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    The power of Cate Blanchett
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    She looks awesome.Those lip fillers are on point.
  3. ''If I had to put a bet on it, I’d bet Democrats will ultimately win control of Virginia’s House of Delegates. They’ve captured 47 seats, and they’re ahead in four more races, pending absentee and provisional ballots. So far, absentee ballots have broken more Democratic than the Election Day vote, so that’s no comfort to Republicans. But the bottom line is, we probably won’t be able to call control tonight.'' Come through dems
  4. girl they're 4 votes vote away from the taking control of the house as of now.
  5. In 2016 , democrats had a chance to take control of the senate and almost no chance to take control of the house, so the fact that they have a strong chance to take over the house tonight, means republicans dug themselves a grave-
  6. The governors of both were republicans and have been for a long time. It means a very lot great things in 2018 for democrats. If it didn't mean anything, trump wouldn't be tweeting about it
  7. Thank God. If democrats lost virginia that would mean they would have even less control politically then they already do.
  8. 24 percent of votes in: Dems are currently winning 51.2 percent to republican's 47.8 percent. But final results could still vacillate.
  9. New York times guesses the race will be dangerously close but democrats will take win. Results are incredibly embryonic as of now mostly because 2 million votes still need to be counted.
  10. Results coming in for virginia: 4 percent in: GOP IS CURRENTLY WINNING. Democrats you about to screw yourself over until 2024 i see.