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    I mean... she is bisexual so it’s not surprising I think fans forget she’s not actually heterosexually identified lol
  2. Harry Styles

    Welcome back queen please do my Geordie sister justice
  3. I don’t believe it because she’s media bait, I mean even Lil Pump outright lies they had a collab around his album release. And considering she hasn’t been to India since the BTW era these songs are probably like 7-8 years old anyways 💀. i doubt she’d do anything so random just for money tbh
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    We’re finishing the season on Friday/Saturday but we’ll be back in November
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    Just came online and was so confused djdjdj i’ll take the two negative updates but tbf I wasn’t even looking at the thread when I posted on connect nnn I ain’t got a single or anything coming soon anyway so
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  11. Harry Styles

    no worries, i was just confused skdjfkfk
  12. Harry Styles

    it wasn't announced on GN though? All i said was what the new music i was making SOUNDS like?
  13. Harry Styles

    @Ronlop since this week is the last until like November is it alright to just delay harry’s comeback to when we return? Since there’s been no official announcements for a single or anything anyway (not spelled out anyway). Just so I can have a cohesive flow and interest in promo etc?
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    Allure magazine is a beauty publication... so there's your answer cis
  15. Harry Styles