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  1. Muse


    1. Maria 2. Twice 3. Right Moves 4. Deserve 5. Like I Do 6. Masochist 7. Pipe 8. Fall In Line 9. Accelerate 10. Unless It's With You 11. Sick of Sittin'
  2. Muse


    1. Woohoo 2. Not Myself Tonight 3. Bionic 4. Desnudate 5. Prima Donna 6. Glam 7. Stronger Than Ever 8. Birds of Prey 9. Vanity 10. You Lost Me 11. Elastic Love 12. I Am 13. Bobblehead 14. My Girls 15. I Hate Boys 16. Lift Me Up 17. Little Dreamer 18. All I Need 19. Monday Morning 20. Sex For Breakfast
  3. I don't expect much dancing, because she has never really been known for that. I think we will see more movement than on the Liberation tour, but I'm honestly here for an audio and visual escape.
  4. Muse


    I think this album was panned more harshly by the fans because it has been by far her messiest era in terms of style and promo, but the album itself isn't terrible. We were introduced to NoFucksGivenTina but it was taken to a very lazy place of no inspiration and just sloppy. That being said, I'll play. 1. Lotus Intro 2. Army of Me 3. Your Body 4. Empty Words 5. Just A Fool 6. Best Of Me 7. Let There Be Love 8. Make The World Move 9. Cease Fire 10. Light Up the Sky 11. Blank Page 12. Red Hot Kinda Love 13. Sing For Me 14. Around The World 15. Circles 16. Shut Up
  5. Muse


    I say we'll get a single during the first part of her residency, and an album in the middle or toward the end.
  6. Do we have updated US and WW sales?
  7. Um. Bye. She has been vocally consistent on 90% of her set.
  8. I'm so tired of the same questions.
  9. Muse


    I'm so back and forth on the cover. Love the concept.
  10. Muse


    It really isn't a bad album. I just associate it with her unhappiness at the time, and it makes me dislike it. She's in a much better place now, which makes the music and experience more enjoyable.
  11. Muse


    I still don't know how to play this fucking game.
  12. Muse


    Deserve Maria Sick of Sittin' Fall In Line Right Moves Pipe Masochist Like I Do Unless It's With You Accelerate Twice