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  1. KatnissLawrence

    buy rare and send me receipts if u want nudes <3
  2. KatnissLawrence


    imagine being this rich
  3. KatnissLawrence

    ok daddy you win
  4. KatnissLawrence

  5. KatnissLawrence

    omg no i won't pick
  6. KatnissLawrence

    Music Video

    Talent definitely won.
  7. did it hit number 1?
  8. threatening us with a tour? How disgusting are these republican christians
  9. KatnissLawrence

    Im confused, the song's sitting on number 1 on iTunes?
  10. an icon, a legend, sex symbol, net worth~rich, talent won.
  11. queen baptized and forgiven now like a tru christian
  12. KatnissLawrence

    8 percent jesus fucking christ that's awful but ha burlesque is upon us tho so slay
  13. KatnissLawrence

    Yeah she's talking with grace and elegance now because this shit backfired :
  14. KatnissLawrence

    lies spread by Normani lbh
  15. KatnissLawrence

    Celeb News

    a serve