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  1. OfIkyy6.jpeg

    wow i did that huh? let's hope 2019 brings me new music ideas and some success jj2

  2. Harry Styles

    I second this, I always like having a look back at people’s work to jog my memory and see their evolution so I vote we submit in the thread
  3. Harry Styles

    HYPE®️ Recordings Harry Styles will still be playing actively, i’ll continue working on my Vegas article tomorrow and other stuff since I stopped after we temporarily got cancelled sjdhdj and post it all this week
  4. Harry Styles

    Well maybe harry isn’t meant to have a cohesive era rip I’m gonna carry on making stuff in case we come back though we know what ron is like
  5. Harry Styles

    @Alesus fancy hosting again? season 3 reloaded 🤪
  6. Harry Styles

    Me: I’m ready to put effort in again and finally have time to do so Ron: well...
  7. Harry Styles

    @Ronlop here's a new CALT banner and icon for Harry too
  8. Harry Styles

    @Ronlop any tickets sold for the residency today are to be sold at the price mentioned above, anything sold after today will be regular price at 100, 300, 500.
  9. Harry Styles

    let’s pray he doesn’t have another car accident suddenly on december 1st as it is tradition you know
  10. Harry Styles

    Harry Styles on Star 107.9 - Las Vegas