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  1. Omg, yass! I'm a Symmetra stan before anything else rn. FLORENCE WHO?
  2. Yaaaaasss! I need quality again from them tho.
  3. Max

    TALENT losing once again. This show is so tragic.
  4. Queen Angela was classy as always tho
  5. Everything always has to be so dramatic, like... normal working people don't even have the time for that.
  6. Idk really, the main screen just had so many things to tap on.
  7. Max

    So this finally made me get Bank + VC Yellow. It's kinda cute.
  8. It would have been so cute tho And no, I'm not playing the game. Found it kinda confusing and clustered - deleted it.
  9. I assume you're talking atrl? I chose the obligatory Heldenzeit which is my go to name now. Kinda regret not choosing PumpkabooRTT tbh, that would have been kinda cute.