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  1. rayven


    what are her best leaks?
  2. rayven


    Aphrodite Fever KM94 X Light Years Golden Body language Impossible princess The Rhythm of love Kylie Kiss me once Let’s get to it Enjoy yourself
  3. rayven

    I enjoyed it a lot. It's very well produced and I love how funky and fun it is
  4. rayven

    Listening to hard candy for the first time. Why do people hate this album so much?
  5. rayven

    in it's sixth week
  6. rayven


    I love the way she incorporated underground house elements in some songs
  7. I've been listening to it all night and it just clicked with me how GOOD it is. I mean...
  8. rayven


    do people not like cosmic??
  9. rayven


    screaming at how kanye turned out to be the trump supporter and taylor is the democrat OT: this is really well written and im glad she finally decided to vocalize all of this
  10. rayven


    the way she consistently delivers...