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  1. Yup, I've also noticed that she gaves up on her projects when singles tank but at the same time does nothing to promote them before& after accelerate came out she was all excited, attended events etc. and then dissapeared for weeks when the single flopped. I've had high expectations of the spanish era promotion bc X seemed inspired as fuck and then she just dropped promoting the project after 2 or 3 interviews and the latin grammy performance. Liberation and the material she has released this year are amazing and worth promoting but she just doesn't give a fuck also the fact that she nev
  2. THIS I love nmt, yb, accelerate, sueltame, pa mis muchachas etc. but if she doesn't give a fuck about perfoming them properly, I don't want her to record this type of songs anymore.
  3. she really doesn't know what a calendar is i'm suprised that she remembers about sueltame, but maybe she was just fed up with fighters asking her to release the damn mv under her every twitter&instagram post
  4. I'm just lazy af, too lazy for ANY kind of physical activity, even yoga Yes, I agree that her performances of the uptempo songs are tragic...she just walks around, moves her hands and says ''ha'' or ''say, say''...I get it that she's...bigger but the lack of energy is just dissapointing. I can't imagine paying, let's say, $100 to see her walking around the stage. Her voice is priceless but it's not enough, especially when the upbeat songs make for like 80% of her setlist...and the facts that she still sings FTM (while giving up MLJ, NMT or YB ) makes me nauseous.
  5. It's the same with me when I start working out - I work out every 2 days and after a week has passed I'm over it . Xtina has the same attitude towards music
  6. you never know...it's Xtina after all P.S. hello Fighters, I'm BACK
  7. long time no see well...Shakira's singing voice is annoying to like...8/10 ppl. Xtina's voice may get annoying when she's growling too much but nevertheless it has been praised by critics since...1998? both Xtina and Shakira have been flopping hard in America but Xtina doesn't give a damn and doesn't even bother to promote whether Shakira does and still underperforms
  8. Has anyone used omio (formerly go euro) to buy train tickets? 

  9. Does billboard post only 50 boxscores or is it possible to find more of them on another page or sth ? 

  10. And I like Britney's fans with common sense He must secretly hate Xtina.There's no other explanation for his behaviour.
  11. Oh,sorry He's pathetic and has been doing everything he can to make other fanbases drag Xtina. No one should pay attention to him
  12. I've not come for Britney's tour gross because I'm aware that hers is obviously higher. I'm just glad that Xtina's touring again. Both sides are guilty. The Army&Fighters are like an old marriage. When it comes to the video,everyone who is not blind can see that there were more than 4,750 people.
  13. It definitely looks like there were 4,750 people there P.S. before you start talking about the unsold upper section, it was not put on sale
  14. I've seen fotp users making fun of abuse Xtina experienced. It's not a popular drag but I've seen it. Anyway, I guess I overreact sometimes but I just can't stand those jokes about her wieght. I don't like her figure either because it affects her performances but I've never called her fat etc. Stans are crazy, when you are reading tweets,comments under articles on daily mail etc. you can feel that people are frustrated. Instead of dragging some celebrity they should take care of their life but it's hard for them somehow