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  1. A break is a break. Grace Jones was present on the music scene for 15 years before taking a long break and returned in 2008. Rihanna is pretty much at the point where Grace was in 1989, but I doubt Rihanna's break will be that big. Grace is working on the new album for years. Grace's producer said that her new album is around 80% finished a few years ago. It is frustrating and there is really no difference in comparison to newer artists like Rihanna.
  2. That is the pic I was talking about. I meant, I thought it was just that pic. I didn't notice it in the video.
  3. We never talk about it, but she served one of her best acting moments when it comes to music videos. I love her facial expressions, gestures, movements, and she looked gorgeous. Actually, she looked different, a little bit weird. She didn't look like herself. But still, she looked gorgeous. I assume those eyebrows did the trick. @Shego I have never noticed her eyebrows were red. Actually, I have seen one of the video stills before and thought her eyebrows looked weird because of photography itself. It has never occurred to me that her eyebrows were painted.
  4. Bitches bitching about small breaks, while I am waiting for new albums from Kate Bush (last album released in 2011) and Grace Jones (last album released in 2008).
  5. I wasn't actually stanning, but I unstaned Katy. I was waiting for a reinvention since Prism, but she decided to be a clown instead. Literally.
  6. I am not sure if I have seen this before. It is interesting. I would have loved retro aesthetics, but they wouldn't have suited the music, even though the album had retro elements.
  7. I wasn't talking about CGI, if you meant that. Some scenes have sharp details of Madonna, while other scenes don't ( a scene where Madonna floats in the air through a hall).
  8. @Shego I wonder what the insider has to say about this. Madonna is supposed to be making music in a studio.