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  1. The Plague


    forget the demonic shit, she doesn't even sound ON BEAT when's rapping .... i'll give her the benefit of doubt and say that may be the producer's fault (if there even was one???) but lmao wyd az honestly tho is that even her screaming or the sound of her sacrificing some goats to lucifer or sth
  2. Honestly, they both kinda suck. but yeah this is still a lot better than Dump. Brooklyn Nights also sucks. Bye x
  3. random, but there's a hair or something on the camera lens in the dancing scenes that start around the 1 minute mark, that bothered me tbh but anyway, she is cool and seems to always have a vision for her art. I appreciate.
  4. ugh i got too drunk last night and left my phone in an uber  ari9 pray 4 its rihturn  brit1

    1. The Plague

      update: I got it back that day bebe1

  5. The Plague


    This. Defs 3 imo but if not then 2.
  6. The Plague

    I'm on the other side of 25 so I wouldn't be super surprised (I have a widow's peak starting) but I would be sad cuz I'd love to have a full head of grey hair one day if it lasts.
  7. The Plague

    Celeb News

    Yasss tay is a dom daddy TOP and imHERE for it
  8. The Plague

    General News

    It looks like she got her fans to make/contribute to it, which is cute, but the result is kind of a mess...
  9. I had a dream the other night that some random actress was in a new Madonna MV and she did an interview abt it and leaked that M's album was gonna be called "le petit arc en ciel" lol. kesha5

  10. Mess. I wish that fire consumed him before he could get away.
  11. The Plague


    oh i see well u should stream ART OF DOUBT as a ty 2 me
  12. The Plague


    do you stan sis?
  13. The Plague