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    The point is to send religious cunts the message that even the lgbt community can have children, and so they should leave us the fuck alone.
  2. As an immigrant living in America I can't begin to tell you how terrified I am about what Im hearing everyday. Guys, please vote this November. Please don't let them make us feel like 2nd class citizens. This is inhumane on every level. Please Vote.

  3. So he's going to hell for going against the bible?
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    Go back to your rathole.
  5. KatnissLawrence

    Fixed sis
  6. Not Darwinism kicking in and making this place better than its ever been  original.gif

  7. It's true, and religions (excluding buddhism and hinduism for obvious reasons )only unfortunately compounds the problem instead of addressing it, which basically means religions are live rounds to divide and separate. The poison these people feed their minds and want to force down our throats is truly despicable. More than ever we need to come together as humanity and throw these shits in the trash heap of history.
  8. It's history 101: fudge the truth, gaslight the individual, muddy the waters, and then when they're dazed, kill them. These individuals know what they're doing which is why the world needs to wake up before another nazi resurgence transpires.
  9. So basically they're just festive~
  10. https://worldnewsdailyreport.com/virginia-chalottesville-celebrates-first-gay-neo-nazi-marriage/
  11. The world is pretty self-explanatory :
  12. KatnissLawrence

    Every single time you make a thread, i start to understand why the likes of Trump and Putin are in power. No offense, though. Just an observation.
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    Kinda in a financial pinch rn so imma lay off this tour. But come next tour ill be