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  1. mylifelies

    Nope. End of story.
  2. mylifelies

    You have to save only one fave. The rest of the faves will be forgotten forever. Which one do you choose?
  3. will we ever have a summer?

  4. mylifelies

    let me guess. phoebe?
  5. mylifelies

    my luck.
  6. mylifelies

    i'm talking about a male singer in particular
  7. mylifelies

    is this supposed to be [REDACTED]'s butthole?
  8. mylifelies

    no, it's nothing
  9. mylifelies

    we need to see your search history now
  10. mylifelies

    bad boys for life
  11. mylifelies

    nicki could have the virus any time soon
  12. mylifelies

    why does corona manage to have a lot of hits??
  13. mylifelies

    it's a lot you have to get through