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  1. KatnissLawrence

    lol Stefani was a straight A student at her school. oh and she was poor but she was still enrolled at the same institution as Paris Hilton.
  2. finally some uplifting story
  3. KatnissLawrence

    buy rare and send me receipts if u want nudes <3
  4. KatnissLawrence


    imagine being this rich
  5. KatnissLawrence

    ok daddy you win
  6. KatnissLawrence

  7. KatnissLawrence

    omg no i won't pick
  8. did it hit number 1?
  9. threatening us with a tour? How disgusting are these republican christians
  10. KatnissLawrence

    Im confused, the song's sitting on number 1 on iTunes?
  11. an icon, a legend, sex symbol, net worth~rich, talent won.
  12. queen baptized and forgiven now like a tru christian
  13. KatnissLawrence

    8 percent jesus fucking christ that's awful but ha burlesque is upon us tho so slay