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  1. KatnissLawrence

    The link to the shoes though, like how delusional r u
  2. KatnissLawrence

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    Also I don't see gaga being married and that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. It just means she's invested in her art and work and that makes her happy. Get those D's though queen Or maybe I'm being presumptuous
  3. KatnissLawrence

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    New album confirmed, Italian queen of art, pop, movies, etc is coming to deliver that BTW part deux yas queen
  4. look at my baby girl/daddy
  5. ok but can this dumb bitch please include ''Your Body'' and ''Bionic'' Bitch do dat.
  6. KatnissLawrence

    I can't at the song lasting 4 seconds
  7. KatnissLawrence

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    God is a cannabis consumer tho
  8. KatnissLawrence

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    I swear gaga is a saint now.
  9. KatnissLawrence

    Did it really hit you in the cunt to see xtina lose to gaga tonight? Sis the battle ended in 2010 just a month after Not myself tonight premiered. Let it go.
  10. KatnissLawrence


    Lord have mercy.
  11. KatnissLawrence

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    Now she needs to boycott them 5 more times so they can hand her 5 more grammys. queen checkmate haaa