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    @Urbanov Followed both of you!
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    @Aidan. do you have you and i single
  3. 1999 - ...Baby One More Time vs. Christina Aguilera 2000 - Music vs. Oops!...I Did It Again 2003 - American Life vs. In the Zone vs. Dangerously in Love 2005 - Music of the Sun vs. Confessions on a Dance Floor 2006 - Back to Basics vs. B'Day vs. A Girl Like Me vs. Taylor Swift 2008 - Hard Candy vs. I Am...Sasha Fierce vs. Fearless vs. Good Girl Gone Bad vs. One of the Boys vs. The Fame 2009 - Circus vs. The Fame Monster vs. Rated R 2010 - Bionic vs. Loud vs. Teenage Dream vs. Animal 2011 - Femme Fatale vs. 4 vs. Talk That Talk vs. Born This Way 2012 - MDNA vs. Lotus vs. Unapologetic vs. Red vs. Born to Die vs. Warrior 2013 - Britney Jean vs. BEYONCÈ vs. Artpop vs. Prism vs. Yours Truly 2014 - 1989 vs. My Everything vs. Ultraviolence 2015 - Rebel Heart vs. Honeymoon 2016 - Glory vs. Lemonade vs. Anti vs. Joanne vs. Dangerous Woman
  4. I still can't
  5. @Hannah. @Aidan. oh my @Sylk @Hyun. I'm excited for the episodes!
  6. Music Video

    Thank you! You better make one for yourself as well!
  7. The outro "Too much, too bright, too powerful..." hits me every single time And this song and video just
  8. Music Video

    Same! I loved the visuals as well! The drawing seems to be the symbol appearing as the tattoo on his right chest I'm not sure. I need to rewatch it again when i get home
  9. Music Video

  10. Alrighty lemme join then!
  11. should i sign up bc seems i have a different music taste compared to everyone in the forum