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    I feel sorry for you I'm no longer afraid of the virus, I just can't stand the fact that this shit made me root at home for a year and it looks like 2021 is going to be no better except for the fact that there is a vaccine and people ar ebeing vaccinated Nevertheless, I don't go out unless I have to and obviously wear a mask I feel like it will stay with us forever and that's why I'm no longer afraid. But I do understand that there are people who are still scared. For me it still feels unrealistic that something you can't see has forced us to stay at home...I feel like no government (except for Australian and New Zealander) has a good plan. Here, in Poland we're in the middle of like 2nd or 3rd lockdown but so what...They closed every restaurant, outlets etc. in March but opened them in July/August and then September came, children went to school and cases surged... Now stores, restaurants etc. are closed unless they are essential for ppl to function but I'm 100% sure that when they open let's say in March/April cases will spike again. It's all so pointless. I feel like we are destined to stay at home forever
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    Yeah, the times are tough...I hope you're getting well I feel like I've been stuck in some lame movie...online classes are a mess, I can't even focus. I hope 2021 will be better but I guess we have to say positive whatever happens
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    Her spanish album was, as you said, pretty popular in LA but come on... it's been 20 years Those who bought her album back in the day probably still have some feeling for her but I don't think 20-30 year olds are dying to see her live, especially when she hasn't even bothered to perform on their local TV or whatever. I think she may be able to sell out a LA tour if she bothers to promote it but looking at they way the x tour was ''promoted'' in Europe it is like 20% likely that she'll move her ass to LA to promote the spanish album I still can't believe she didn't tour in Brazil in 2001...The album was pretty popular there as far as I'm concered. She should've focused on promoting in Europe, Australia and LA back in 2010. Had she done that, she could go there on tour every 3-4 years and earn loads of money. But it's Xtina after all. She loves the US although American public has been paying her little attention since 2008
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    You really think she will be able to draw crowds in LA? The mexican leg of the x tour wasn't as successful as I had expected it to be.... she had a diamond certification there with HTGDT if I remeber correctly but the box office doesn't look so good. It's not tragic but still she did there worse than many fans had expected. Monterrey 3,581 / 5,000 (72%) $333,198 Guadalajara 5,523 / 7,478 (74%) $412,589 Mexico City 8,632 / 12,000 (72%) $855,353 She sold 17,763 out of 24,478 tickets She toured there for the 1st time since 2001 and the tour got barely any promo... Imagine how poorly she will do if she goes to Brazil where she has never toured
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    Aww thank you Idk what happened, I guess I just focused on my studies and the pandemic made me kinda lazy
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    I'll believe it when I hear it. I'm pretty sure the album won't come out until 2022 or 2025
  7. Has anyone used omio (formerly go euro) to buy train tickets? 

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    The queen of serving
  9. The performance was great and she looked great
  10. I'd love that but I don't think she'll do that. She's been talking about the spanish album for years so if she releases ang album it'll probably the spanish one but again I don't think we can expect anything until fall 2020. She should've released it before mexican tour but it's Xtina after all. Btw I can't at her talking about latin american tour and announcing 3 shows in Mexico trolling at its finest