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  1. Out of all these, lana. Not to say that her music is shitty but it's the shittiest out of these choices
  2. Another song that was cut from self-titled
  3. I stan them so hard, but I have to admit this was boring as hell. They look gorgeous and that's about the only thing that was good about this video EDIT: song is still a bop though (spanglish version)
  4. Other

    It sounds unfinished but it's good. I'm excited for more leaks to come
  5. leaked demo from self titled
  6. they looked like they were having so much fun performing this
  7. Fifth Harmony deserved better
  8. my gay ass singing along to 'bitches' knowing damn well I've never been near a vagina
  9. After a few listens, these are my faves in no particular order: - disco tits - shedontknowbutsheknows - bitches - hey, you got drugs -9th of october - cycles Dont ask, dont tell was the most underwhelming song on the album. I kept waiting for it to explode but it went nowhere.
  10. She's been in the studio for a few months now working on solo music and these were just posted yesterday my poor wig she's coming
  11. There's some account on twitter that's been posting snippets. The same account that leaked reputation @/thisbadecision
  12. Not gaga promoting a song that died on all platforms months ago