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  1. 20. Justify My Love The Queen of Pop once ranked “Justify My Love” the best video from her own sprawling catalog — and while we don’t completely agree (see below), it’s impossible not to consider this erotic slice of voyeurism. Within, director Jean-Baptiste Mondino wanders through the halls and bedrooms of a very accommodating hotel, documenting snippets of sexual encounters heavy on the BDSM. MTV banned the clip, which only gave the singer a publicity boost. Not that she needed it. 01. Like a Prayer Madonna made high art out of sacrilege with her notorious “Like a Prayer” video, a molotov cocktail of melodrama, racial commentary and religious symbolism. Director Mary Lambert would release a film version of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary a month later — but for both cola brands and conservative Christians, this was the true horror project. The rapidly edited scenes — including stigmata, bleeding eyes and the spiritual laying of hands — smashed taboos with madcap zest. “I wanted to speak about ecstasy and to show the relationship between sexual and religious ecstasy,” Lambert told Rolling Stone. “I think that subconsciously a lot of people understood this and were either enthralled or outraged by it.” Maybe even both. https://www.spin.com/featured/the-35-best-videos-of-the-last-35-years/
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    Let's face it, a biopic with only new songs would be a disaster. A biopic that should celebrate her career and a soundtrack album with new songs only. That is something that Madonna would do, considering she likes to do things differently.
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    She always takes a break between eras and we always hope she will do something unexpected and surprise us. A new album at this point? She seems very busy. The last thing Patrick Leonard did for Madonna was music for that documentary. So, it could be realistic that she hired him to make some orchestral instrumentals for her biopic or to reinvent her hits for the biopic. If she also makes new music for the biopic, it probably would be a song or two. Another thing could be reinvented and remixed stuff as a bonus material for The Immaculate Collection reissue.
  4. Not @Cha Eunwoo choosing most of the commercial songs and ignoring my flawless list. I think the top 50 is messy, because there are too many songs by the same artists. It should have been one song per artist. At this point I can only rate Marina and Miley. The rest...
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    Madonna's singles choices have been perfect most of her career. Songs that could have charted well: Love Don't Live Here Anymore - Yes, she released it in the 90s, but if she released it during Madonna Mania in the 80s, it could have been a hit. Whit Heat - It has hit single written all over it. Irresistible bop. Till Death Do Us Part - A song about Madonna's marriage could have been a hit. Survival or I'd Rather Be Your Lover I Deserve It or Amazing Beat Goes On - If she decided to make such a commercial album, then why not milk it. Beautiful Killer was such a classic Madonna moment on MDNA. I Don't Give A was so catchy and people could have related to its chorus. Hold Tight - Not sure if it could have charted, but it was a single material. Songs that should have been singles because of Madonna's artistry: Spanish Eyes Thief of Hearts, Words Sanctuary, Love Tried To Welcome Me Swim Impressive Instant, Paradise Nobody Know Me Future Lovers, Forbidden Love Dance 2Night, She's Not Me Gang Bang, I'm Addicted, Some Girls, Love Spent HeartBreakCity, Inside Out, Holy Water, Veni Vidi Vici, Joan of Arc God Control
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    Seasons 17 and 18 are so bad.
  8. @Divine Shouldn't this be moved to World news?
  9. Pink's Trouble impacted by Sugababes? No.