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  1. about fucking time! This is the final nail encrusted with snake-shaped diamonds in the coffin to Kanye's career!
  2. even council meeting ain't safe from the pop emergency!
  3. Limn


    I need to hold my expectations low so I don't get disappointed again after Stupid Love incident! Gaga better snatch or I'm suing
  4. Limn

    Funny thing is that @Snow is also Kevin
  5. Limn


    Said and done!
  6. I'm imagining a bondage play where Taylor dresses up in leather demanding tied up men to call her "yes master".
  7. Please keep an eye on @Jon. on my wedding for me because I don't want him 2009 mic-snatch me and announcing about his sex life On topic: I'm so excited for her new album! I hope it's full of bops
  8. Limn


    Oops I lowkey forgot Lover existed! Holy father please forgive me, I have sinned.
  9. Limn


    When i have Dua's confidence in that video it's over for y'all! I actually have a love/hate relationship with anime music videos. Take Britney's Break the Ice for example At first I thought it's going to be a combination of anime and reality mixed mv but it was just a transition and rather tastefully done. I agree that anime part worked better than digitized reality!
  10. Limn


    We should blame @Laura for Global warming! She has no reason being that hot! Please don't mistaken by the "snow" you see outside its probably ashes! Tea aside some songs the rest is alright. You know I'm a visual hoe and this era's visual never really impressed me that much
  11. Will there be a proper music video? Will Taylor finally revive the underwhelming Lover era? Staying tuned!
  12. Limn


    Right? The sudden switch to anime I was about to cringe but the moment dua stole that guy's heart she also stole my wigs. That bitch!
  13. Limn


    Tea! Bitch you live in a tropical country what makes you have a right to use Snow? I'm literally gagging at Dua serving everything we wanted! Aesthetic? Check! Music? Check! Choerography? Check! Attitude? Check! What kind of backlash on Lover you are talking about tho?
  14. Limn


    Your name says otherwise! change it fatty! time for a new name new era! I'd be so fucking disappointed if Dua doesn't keep up with the momentum! The releases so far are shaping up to be the Albume of the Century!
  15. Limn


    I will never ever unseen this trainwreck