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  1. Has anyone used omio (formerly go euro) to buy train tickets? 

  2. BackToBasics


    The queen of serving
  3. The performance was great and she looked great
  4. I'd love that but I don't think she'll do that. She's been talking about the spanish album for years so if she releases ang album it'll probably the spanish one but again I don't think we can expect anything until fall 2020. She should've released it before mexican tour but it's Xtina after all. Btw I can't at her talking about latin american tour and announcing 3 shows in Mexico trolling at its finest
  5. I don't get that because AGBW is signed to epic records... Also SS was a big hit so the song should be released to radio asap... I hope it's not true
  6. Oh I forgot about time zones Her voice's in a great shape but she loves to oversing so I'm also afraid that she'll scream out those high notes and get dragged for it. The song deserves success especially if we look at top 10 on hot100
  7. She sounded great on fan videos and weird on tv...cbs messed up I guess. I think the song may chart because of the performance but music video should be released asap. Idk if it's true but I read somewhere that the song will be sent to radio in January
  8. It leaked it's a beautiful song but I'm afraid X will not manage to hit those notes We all remember how the gp reacted after AMAs 2017 and I don't want to see it again. She's been serving vocals on tour but it seems to me that she's stressed out everytime she's to sing at an award show
  9. BackToBasics

    She scored a #1 song,had a few top10, her albums sold great and her latest tour is the 2nd highest grosing female tour of all time. She's never been the it girl but she's successful and has been outselling and outgrossing her peers for the past 7 years or so
  10. And my mum is Beyonce's best friend
  11. She looked amazing the lips