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  1. I hate the robot effect in this song I loved it on American Life but it sounds awful and out of place in this kind of song. Very disappointing song.
  2. So I was very excited to listen to this album, I’ve only heard Medellín, and avoided all the pre-order tracks & leaks. But to be completely honest on my first listen, I’m VERY disappointed... Dark Ballet - Disappointing, expected more God Control - Gonna have to grow on me, I like the disco vibe a lot Future - Boring, doesn't go anywhere, expected something better Batuka - Reminds me of Dark Ballet, just a little bit more upbeat Killers Who Are Partying - Very striking lyrics, I like this one Crave - Finally a good song (on first listen at least), love th
  4. Mt.S (Who was correct about ME! & it having a feature) says album pre-order/save/add will be live tomorrow along with the second single.
  5. I haven't heard any other tracks besides Medellín I'm so excited
  6. I haven't heard any of the pre-release songs besides Medellín, excited for the album
  7. Oh hey, I should post here more since Gaga is one of the only artists I truly STAN.
  8. I'm so happy I started posting here again.

    @Chris Morlock hug1

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      Chris Morlock

      Also Thank U Next earlier in the year giveup3

      Then Kesha may be releasing soon giveup3


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      Saint X

      Us literally stanning so many similar things giveup3

    4. Chris Morlock
  9. He's gotten hotter over time, have fun Taylor!