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  1. Lotus was the more embrassing flop, IMO. She was on The Voice and didn't use any of those opportunities to perform. At least she put in the efforts with Bionc, and we had Burlesque in 2010 which was a surprise hit (both the film and soundtrack), so that kind of offset the commercial failure of Bionic.
  2. Yaaasss! More praise! Get that #198 re-entry on the charts.
  3. Maybe people are finally getting tired of her?
  4. Doesn't she sing about an umbrella or something?
  5. Look at this bitch, selling like it's 2006 again. There is hope after all! Can't wait for that Xtina collab...
  6. A regular paying gig that allows her to do what she loves while staying connected to her fans? Awful.
  7. Notice the word "surprise" was used. We won't know when it's coming.
  8. She's known for putting out solid albums.
  9. She will always be a try hard and annoying to me.