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  1. Demi Lovallah


  2. They look so similar I thought it was a mirrored image at first
  3. I thought this was about Rihanna and I screamed
  4. Demi Lovallah


  5. Demi Lovallah

    None of my faves technically have a criminal record but Demi has commited drug-related crimes like underage drinking and the purchase and smuggling of illicit drugs
  6. Demi Lovallah

    This But Shakira is definitely a legend in Latin America
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  8. Demi Lovallah


    Daisies, but Cali Gurls is a close second.
  9. Demi Lovallah


    new outtake
  10. Demi Lovallah

    Who exactly are the VMAs being biased for? Men?
  11. Demi Lovallah


    She should've done an A side of new songs and a B side of all the songs she's released as a lead artist so far. The cover for the B side could've been the same as the A side but with the hair colors switched
  12. Demi Lovallah


    Does this mean she's worth $9B?
  13. Put Your Hearts Up, Baby I, Right There, Bang Bang, Santa Tell Me, Side to Side, Everyday, Don't Call Me Angel, and Bed
  14. Demi Lovallah


    What a nice birthday present that will be for me