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  1. I keep listening to this, I'm so obsessed
  2. SIS you need to work for Kesha, oh my god! This is FANTASTIC. I'm bopping Great fucking work, seriously
  3. Dan


    Animal is iconic, but Cannibal is just a more interesting version of it IMO
  4. Dan


    Agreed! Cannibal and Rainbow very different, but both are fantastic + unique covers
  5. Dan


    The Warrior Standard cover might be my least favorite cover of all time
  6. Dan


    1. Rainbow 2. Cannibal 3. High Road 4. Animal 5. Warrior Deluxe 6. Warrior Standard
  7. Dan here


    giphy.gifOk but Kesha served...

    1. Okan

      Miss Keisha, lakesha, keshandra and ketchup agree kesha4 

  8. Dan

    Innocence & Pills I am re-obsessed with this song.
  9. I love when Praying gets the recognition it deserves
  10. I loved the live performances, some of her best EVER. Probably on par with the Die Young performances. She is serving energy, cute choreo, vocals, etc. in all of them. Only complaint is Big Freedia does a *bit* too much in them, where it covers her vocals. But, the Graham Norton performance showed it's potential
  11. Dan


    Really not a great album year for me honestly, but if I had to choose... Best: Cuz I Love You, Songs For You, Head Above Water Worst: Charli, Thank U Next, H2BH (I'm a huge Pink fan and I entirely forgot about this album)
  12. I was literally just googling this and this was the first result
  13. Dan

    The graphics team did so well on this, they're gorgreous Happy Winter
  14. 5,6, and 12 are my favorites. I gave 6 my vote though
  15. Dan

    Celeb News

    BEAUTYCULT is another one that I've seen works , don't know for how much though..
  16. Dan

    Celeb News

    Stan! And you'll have it for next time you pull out the iconic DirtyLoveSha look
  17. Nobody knows, me and Tom think it's a bug in the site...
  18. It's all said "Sold Out" on their site since the second they posted it
  19. Dan


    I can't at half of this I don't even like 4/5 of my Top Songs of the year anymore And Kesha getting 4/5 Top Songs of the decade That can't be right though... I've listened to Die Young way more than any fo the other tracks And how the fuck is The Cure on there?
  20. Dan

    12/3... then 11/27... then 12/3... then nothing
  21. Dan

    Yeah, but that was only the first delay.. now we're on the second delay with no updates