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  1. Ariana

    I don't think about them
  2. And heaven and nature sing gaga7

    And heaven and nature sing gaga7

  3. Ariana


    When the first remix didn't work we-
  4. Ariana


    Yes we would love to see @Simón. modeling it for us
  5. Ariana

    Thank U Next
  6. Ariana

    No she's the best member of this site
  7. Ariana

    @Chris Morlock confirm
  8. Or do they have any? Anyway, I think Kylie has the hottest stans ever because they're mostly 30-40 year old zazzies Loyal stans if you ask me
  9. Ariana


    Witness looks so good in vinyl form and I literally bought it not because I really liked the album but only because of the cover Teenage Dream One Of The Boys PRISM also looks so beautiful Smile
  10. I still can't get over how beautiful this instrumental is It sounds like straight out of a movie scene where you just know a massacre is going to happen
  11. Ariana

    Ugh tasteful king I heard the Vatican has been real quiet when she released that song