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  1. Discussion

    OMG I'm so happy that you loved the album!! Have you listened to the b-sides and the 3 new unreleased tracks (Man of War, Lift, and I Promise) that are just released few days ago? Check OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997 2017! ^^^^ Their b-sides are almost as good as the album itself definitely check Amnesiac b-sides (must do!), In Rainbows b-sides AKA In Rainbows disc 2 (must check omfg my fav), also Hail to the Thief and The Bends have b-sides as well
  2. Discussion

    Yas I'm glad that you liked it! Perched to hear what'd you think of OKC!
  3. Discussion

    that's a lot! I might check some of the mentioned!
  4. Discussion

    IKR The fan's quote ENDED me It's actually proven not real but
  5. Discussion

    Yas! He's Argentinian You could listen to their album chronologically! I recommend to skip their debut but it's up to you!
  6. Discussion

    @Tomás is a huge Stevie Nicks stan btw!
  7. Discussion

    Yas! Is OK Computer next on your list? Boy you'll be on a ride!
  8. Discussion

    Please tell us what you think after you finish with it!
  9. here

    Anyone here who loves Radiohead please support the stan badge alex1 Only 4 more! 


  10. Discussion

    I'm glad this thread exists. Bless you @Hermione
  11. Discussion

    No Shape album of 2017. He did THAT
  12. Discussion

    Same OMG. I was literally obsessed with My Woman for a period of time. My favourite tracks are Intern, Shut Up Kiss Me, Give it Up, Sister, and Pops Burn Your Fire is amazing too but My Woman tho >>>>
  13. Discussion

    OMG you stan the queen? I- My scalp is bleeding
  14. Discussion Follow me btw!
  15. Discussion

    OH my God the amount of TASTE in this thread. I'm bookmarking it. I will give some of the bands mentioned above a listen in the future