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  1. Plus no one comes for my babies Aaliyah and Brandy. I will come for your flop fave
  2. Brandy is a legend. Poor Shitney Aaliyah is also a legend. What has shitney done anything thats legendary? Ripping off Janet? Popping her pussy only to lie about her virginity? Her 40 hour marriage? Her going to a psych ward?
  3. Independent Women Single Ladies Run The World Formation Try Again I Care 4 U ( i guess ) Have you ever?
  4. Okay jan. You stay with your shitney. Which no one gives a fuck about. And I will stay with the legends, Beyonce and Brandy.
  5. 3. The Boy Is MineBrandy & Monica1998This 1998 duet had all the makings of a smash single. First, it paired up rising then-teen female R&B stars Brandy and Monica -- each of whom had notched four top 10 Billboard Hot 100 hits on their own, but not yet a No. 1. Second, there were rumors swirling that the two ladies weren't exactly on friendly terms. Third, the lyrical content of the song was all about fighting over a man -- perfect fodder for alleged rivals to sing about. The result? A No. 1 that lasted for 13 weeks at the top -- at the time, one of only seven singles in the chart's his
  6. Monicas "Lewinskys" say hi Brandys "alcoholics" say hi as well