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  1. repeating rumors that have never been confirmed does not mean they will become true
  2. Especially when you stan Xtina
  3. It's cute that you have hope
  4. I'm still singlebrit2brit2

    I've been single since I was born dead2

  5. I haven't been able to deal with the fact that the gp doesn't remember her she should be selling out stadiums
  6. But it's kinda sad that she needs to promote to sell out 70k tickets there's no statistics on ticketmaster so if you want to know how many tickets an artist sold you have to count them
  7. OMG all the work you did! Thank you! Tickets're not selling that bad,it could've been worst I hope tickets'll have sold out by the time the residency starts
  8. BackToBasics

    Celeb News

    I'm not surprised
  9. BackToBasics

    Celeb News

    I hope she'll attend it but I doubt it tbh And I doubt that FIL'll win because Shallow's waaaay much more popular than FIL was and the movie's won a few awards I hope X&D'll sound great if they perform I don't want BBMAs 2.0
  10. BackToBasics

    I'm lowkey tired of it...Because of his messy threads Xtina gets dragged
  11. BackToBasics

    All Xtina fans except Agugaga know&accept it
  12. BackToBasics

    1. It hasn't been confirmed 2. Xtina wouldn't move her ass to Vegas if she was paid less than 100k
  13. BackToBasics

    It's popular in talent shows especially in Europe but idk if it counts