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  1. Listening to ARTPOP this way is EFFIN' AMAZING!!! Tracklist: 1. Aura 2. Venus 3. G.U.Y. 4. Sexxx Dreams 5. Do What U Want 6. ARTPOP 7. Mary Jane Holland 8. MANiCURE 9. Swine 10. Dope 11. Gypsy 12. Applause THIS shouldve been the OFFICIAL tracklist!!! And the singles should've been: 1. G.U.Y. performed at the VMA'S followed by... 2. Applause during the album release as the "introduction" with... Sexxx Dreams and Dope as promo singles... 3. Entering the New Year at the Grammys with Do What U Want ft
  2. Madonna - "Borderline" Like A Virgin - "MDNA" True Blue- "Hollywood" Like A Prayer- "The Bible" Erotica- "The Rain Tapes" Bedtime Stories- "Boring Stories" Ray Of Light- "Star Light" Music- "Amazing" American Life - "Nothing/ Ein Sof" Confessions On a Dancefloor- "Confessions of A Woman" Hard Candy- "Burger King" MDNA- "Unapologetic" Rebel Heart- "VENI VIDI VICI" Madame X- " Rated X" How would you rename them? Share!!!
  3. Without the title track! Let's pretend the title track never existed, how would you rename the album, what would be the single choices, how would the overall era go? I'm not hating on BTW (song) but it'd be interesting to see how the era would've done without it. First of all I would rename the album to "ELECTRIC CHAPEL" and this would be the tracklist: 1. Marry The Night 2. Judas 3. Government Hooker 4. Black Jesus+Amen Fashion 5. Scheisse 6. Bloody Mary 7. Highway Unicorn (Road 2 Love) 8. Heavy Metal Lover 9. Electric Chapel
  4. MDNA-: 1. Girl Gone Wild 2. Bang Bang 3. I'm Addicted 4. Some Girls 5. I Don't Give A 6. Masterpiece 7. Love Spent 8. I Fucked Up 9. Superstar 10. Turn Up The Radio 11. Beautiful Killer
  5. 1. American Life- Hollywood, Love Profusion, Nothing Fails, Nobody Know Me, Intervention 2. Ray of Light- Drowned World, Skin, Frozen, Ray of Light, Nothing Really Matters 3. Confessions- Hung Up, Sorry, Forbidden Love, Jump, Isaac 4. Rebel Heart- Ghosttown, Devil Pray, Inside Out, Hold Tight, Joan of Arc 5. Music- Music, Don't Tell Me, Gone, Impressive Instant, What It Feels Like
  6. Ghosttown Devil Pray Turn Up The Radio Love Spent Future
  7. Living For Love Devil Pray Ghosttown Veni Vidi Vici Bitch I'm Madonna Hold Tight Inside Out Heartbreak City Messiah Joan of Arc Rebel Heart Beautiful Scars Wash All Over Me
  8. Give me all your loving is such a music boner killer, should've been Girl Gone Wild
  9. Yeah they're basic and lame but they would fit wonderfully into the (groove) 2012 pop music landscape! Bubblegum pop was at its height! Superstar is that fun idiotic song that could've been a surprise summer hit ! Adults don't have to think about the lyrics when listening to it and teenyboppers/kids would easily love it! TUTR is that nostalgic type of bop that perfectly encapsulates 2010-2012.
  10. Madonna (or her label) ALWAYS ignore the obvious leads/singles this entire decade! Turn Up The Radio, Superstar, Ghosttown, Future, Devil Pray, God Control all wasted potential !
  11. It's enjoyable but not outstanding. Future or God Control would've done better if promoted right. Especially Future.
  12. Do What U Want SHITS and STOMPS on Born This Way (song) and is one of her best songs ever. Even the Xtina version is heavenly!!!
  13. I'm kinda the same tbh but I don't worship these women no more. I like some of the ideas they have but that's about as far I care about them. Their music will always be special though.
  14. LOL dhe 50 but believe in this crap? Get along people, stop dividing! No teenage girls anymore.