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  1. Event

    Again, you don't know her work ethic and what she has been up to. I'd rather have quality albums every 8 years than shitty albums every 2-3.
  2. Event

    You can't say she isn't a hard worker without being with her on a daily basis. You'll be singing her praises again once she has something released.
  3. Event

    You all need to stfu, honestly. You don't know what the plan is, and aside from her stringing us along with release years, NOTHING has been actually confirmed for this era. It would be more embarrassing if she set an actual date and had to keep pushing it back. Saying she doesn't deserve success because she isn't appeasing a few bitchy fans is the epitome of entitlement. This happens every era. Everyone gets sick of waiting, she releases something and everyone is all over her and loving her again. I've never seen so many bandwagon fans in my life.
  4. Photos

    She'll be fine. People always protest her and get huffy until she releases something and they all shut up.
  5. I'm actually really intrigued by this!
  6. Interesting concept for this album. I don't know if I can see it being super impactful when the majority was love songs. The circus theme could have been amazing though
  7. Celeb News

    She keeps hinting at Stripped and Bionic.
  8. Idea stolen from @Strippted because I live for this shit! I don't think there is much any of us would change, but I was listening to Back To Basics on my drive home this weekend and there are things I'd tweak on the tracklist and some different single choices. Here is my new idea for the tracklist: 1. Intro 2. Makes Me Wanna Pray 3. Back In The Day 4. Ain't No Other Man 5. Understand 6. Slow Down Baby 7. Oh Mother 8. Without You 9. Enter The Circus 10. Welcome 11. Candyman 12. Hurt 13. Mercy On Me 14. I Got Trouble 15. Save Me From Myself 16. The Right Man First single: Ain't No Other Man Second single: Candyman Third single: Slow Down Baby Fourth single: Hurt Fifth single: Makes Me Wanna Pray The promo this era was on point, I would not change anything with that.
  9. This is actually all perfect timing. Drag Race, Paper Mag, and now this are all keeping her name in the public so that when May comes, her single will hopefully do well. If the rumor about May is true, that is. Her team isn't as stupid as we think.
  10. Here we go! I'm happy she is getting a proper kick off.
  11. Yaaaassss!! I think she is waiting to premiere the single on The Voice finale, which will be right around the time this airs too.
  12. Shit happens, plans change. I don't want another sloppy and unfocused era like Lotus.
  13. Discussion

    -Album release: January 2008. -First single (Birds Of Prey): November 2007. Cryptic viral videos start circulating a month before the single release. Think iamamwhoami aesthetic. -Second single (Glam): February 2008. Grammy performance. -World tour announcement, kick off in April 2008. -Third single (Woohoo): May 2008. Surprise release, no announcement. Video premiere on tour. -Fourth single (Not Myself Tonight): July 2008 -Fifth single (Stronger Than Ever): September 2008. 1. Bionic 2. Not Myself Tonight 3. Woohoo 4. Elastic Love 5. Glam 6. Desnudate 7. Prima Donna 8. You Lost Me 9. Stronger Than Ever 10. Birds Of Prey 11. I Am 12. Lift Me Up 13. My Girls 14. Monday Morning 15. Bobblehead 16. Vanity
  14. Discussion

    As frustrated as I'm getting with the wait, I'm happy she scrapped her other ideas. They would have been another "Lotus."