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  1. she better take caution with those str8 male asses ... ... that's a nono for me tbh
  2. lol @ Garibay not evolving in almost 10 yrs ari9 gaga1

  3. The Plague

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    yeah wot. i legit thought she screenshotted one of her old ass lil vimeo vids and posted it i was like hmm that’s odd
  4. The Plague

    um lol i thought they'd actually be talking about how it was made or something but ok. this song bops btw.
  5. noooo lana this album was shaping up to be your bEST and most evolved work (well, i'm only basing that on VB and MAC cuz Cinnamon is meh but those 2 are amaze) plz don't let some messy rap verses screw it up, you've been there n dONE THAt.
  6. omf i can't even look at this freak
  7. The Plague

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    queen of sweet spices
  8. The Plague

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    see it'll be back tho
  9. The Plague

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    it wasn't for a bit but then i went on insta today and it was back up??? maybe she archived then unarchived it idk. sneaky bitch
  10. The Plague


    Well she's on the track so I'd hope she would bop to it.... but if i was on it i'd be asking to be rihmoved.
  11. Finally saw ASIB, with my parents. It was cute. and heartbreaking. brit1