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  1. The underground — any underground — tends to find peculiar and unintended routes into the spotlight. Madonna was always a creature of New York club culture, and it wasn’t particularly out of character for her to get interested in a particular facet of that culture, which kept evolving after she got famous. But it was pretty weird that Madonna managed to take a small slice of the deep underground and mainstream the absolute hell out of it. And it was also pretty weird that Madonna pulled this off with a would-be B-side that got stapled onto the hoochie-coochie retro-cabaret album that she’d rec
  2. I got confused and thought Wildest Dreams was an upcoming TV show by Taylor. Then I realized TV meant Taylor's version.
  3. Not Masterpiece being in the game.
  4. Devil Prays For Prada.
  5. Gaga's remix album is such a disappointment. I liked only Babylon demo and the new remix. I expected Gaga would turn those songs into some new forms. It could have been like a new album in some way. Instead, she delivered basic remixes with some features here and there and those noises and beats don't make songs creative or different.
  6. Added. I haven't noticed it before.
  7. https://www.tmz.com/2021/09/01/madonna-times-square-shoots-overnight-video-vmas/