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    can 2020 be over already?
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  1. https://playback.fm/vocal-range
  2. Follow up to last status update: I feel better now, and I don’t feel stressed out as often unlike last week

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    Yes, it will in a million years
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    Round 2 Results 🥇 Rihanna - 6 votes 🥇 🥈Ed Sheeran - 4 votes🥈 🥉Nickelback - 3 votes🥉 Anyone else mentioned in the poll that hasn't been mentioned in the results -
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    No problem, are you able to vote for your choice now that I got the poll up?
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    haven't got the poll yet
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    (NOTE: I have gotten other responses other than the choices mentioned in the poll, which means the next round from now on will have an Other option) Round 1 Results 🥇 Mariah Carey - 7 votes 🥇 🥈 Other artists - 5 votes* 🥈 🥉 Alan Walker - 4 votes 🥉 Kim Petras - 2 votes Cascada and Tyga - No votes *other artists mentioned: Rihanna, Tinashe. This choice was originally gonna tie with Alan Walker's score (4), but one of you guys added one more extra vote for Tinashe so that's why the score is like that...
  9. I have never been this stressed in my life.


    My school recently changed their schedule because every single school building in my state is closed, and I don't like it.


    If things get worse, I might have to take a break from the Internet for a few days

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  11. I wish a speedy recovery for him, couldn’t believe his condition is getting worse
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    Shawn: either Illuminated or self-titled Ed: Multiply and Divide Ariana: thank u, next Taylor: 1989 P!ATD: Pray For The Wicked MCR: The Black Parade