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  1. SeekingThrill

    It is there. I always use Wiki.
  2. SeekingThrill

    @California boy Your posts never show images. What source do you use?
  3. SeekingThrill


    Search by image option on Google is always helpful.
  4. SeekingThrill

    I need to check Nelly's newer albums.
  5. https://zenkimchi.com/featured/cultural-details-you-missed-in-parasite/
  6. New Republic Pictures has won an auction for Peter Hoare’s pitch Family Jewels, a multigenerational family comedy that returns Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler and Diane Keaton back on the big screen together for the first time since the 1996 blockbuster The First Wives Club. In Family Jewels, Hawn, Midler and Keaton’s characters are forced to spend the Christmas holidays together, along with their kids and grandkids, after the man they were all once married to drops dead in a New York City department store. New Republic is eyeing a production start this year. Hoare will also write the screenplay. Last May, one of the biggest deals to come out of the Cannes Film Festival was the sale of Hoare’s original spec Down Under Cover to Paramount with Chris Hemsworth and Tiffany Haddish attached to star. His new dramaedy starring Billy Crystal and Ben Schwartz, Standing Up, Falling Down, opens tomorrow. New Republic principals Brian Oliver and Bradley Fischer will produce, along with Alan Nevins. Tracey Nyberg will executive produce. Fischer and Nevins packaged the project with the three leads and, together with Nyberg, who brought in Hoare. “The chemistry of Diane, Bette and Goldie is unmatched and irresistible, and I’m thrilled to help reunite them on screen for generations of fans,” says Fischer. https://deadline.com/2020/02/goldie-hawn-bette-midler-diane-keaton-first-wives-club-reunion-family-jewels-new-republic-1202864687/
  7. SeekingThrill


    I thought you knew. Her name is in the link of that pic. Patricia Richardson. She was in Home Improvement.
  8. She scored two top 10 hits in USA so far. If you talk about iTunes and similar stuff, then that isn't a big deal. Other girls did well too.
  9. SeekingThrill


    Do you stan any album on the list? Recap is in OP.
  10. She can't hold a candle to Lady Gaga. Besides, it isn't like the competition has been tough for Billie. So many bland and basic shiksas, of course one weirdo would stand out in such a crowd.
  11. SeekingThrill


    01. Ryan Adams - Ryan Adams (2014) Another timeless rock album in Ryan's discography. Just like his cover album of Taylor's 1989 and Prisoner, it is inspired by the 80s rock scene. Highlights: Shadows, Stay With Me, Kim.
  12. SeekingThrill


    Shocked. I am not a kind of person who likes everything what a fave serves, but Kate Bush has never disappointed me. That downvote for brilliant Director's Cunt. Fix it! How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful is their best.
  13. SeekingThrill


    02. Shura - Nothing's Real (2016) Shura deserved to be a superstar. If this album was released in the 80s or the 90s, Shura would have been idolized and her posters would have been in every room of every teen who would have related to her music. Instead of that, a cool artist like Shura was ignored, while teens smoked basic shit. This album is amazing and has everything. The lyrics, the production, melodies... A brilliant synthpop album with 80s elements. Highlights: Nothing's Real, Tongue Tied, Make It Up.