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  1. I don't really have an opinion. Both have catchy songs and both have their strengths where the other one lacks.
  2. A regular paying gig that allows her to do what she loves while staying connected to her fans? Awful.
  3. Muse

    Artist Joss Stone

    I haven't had time to listen to her newer material, but "Mind, Body, and Soul" and "Introducing Joss Stone" are solid albums.
  4. I've never found her attractive tbh.
  5. Do we know each other from when I was a more active member? ayumi1

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    2. Muse


      I think that is when I took my hiatus. 

    3. Kirjava


      Then we are new acquaintances demi1

    4. Muse
  6. That's my concern with the rest of this year. Kelly, Taylor, Demi, Pink
  7. Has anyone heard of a possible legal battle with her label? There were whispers about something to that effect on Facebook, which could explain a lot.
  8. Popularity on iTunes doesn't mean anything. William Hung was once there, too. Spotify? Shit is free, so, sit.
  9. Your Body is classic Christina. Sex, vocals, catchy as fuck. Hold It Against Me is reductive and boring. Run The World is very Spice Girls and dated. That is all.
  10. Did anyone else hear her having a three minute stroke? People on the radio are calling it "Work." Seriously, what is that shit?