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  1. Has anyone used omio (formerly go euro) to buy train tickets? 

  2. BackToBasics

    She scored a #1 song,had a few top10, her albums sold great and her latest tour is the 2nd highest grosing female tour of all time. She's never been the it girl but she's successful and has been outselling and outgrossing her peers for the past 7 years or so
  3. And my mum is Beyonce's best friend
  4. VMAs've become a joke so there should be no surprise that the biggest stars attend it only when they promote sth/get an award. Coachella's become a festival that celebrities want to show up at because it's thought to be trendy so performing there is considered even more trendy I guess.
  5. BackToBasics

    I try not to care but it really makes me angry when I see other users dragging Xtina. Obviously they want to end him but I guess its impossible since he always comes back with his shitty threads
  6. BackToBasics

    I'm just mad as fuck that he/she's always doing this
  7. Does billboard post only 50 boxscores or is it possible to find more of them on another page or sth ? 

  8. BackToBasics

  9. BackToBasics

    All of the new girls who are in the spotlight somehow are mediocre
  10. BackToBasics

    You could've chosen a better Xtina photo Apart from those horrible lip fillers she did in 2018 she aged really well
  11. BackToBasics

    And again you made other users laugh at Xtina. Are u proud?
  12. BackToBasics

    It's a shame because the song is pretty good
  13. And I like Britney's fans with common sense He must secretly hate Xtina.There's no other explanation for his behaviour.