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  1. People saying Joanne and pretending Cheek 2 Cheek doesn't exist.
  2. I can't forgive High as Hope slander. Although, I liked only a few songs on that album. Hunger is a bop.
  3. I wish I had skipped Hard Candy. I am still searching for the right support group.
  4. Most of it sounds like her previous efforts. The production is really good. It sounds expensive and polished, but she keeps sticking to the same style and it feels like she has been doing the same song for 10 years. I don't mind the lyrics. Yes, there is something off about Lorde's new song production wise. It doesn't sound expensive, but at least it is a creative and different song overall.
  5. It is a solid work, but I don't like it. It probably will please hardcore fans, because this is classic Marina, but that is the problem. There is nothing new sonically. Many of you dragged her for filth for Froot, but that album had some memorable songs. Meanwhile, Lorde brought something new and different from stuff that is currently popular. Yes, it evokes some stuff of Primal Scream and George Michael, but it isn't a rehash in any way.
  6. She works with Erin Wilson on the biopic. https://www.instagram.com/p/CP_1n77hqsB/ I guess there is no new album. All those rumors were just rumors. If she was working on new music, she wouldn't keep working on other projects (tour dvd, movie).
  7. Love Tried to Welcome Me
  8. Inspired by this: https://www.nme.com/blogs/nme-blogs/the-10-most-pretentious-albums-ever-777684
  9. Not really. It has always been done, but it isn't common for such songs to become hits. I personally don't mind an insult in a song, but only if it adds something to a song. I hate explicit lyrics about sex. Good metaphors = good songwriters.
  10. Of all great videos they chose this? They should focus on her 80s and 90s stuff.