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  1. BackToBasics

    ME! sounds like a song for kids because of the melody
  2. BackToBasics

    In my opinion none of the new girls has stage presence. There's something missing in their performances, even when they're trying to dance. I forget about a new pop girl performance right after its end. Everything looks cheap and like it was created in a hurry.
  3. BackToBasics

    I've never said that she was the first pop princess It's not like artists copy the performance, it's iconic in a way because as I've said before, the world saw the sweet Britney falling from grace, it was the final proof of her breakdown and it was shocking for millions of her fans
  4. BackToBasics

    I've never said that it was a good performance. It's iconic not only because of how bad it was but because it was an irrefutable evidence that she was struggling. MAybe i'm wrong but it was her first bad performance and it coincided with all these rumors of her not being mentally stable. Britney used to be the sweet pop princess and at the VMAs she ultimately showed that she was no longer the person they thought she was. There was something iconic in the performance, I can't explain it in a different way. You may not agree with me.
  5. BackToBasics

    @Umbreon made some points. Britney's breakdown was iconic in a way as well as the mentioned performance. She had sold millions of records and was the most popular pop gir under 30 when all the 2006-2008 mess happened. She was the female version of MJ in terms of popularity and sales in early 2000s. It was such a terrible time for her and the whole world was watching. As much as 2006-2008 events shouldn't be named iconic because of how terrible they were,they are in a way. The VMA performance was like icing on the cake-she confirmed that she was no longer the innocent girl and that she had serious issues. The performance is icionic because of how bad it was. Her VMAs performances prior 2007 had been great and then in 2007 she just went of stage and gave a really bad performance. Not only was it bad, but she herself seemed like she was intoxicated. It was shocking for millions of people who had known her as sweet, innocent and hard working Britney. It was an iconic moment in pop culture (although it shouldn't be)- the princess of pop fell from grace and got destroyed by fame.
  6. There's no way that b2b tour grossed $90m because of the average gross per show but it definitely grossed more than $60m. It sucks that we don't know christina aguilera live in concert, the stripped tour and b2b tour total gross .I think the journalist used numbers reported tour gross so $48.1m (b2b tour) , $ 31.8m (justified and stripped tour) , $1.1m (liberation tour, 2 shows in NYC) and $400k (the x tour,France). I hope the x tour&the xpereince gross will be reported regularly so she can cross the $90m mark this year and $100m in the future
  7. There's no way that she's sold 1.5m tickets in NA and since the number of tickets&her tours' gross are in the same sentence, I think it's about ww tour gross. There's no point in putting ww ticket sales with NA tours gross. But maybe I'm wrong.
  8. I was shocked as hell when I saw that she's sold 1.5 million tickets but grossed only $81.7m. Idk why the journalist didn't do any research before publishing the article.... Btw where did you get B2B tour gross from? $48.1m from 60 shows had been reported in 2007
  9. The Xperience: (...) The entire leg totaled $4 million in grosses and 24,988 tickets sold according to figures reported to Billboard Boxscore. Those figures average out to $497,000 and 3,124 tickets per show. Aguilera’s semi-permanent move to Vegas is already paying off, bumping 5% from the $472,000 average of 2018’s Liberation Tour, a trek that marked her first concerts in 11 years. (...) Xtina's touring stats: (...) And despite spending more than half of her 20-year touring career on hiatus, she has sold a reported total of 1.5 million tickets and grossed $81.7 million on the road. Source: https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/8519630/christina-aguilera-launches-vegas-residency-the-xperience-earnings
  10. It seems like it's a greatest hits tour but those medleys are annoying as fuck. Your body, twice and express deserve to be sung in full. But still, if I had an opportunity, I'd attend the show and I'm pretty sure I'd scream like a psycho
  11. BackToBasics


    I can't believe that Xtina's team doesn't give a crap about that kind of mistakes. Can you imagine sth like that happening to Beyonce and billboard reporting that she sold 20k out of 40k on wembley? no fucking way but when it comes to Xtina that kind of shit happens. She's embarked on a successful european tour but she can't win anyway
  12. BackToBasics


    Billboard will probably report 3570 unsold tickets
  13. BackToBasics


    Berlin is officially sold out. Can't wait for billboard's report
  14. BackToBasics


    I guess it's the people who work for accorhotels arena reported the numbers to billboard. It's impossible that 40% of arena was empty and that there were only 5k people The arena in amsterdam was 90-95% full, including the upper level. Watch billboard reporting that she sold 3k tickets out of 5k available