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  1. sounds like a whole bop whatever it is ... plz post when u find it. x
  2. Ok... i just really hope this whole engagement thing doesn't distract too much from her new album, it's selfish of me but i don't like when artists have too much going on in their personal life during an album release, especially one i'm semi-hyped for... if this happened in between releases i'd be fine with it. lol.
  3. The Plague

    Music Video

    not bodyshaming but Ari looks so flat and girl-like next to Nicki lol
  4. The Plague

    Celeb News

    I'm here for angry music tbh, yes i am.
  5. i just shaved off my moustache that i've had for months omg i look so weird to myself now, my upper lip looks so big like a monkey orangu1

    1. H.O.N.E.Y

      Doubt it's that bad. Usually people who have facial hair for a while get used to their face looking a certain way and it'll be awkward a few days then you'll feel more at ease with it. And if it indeed doesn't suit your face, you'll learn what works for you. Hair grows back. rav2

    2. The Plague

      @H.O.N.E.Y true sis rav2 i just wanted to let my face breathe tbh, i'll probably grow it back to almost exactly like it was before v soon jj2 

  6. The Plague

    hmmm, voguing is more relevant to today with shows like RPDR on the air but i don't think everyone associates it directly with Madonna (rightfully so) and there are so many variations on how to do it that the average (non gay) person couldn't even attempt it, meanwhile most people can at least try to moonwalk and you'd know what they're doing... so probably moonwalking. voguing is way more fun and versatile tho.
  7. Rina Sawayama is coming tbh... i think... idk who else tho, i would say Kim P but she's cancelled Allie X also seemed promising at one point but clearly that's not happening either lol.
  8. i'm back from Bali, it's so beautiful there omg. cry9 btw i got my first tattoo while i was there. .. .lmk what yall think jj2 (i know it's a lil messy ngl but ilikeit.mp3)  https://imgur.com/a/NSfhi5M

    1. Urbanov

      Is that some sort of a local tattoo? Looks nice! Glad you have a nice vacay xx

    2. The Plague

      @Urbanov thx sis x jj2 (it's the symbol from M's best album reimagined slightly)

  9. Flying to Bali for 10 days atm, plane is abt to take off bey6

    1. H.O.N.E.Y

      Have fun sis! iggy1

  10. The Plague


    it's so gorgeous i love listening to it on rainy car rides this part is so nice: does anyone know if it's taken from something else? it's so poetic
  11. The Plague


    Omf don’t scare me with a title like that I was so scared to press play I thought it was gonna be her saying some racial mess this is fine and all but she should really just keep it on her stories
  12. i'm writing an Ari song called "Good Dreams" cloud1 does that sound like it'd be an actual Ariana song title to y'all ? cheryl1 

    1. H.O.N.E.Y

      Lemme see...


      She was sleeping then...




      And.. well there was that time she slept...





      Oh and how can we forget the time when...





      Yup 'Good Dreams' seems fitting af sis! :) 

    2. The Plague


  13. The Plague


    i'm screaming at the music and pics switching so fast they don't even look alike in those photos
  14. The Plague


    i forgot about that... and how she used to say she dyed her hair blonde so ppl would stop mistaking her for Amy way back lol.