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  1. how is that more gorgeous than any rihanna pic posted in this thread
  2. stop acting like your opinion is a fact cause it's not make a damn poll about it.. I can assure you that Rihanna's gonna win
  3. kiiiii I mean it's pointless anyway to let gays judge their beauties
  4. you are entitled to your wrong opinion and thats perfectly fine however the GP disagrees Mess at Mariah or Christina
  5. I mean katy is beautiful but shes very girl next door Rihana on the other hand is an exotic goddess
  6. my avi>>>every pic you posted in this thread also shes always been the hottest objectively speaking
  7. Fanik


  8. good to know what my country is known for
  9. Fanik

    look who`s here
  10. Gr√ľ√ü dich hoe, ich hab derzeit kein wlan an meinem laptop und benutz grad den computer von dem jungen der hier wohnt xD. Ich wollte nur bescheid sagen, damit du nicht denkst dass ich tod bin xD...einen sch√∂nen abend w√ľnsch ich dir

    deine side bitch xoxo

  11. Fanik

    so underrated the bridge>>>>
  12. How are u puta


    long time no see


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    2. Fanik

      i knew the songs before they slayed



      send me some quality edm bops 



      im thirsty for new music


    3. Shiver

      Listen to the albums I listed by Nero, The Prodigy and Grimes for the tea




      and ofc my true love, Pendulum



    4. Fanik

      Thanks sis listenin to the grimes song and i like it



  13. Fanik

    @Shiver how are u, long time no see
  14. Fanik

    Do u like work now?