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  1. rayven


    Update: ):
  2. rayven


    someone posted it on twitter. Im waiting for it to be confirmed although this is how we found out about the last mixtape
  3. rayven


    I remember this is also how the pop2 tracklist came out so it could be true
  4. rayven


    Allegedly the track list from charli xcx's new mixtape hoping that this is confirmed and we get a release date soon!!
  5. This is their farewell video. If you watch til the end you'll see why
  6. I use a vpn to listen to new releases
  7. yikesss glad ariana got out of this
  8. not a huge fan of xtina but I love this
  9. rayven

    ed sheeran asked her to be on perfect and mi gente was for the hurricane relief
  10. am I the only one who hopes the rumours of the drake collab on her album are true? she would be guaranteed a number 1
  11. how can people bare to listen to that corny ed sheeran song?
  12. rayven

    Lemonade still isnt on spotify which is what a lot of people use for music so that's damaging for her single sales. I honestly think she doesnt care about having a hit single anymore. She's become more of an album seller