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  1. He was, is and always will be hot omg
  2. Just Dance But I got invested in her after Paparazzi
  3. I remember my 7th grade teacher came in during homeroom and was like "GUESS WHAT SONG I JUST HEARD ON THE RADIO? It was called E.T. and the lyrics were despicable!"
  4. Dan


    1. Teeth 2. Money Honey 3. 911 4. Bloody Mary 5. Sinner's Prayer 6. ARTPOP 7. I can't remember this one
  5. I think Genie, but I heard Candyman soooooo much growing up cause of my mom
  6. Dan


    I loved 1000 Forms, This Is Acting and her LSD album.. But all these random droplets and movie songs I've absolutely haaaaated.
  7. Dan


    Never heard of it! Princess Protection Program stays winning
  8. Dan


    The way Princess Protection Program was iconic and still is
  9. Omg I was listening to Sexxx Dreams by Gaga and your AVI was tapping in-sync with the bass
  10. Omg mess Well at least I know she's gonna get good then
  11. Does Demon Hunter ever get good? I'm playing through with her now.. and she seems awful
  12. Dan


    Gives me time to be able to afford tickets
  13. I think it's great that they changed it, but I wish they had chosen a better name
  14. Dan


    The hardest thing I've ever had to do... omg 1. I Care 2. Best Thing I Never Had 3. Start Over 4. Love On Top 5. Count Down 6. End Of Time 7. Schoolin' Life But I think all the others would make another excellent EP .. flawless album
  15. If it's someone I stan, I usually listen the day it comes out (not at Midnight, bc I feel like I can't really pay attention to the songs). But with albums I hear are good and want to listen to, usually 1-3 weeks.
  16. Dan


    Paparazzi still is like my favorite song of all time and I remember obsessing over the MV and being so happy whenever it came on the radio on the bus
  17. Dan


    LMAOOOO that is crazy (and very strange how these old ass videos appear for everyone from ages ago)..
  18. Dan


    Watched this again the other day too
  19. Dan


    This came up on my recommended the other day
  20. Dan


    Diamond Heart / Alice (WTF THIS IS HARD) A-YO / Stupid Love Joanne / Rain On Me John Wayne / Free Woman Dancin' In Circles / Fun Tonight Perfect Illusion / 911 Million Reasons / Plastic Doll Sinner's Prayer / Sour Candy Come To Mama / Enigma Hey Girl / Replay Angel Down / Sine From Above Grigio Girls / 1000 Doves Just Another Day / Babylon Joanne: 7 Chromatica: 6 About equal, as expected.