ugh a serve
  4. Harry Styles


    Today I remembered all the stuff that’s happening this year as a Gaga stan, like she could win an Oscar, GRAMMYs, BAFTAs, she’s probably gonna release a new album in Q2/3 if the year HOPEFULLY, we could be getting her cosmetic and skin care line finally AND then I remembered she’s co-chairing this year’s MET Gala with HARRY STYLES and is probably gonna be styled by Gucci and I might finally get a pic of my two faves together we- Then we have the TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF BAD ROMANCE AND THE FAME MONSTER OMG
  5. Harry Styles

    Happy New Year Everybody! Hope y’all are having a good time I’m spending all day eating chocolate and watching drag race with a m*n should be back playing the game hopefully next week lets pray. If not love y’all
  6. Harry Styles


    Yup but it should be this
  7. Harry Styles

    Just a quick message to say a merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone, even though it’s only Christmas Eve i’ll be at my mum’s for the next week and a half so no internet or anything. Love you guys and here’s to a successful new year for us all in 2019
  8. Harry Styles

    it was just with PH since i'm indie now, I'll send the PM tomorrow or saturday when I have some time
  9. Harry Styles

    @Bleachella since i'm busy with work am I alright to start the residency after the new year?
  10. Harry Styles

  11. OfIkyy6.jpeg

    wow i did that huh? let's hope 2019 brings me new music ideas and some success jj2

  12. Harry Styles

    I second this, I always like having a look back at people’s work to jog my memory and see their evolution so I vote we submit in the thread
  13. Harry Styles

    HYPE®️ Recordings Harry Styles will still be playing actively, i’ll continue working on my Vegas article tomorrow and other stuff since I stopped after we temporarily got cancelled sjdhdj and post it all this week