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  1. Queen of Slutdrops! just like the good ol days
  2. @Luca Once again, this thread is now yours! Do your best! x
  3. Sickening look and hair Literally when will every fave? especially her age group besides Beyonce? WHO? FYI "I transcend space and time as far as age goes" Queen of WISDOM and EXPERIENCE Space stone who? VOCALS, ms Katy!
  4. Yeah, I'm making this new self project for art of course and probably make an ig, I'll let you know so we can finally talk outside this wasteland of a site. Soon, boo! Okay, for setting aside all the trauma as in 2017, I'm letting all that pass now. I love her more than ever and I want what's best for her. She's much more happier now. I support her every step of the way
  5. Thanks, Paul! You're forever a sweetheart!
  6. sure! @Luca I give you this thread, I think I told you that already, if ever you do change the whole thing my only request is to make the banner the same as her Witness stage, the eye one. The graphics is up to you tbh. This is your thread now. Be nice to the Kats! xx @RihannaRTT Hey Paul, can u relinquish my ownership and transfer it to Luca? thanks!
  7. MEE TOO, just a got a new one, it's a massive change for me as well and one helluvan upgrade, but I wanna achieve more so maybe this is just a bridge to something greater! Get that life bb! Always try to live not survive. Life doesn't make any sense anyways and adults are just grown children. edit Also, congrats to our homegirl getting engaged. so proud of Kabloom. They look good! I wish them the best.
  8. This crusty ass place, I can't believe Ms @Americunt took down my welcome page, the nerve. Where is the album tho.
  9. Really good! Getting it together and living my mid 20s, I can't believe I'm nearing 30s tbh, Lemme listen Waving Through A Window a bit. brb making a life tbh. How 'bout you? How's LA? imy too!
  10. hows my fave italian monsterkat?
  11. @QUINN Happy birthday, boo! imysm I never forget your Birthday.mp3, altho I'm a day late, still! shout out to Angelo, Jake, Paul and that LA Katycat who sometimes moonlight as a Gaga stan gross. Jeff too. xx What's goin on? so many Katy emotes lately. How come Katy can still sing despite being sick? Where the haters? WHERE DEY AT DOE? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vwerxu06CyE