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  1. The Plague


    Yass, my influence as promised, here’s mine: “sweetener EP” 1. get well soon 2. breathin 3. everytime 4. God is a woman 5. no tears left to cry 6. better off what a CUTE ep no???
  2. The Plague


    cuz i realised i don't give a @fuck ! no but fr i looked at the tracklisting again and realised i'd have to delete like half the tracks to make it work for me, which then it would be a "make sweetener into an EP" thread – so if u changed it to that then i'd participate forsure
  3. The Plague

    GIRL. this is not cute nic
  4. The Plague


    Her face/makeup in the last photo gives me BR teas
  5. YASS QUEEN oprah9

    1. The Plague

      emininem's voice tho...... brit1 

  6. uh oh good luck in court now ke($0.00)ha
  7. The Plague

    Celeb News

    The Weeknd track better be good
  8. why would she be trying to polish her image? pretty sure she doesn't give a damn about that or she wouldn't be doing sex toy review videos and releasing nudes lol if you wanna say she exploits her own life for views then yeah but it's her own life so it's allowed, when she has a break-up she posts a sensationalist title about it, she's pretty much doing the exact same thing here. also she's a legendary skinny queen so let's not
  9. the one by Madonna
  10. He better. I wish he actually answered the question tho on his fav album.
  11. The Plague


    How are y’all dragging future lovers so hard I’m actually appalled it’s one of her best??? 1. Future Lovers 2. Get Together 3. Isaac 4. Hung Up 5. Let It Will Be 6. Forbidden Love 7. Sorry 8. I Love New York (I secretly think this song is a total bop even with the lyrics) 9. Jump 10. Like It Or Not 11. Push 12. How High
  12. The Plague


    when artists hit a high note by basically screAMingGG, like Ke$ha's high note in Praying idk it just sounds like a screech to me and lowkey ruins the song i always have to stop listening before then.
  13. Cat Power has a song with Lana on her new album I’m shook brit15