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  1. this is bootleg BTSImage

  2. Guess who’s birthday is today and it’s not MINE

  3. Guess who’s birthday is tomorrow (it’s NOT me)

  4. oh and i am making a graveyard based off of the members that were banned in this forum, soo i'm doing that for probably the next 3 users.

  5. here lies: Galactic-Tiger


  6. mylifelies

    Gonna agree with you, even with her new album it’s still not helping her. 🤷
  7. Usually one hit wonders usually see their popularity decreasing after that and sometimes they never ever return do you know any singer who had suffered from this curse?
  8. mylifelies


    Yeah I agree, its like Kidz Bop did covers of K-Pop songs (they did Gangnam style and Boy with Luv) and then butchering the original language of the songs
  9. mylifelies

    Her relevancy level is equal to that of Bebe Rexha and Ava Max. So no. (Unless it’s Alice Chater, an artist that I think of when I see your posts)
  10. mylifelies


    this is really messy.
  11. I’ve absent from school for the last two days. I have a coughing fit rn and also a fever so yeah.

    1. Princess Aurora

      Get well soon hug1 

  12. mylifelies

    Every [blank] is over party trend
  13. mylifelies

    It will always do that when the holidays are over 🤷
  14. mylifelies

    That man is gonna be the next R Kelly any time now
  15. mylifelies

    This is obvious. Gucci Gang takes the cake cuz the chorus is annoying and it repeats