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  1. The strategic way to step on the roach in chief.
  2. Handsome his mansion with a view Those boys back home can't seem to fuck me like you do
  3. KatnissLawrence


    Dido of Carthage, daughter of Belus, lover of Aeneas, went there
  4. KatnissLawrence

    If you actually think XTina is going to beat the soon to be 2 time oscar nominated Gaga omg the delusion is delicious
  5. KatnissLawrence

    I'll give her credit where it's due. 2 nomination is an amazing feat even if she won't win.
  6. KatnissLawrence

    Can Drakcula just bite me
  7. FYI: It's pouring rain in San Diego at the moment and the thunder is terrifying me lana6

  8. KatnissLawrence


    Mod Notice Keep it in BG.
  9. KatnissLawrence

    I'll bet you that too
  10. KatnissLawrence

    Don't worry sis I've saved your quotes to drag you a month from now when the oscar nominations hits Oh and Im going to very boldly say she'll get 2 nominations: One for actress and one for song.
  11. KatnissLawrence

    Celeb News

    Glitter is bad for the environment sis, she is woke queen now. Did I lie
  12. KatnissLawrence

    Her 2 golden globe nomination say hi this fine morning.
  13. KatnissLawrence

    Celeb News

    Yes give me that Pleione oceanic nymph that seduces and fucks Atlas look I've wanted since discovering my sexuality at 2 queen plz just.
  14. KatnissLawrence


    omg jizzzz