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  1. Demi Lovallah


    New peak for I Hope!
  2. And the video was uploaded almost 20 years after the song was released Imagine if youtube existed back then, whew it would have more views than Despacito
  3. Demi Lovallah

    Is this of all time or currently?
  4. Demi Lovallah


    Probably because it's four young people hosting
  5. Demi Lovallah


    Aw I didn't know it was their 10 year anniversary
  6. Better than stanning Won Hung Lo
  7. Lol I didn't downvote it because I don't think America is racist I downvoted it because that's not the reason there are "only" three popular black female rappers right now
  8. What are you talking about?
  9. Chromatica, Sawayama, and Smile (in that order)
  10. Demi Lovallah


    P!nk? Ed Sheeran?
  11. Demi Lovallah


    Ngl this song is terrible 😂 she sounds like a 5 year old
  12. Demi Lovallah


    Probably singing since Lodato produced it!