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  1. The fact that some people upvoted this post. Disgusting. Why do you look so interested in what I do or what I say? Yeah I stanned her for like 2 years* but I don't need her music in my life anymore. That's not your problem lol get a grip.
  2. Shut the fuck up bitter Ariana stan. Don't get brave your girl ain't nothing.
  3. Y'all can stay fucking pressed. She's a legend she doesn't have anything to prove.
  4. You like the gift? <3.

    1. ChooseyLover


      omg shock1cry9brit2fall2fall5cry1 WHYYYYYY you didn't have to!!! I love it thank you so much I love you Adi!!!! cry4 I don't know what to do with it though fall1

    2. Firdawsi


      I'm glad you liked it jj2 

  5. Y'all make fun saying you don't know JoJo. But guess who knows her?


    Prince of Brunei Party in 2009

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    2. Sylk


      wig passed. come to the funeral pls 

    3. Firdawsi


      Is this real? dead2 

    4. ChooseyLover


      Yes it is. This is another pic from the same party


  6. Britney pretty much saved the In The Zone era releasing Toxic after Me Against The Music tbh Same with Xtina when she released Beautiful after Dirrty. I can't think of any more examples now.
  7. Yeah I think it could be that or in the worst case mental issues, and that's not a thing to make fun about Anyway I hope he can explain what happened and he's not turning into an asshole like his friend Chris Brown