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  1. There are multiple Madame Tussauds' around the world, I imagine this goes into one that didn't have a Gaga figure yet.
  2. It's definitely the best song on the album.
  3. Not you resurrecting this dead thread. GMGY vs Sex For Breakfast
  4. It starts out as a pretty chill, background music type album, then it picks up in the middle with a heavier sound (these songs are my favourite) and then the end part slows down again. Overall it's not as outstanding to me as Plastic Hearts was, but I still like it. The whole thing flows together really nicely. My fave tracks are Rose Colored Lenses, Handstand, River, Muddy Feet and Wildcard.
  5. It's nice to see she's honest about getting procedures done. She might as well make money out of it.
  6. I'm still upset La Luz ended up being just 1 song and an intro Rip my dreams for a deluxe version of Aguilera I guess
  7. Overall I think it was a great performance. She sounded amazing and I really like the new version of Genie (she even did some decent choreo) and even though Vanity was an odd song choice, I think that part was my favourite. She really could have put more effort into her Spanish songs tho, for half of them she didn't even bother to read the telepromter properly, but luckily the audience was just happy she performed them at all. The crowd in general was crazy, they definitely contributed to the quality of the performance. I really wish she would retire Let There Be Love as her closing
  8. Eh, plenty of legacy acts have performed at the Super Bowl before, I think she'd be a perfectly legit choice. Plus she performed at this pre-game party, could be that she's networking.
  9. Didn't she already make a reggae-inspired album around 2019? I guess that'll remain in the vault forever.
  10. I'm fine with horror shows/movies, it's just when it's interactive that freaks me out. I think I'll check this out then.
  11. I haven't played the video game as I'm not a fan of horror in game format, it stresses me out. (although I played A Plague Tale so maybe I should give this one a try as well) Do you think the show is worth watching without knowing the story?