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  1. SeekingThrill

    The era didn't even start.
  2. SeekingThrill


    40. Lana Del Rey - Lust for Life (2017) Classic Lana album with some unexpected and different stuff. Highlights: White Mustang, Coachella – Woodstock in My Mind, Cherry.
  3. It would hardly be a trend, since there were many acts and artists who did music inspired by the 80s or the 90s through the 2010s: Shura, Bat For Lashes, The 1975, Carly... Maybe Gaga's new song isn't that much like the 80s music (made by the mentioned artists), but that doesn't mean it is something different. Stupid Love sounds like classic electropop Gaga song.
  4. I am here for new bops.
  5. If it isn't good like Miss Americana song, she is wasting our time.
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  7. SeekingThrill


    Leaking of music.
  8. SeekingThrill


    BloodPop. And apparently Toby Gad is involved. Both worked on Rebel Heart. Now, Gaga's song is out there and some info leaked. Coincidence?
  9. SeekingThrill


    Babylon instrumental, if it is a real thing, sounds good. I expect the album song will be some cool house bop. Stupid Love is cute, but not interesting as a lead single.
  10. SeekingThrill

    Katy Perry: Portrait of a Flop Lady.
  11. SeekingThrill


    41. Chvrches - Every Open Eye (2015) After a slightly darker debut, this album is much lighter, while the 80s elements are still there. It reminds me of Carly Rae Jepsen. Highlights: Never Ending Circles, Leave a Trace, High Enough To Carry You Over.
  12. SeekingThrill


    42. Gwen Stefani - This Is What the Truth Feels Like (2016) So underrated. I don't get dislike by many people, because this album has substance. So many fine pop gems. The real thing on this album is bonus material on deluxe edition. The bonus songs are upbeat, creative and they evoke previous Gwen's great works. This album is more focused on softer sound and could be compared to Madonna's Bedtime Stories. Highlights: Splash, Loveable, Obsessed.
  13. SeekingThrill


    Well, stan would be a person who likes all or at least most of an artist's work. I guess I am a casual fan of acts/artists like Tennis, Marina, Kelis... I have to say the new songs are really good. When it comes to older stuff, I adore Ladies Don't Play Guitar.
  14. I need to watch it. Shows like the Oscars are pretty much focused on works in English. So foreign movies usually have a chance only in one category, although they managed to win in other categories, but that wasn't common. The Oscars pose like an international show, but it has always been an American thing focused on American film industry. What makes the Oscars special is the show and so many famous people. That's it really. I think some European festivals like Cannes Film Festival are more credible and truly international. Oscar seem like a no.1. award in film, but that's an illusion. Although Parasite isn't the first movie that deserves acclaim by Western media and shows, Asian film industry doesn't really need approval or acclaim from American shows to show their movies are great too.