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  1. SeekingThrill

    They are similar melodically. We are talking about Lana and those melodies are her signature. Of course, there are always some songs as exceptions. Musically... there is a big difference between some albums (like BTD and some latest work), but between others we can talk about tones. Lust For Life and Norman are same-y.
  2. SeekingThrill


    I dreamt last night that the album leaked. We know Babylon is out there. Demo or not.
  3. SeekingThrill


    Just reveal the whole list.
  4. @California boy I watched Sorority Row, after you mentioned it here. What a trash! It was fun, but so many characters were so unlikable. And those motifs for killing... They all turned out to be horrible people who cheat, lie... Did you like Black Christmas? It was fun. It would have been better without that surreal element. The original from 1974 is better. It influenced Halloween (1978).
  5. SeekingThrill

    Both songs have similar vibe. But seriously, Katy is over.
  6. Kesha's singles flopped. Her album flopped. There was zero excitement about it on FOTP. Is it bad? Is it good? Has anyone listened to it? Why isn't anyone dragging her? The worse thing than that was FOTP's notorious reinvention that removed sections, but then brought back some faves. Some choices made sense, some didn't. Cashier released an album, so it was logical that she gets a section. However, it turned out to be a mistake, since people aren't really active there. Where are fridges to support her? At this point, Kesha's section serves as a memorial. Discuss.
  7. SeekingThrill

    Shut up! I appreciate it more now, than in 2019.
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  9. SeekingThrill

    The 80s, the 90s, the 2000s, the 2010s. Yes.