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  1. Ariana

    Celeb News

    The reaction of the interviewer
  2. Ariana here

    shocked by the power ooooh

    shocked by the power of love


  3. Did your mum or dad stan Kylie at least once in their glory days? or did they stan other pop girl? My mum lowkey stanned ha during her PWL days. I think she stopped stanning anyone when she had me tbh We still watch some of her concert DVDs on weekends tho
  4. Ariana


    I'm still blaming him on my sleep
  5. Ariana


    wtf i can't with him anymore
  6. Ariana here

    Today, I almost got ran over by a car while listening to Better The Devil You Know in full volume giveup3 the power of ha best songgiveup3

  7. Ariana


    That was not Especially For You
  8. Ariana


    sis priyanka will keep it to haself
  9. Ariana

    Kylie would probably be a dance instructor in my city teaching moms how to do the locomotion