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  1. Rumor

    Why don't you spend your time posting in your fave's section. You don't see us Kats go there.
  2. Katy Perry or Katheryn Hudson. indicate which song is which, and which do you prefer? Songs I could think of Katy Perry doing. HNC, CG, LFN, HH, Peacock, POM, TOTGA, BTGOG, Ghost, IS, TIHWD, Roar, Birthday, Hey3x, BA, AMA, Roulette, Deja Vu, Intimacy, WOA, LM, Swish Swish, Songs I could think of Katheryn Hudson doing Lost, I'm Still Breathing, TOY, Brick By Brick, IKAG, WUIV, IYCAM, Teenage Dream, NLTM, WAILF?, CTD, DH, ET, LL, TM, Spiritual, Witness, Power, Tsunami, Pendulum CTTR, MYM, SAD, Bigger Than Me, Feels. I can't tell if Firework is Katheryn Hudson or Katy Perry. Pearl has to be both Katy and Katheryn. I'm 50/50 on both but at times I lean to Katheryn more recently, but in the past Katy was my main gal. share yours.
  3. Rumor

  4. Rumor

    Sounds very PRISMy, strategic wise. I really want her to fully embrace her "Katheryn Hudson-ness" and go for Pendulum, Tsunami, MYM or SAD. But if it becomes an actual single, then I'm just gonna endure ha.
  5. Rumor

    Hew Hew Hew is awful. Why do you guys like it? Am I missing something?
  6. Rumor

    She should push it, I feel like she likes it a lot, I could really tell. It's high time she release songs of this caliber than her radio ready ones. It's a phresh sound. At this point she should really go for what Witness(era) sounds like. Tsunami is interesting. Worth looking into. Slow for her kiddie fans but who currs, they can always go to Camila Cabelo for that. You like the song, right?
  7. Rumor

    Honestly, I'm okay with her releasing MYM and/or SAD, I'm more on MYM side btw, still these 2 has potentials, A hit? Not sure about that this era but defos she can release them, as long as Intimacy stays on the album.
  8. Rumor

    Tsunami should be next single, tho.
  9. I love this song, eugh Katheryn slay me with that effortless vocal delivery! IF ONLY SHE HAD A VERSE.
  10. @Malfoy You stan Katy? Fully? Cause I could add you on the welcome page. I did not expect someone from Slytherin coming in here. Katy's a Gryffindor btw.
  11. sis, it's ska Let's not associate Katy with tropical.
  12. Discussion

    Perched for another eye conique stage!