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  1. The Plague

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    queen of sweet spices
  2. The Plague

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    see it'll be back tho
  3. The Plague

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    it wasn't for a bit but then i went on insta today and it was back up??? maybe she archived then unarchived it idk. sneaky bitch
  4. The Plague


    Well she's on the track so I'd hope she would bop to it.... but if i was on it i'd be asking to be rihmoved.
  5. Finally saw ASIB, with my parents. It was cute. and heartbreaking. brit1

  6. The Plague

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    can they just not instead
  7. The Plague

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    found this, for anyone who missed it.
  8. For some reason all I can see when I hear Champagne Rose is Madonna singing it with a weird ass chipmunk snapchat filter or something and it ruins the song for me (not that it had much chance anyway) rip2 

  9. no ... the only time i want to ever see a track with "ft. Madonna" is on In The Zone. this is a travesty she's lowkey not even on beat
  10. I wonder if it's "I'm going vegan for 30 days!"