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  1. SOTY!  oprah15 That chorus!


  2. SeekingThrill

    Madonna's Eurovision performance was stunning visually, conceptually and choreography wise. Some of you... She fucked up Like a Prayer, but the rest was OK.
  3. SeekingThrill


    Met Gala... She acts like she was born yesterday.
  4. SeekingThrill

    I love the nods to Parajanov and Tarsem Singh. Parajanov was a genius who celebrated his culture in a poetic and beautiful way, but there was something creepy and odd about it as well. Gaga finally served after so many years. Can we finally agree that Rain On Me was shit?
  5. They don't look like Madonna or sound like Madonna. I was talking about directing. Madonna being a bad actress has nothing to do with it.
  6. Tea. It would be horrible if it turns out that Madonna made a bad movie about herself. Everybody would drag her. Another thing is the question of representation of truth. I don't want Madonna trying to make some things prettier or making something up for some drama.
  7. And starring Madonna...as Madonna.
  8. I am not sure about Julia Garner. She has the look from certain angles... but she doesn't really look like Madonna. Jamie Auld seems like a better option.
  9. SeekingThrill


    Alice and Babylon are perfect options for singles. I heard Babylon and 911 on the radio. They sounded great.
  10. SeekingThrill

    Haunt was fun. There are also Trick (2019) and Hell Fest (2018). Similar slashers.
  11. SeekingThrill


    I have just re-watched Brotherhood of the Wolf dubbed in English. The original is in French which I saw a long time ago. It was OK, though. I prefer original languages and subs.
  12. SeekingThrill

    Many songs mentioned here have nothing to do with disco revival.