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  1. Discussion

    I mean... No tea no shade, she’s too um... mature to try and look like this, I meant more classy sexy like how she’s been looking on Instagram and how she looked at the AMAs. She doesn’t need to be tryna look 22 still like so other 30 something year old pop females try to do, but if she wants to sex it up in her music videos I’d be here for maybe a scene of her in some langerie with like some sultry editing but I don’t want her like full frontal pussy out tryna shove a dildo up ha ass whilst r kelly finger bangs her.
  2. Discussion

    I’m about a quarter of the way with you here, I 100% hope and want her to embrace her sexual side more this era and if her Instagram posts are anything to go by it’s probably gonna happen. We know for a fact we’re getting Country-Rock, Dance and R&B lite pop records this year from her thanks to ASIB and the fact she’s working with Bloodpop for a song on his album (and supposedly Nadir is also reusing two songs they did in 2015 for his album, one of which is supposedly for the World Cup thing if true). But i hope her album is either 80s influenced Synthpop or 90s R&B influenced. She NEEDS to give us more of that AMAs/Instagram look with the wig and makeup for the whole era and serve sex, her single with Bloodpop is definitely gonna be mainstream dance music so hopefully it’ll give her some streaming power and FINALLY put her music back into the club scene, because (for selfish reasons tbh lol) here club music is big and whatever is big for nights out is big in the charts. To sum I want; Sex, Body, Sickening Looks, a major mainstream hit and (preferably) a 90s influences R&B lite album
  3. if you're in your mid teens, nah but if you're in your late teens and above i'd say yes. I've kinda lost my feel for stan culture and i'm not as triggered anymore now that i'm an adult. Like i have more important things to worry about like rent, my job, a stable home, my career, my family and friends etc. Also, stan culture since 2012 has gone down the toilet anyway. Stan culture used to just be about like who has better sales or who had a better performance or outfits and fandoms never really hated each other per say, now since troll culture took over (i actually remember the EXACT month it all happened) it's full of sexism, personal and disgusting attacks and "drags". Tbh the new generation of stans (mostly young teens aged 13-17) ruined it alongside troll culture's impact.
  4. idk probably no-one yet, we will find out in the next 30 years i guess.
  5. Oh bitch OOOHHH BISH
  6. just thought y'all would wanna know that life does indeed imitate CAL, and Wiglight is currently available on Spotify and iTunes
  7. Discussion

    It’s definitely her, I think they denied it in case she was going to use it again in the future, let’s not forget they denied NOBTR was her but then she confirmed she redid it for ARTPOP but the remake never saw the light of day and the only people who ever heard the remake were some fans who met her after one of the BTWB shows I believe
  8. Album

    Clips from the recording session have leaked online so they’ll probably leak later this month into February
  9. @Virgin Mary just tagging you for the discount for "Moonlight" this week
  10. Harry Styles arrived to the 60th GRAMMY awards sporting a PopArt inspired look, complete with geometric shapes on his suit and PopArt inspired makeup on one half of his face. During the red carpet interview with E! Styles revealed that he had something special coming after the GRAMMYs that fans wouldn't want to miss out on. "I've been hibernating but now i'm back for a bit and I have a special surprise coming AFTER the show this evening- so stay tuned!"
  11. Review

    Had this forever, it’s basically the normal song Just with Akon singing Colby’s verse I even did an acapella filter of it while ago
  12. Event

    That ML snippet isn’t from the actual song it’s the acapella over a short beat Space Cowboy did for her, it’s from her club tour days pre-Doll Domination opening act days
  13. Review

    Black and white and animal aesthetic. Using animals etc was part of the Coachella interlude aesthetics; Octopus in the intro, a lizard in another then there would’ve been this with the fish