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  1. Definitely spot on Swifties only coming for the song itself. However as a fan of Bon Iver, I say don't get your hopes too high because he is quite experimental with the music. I could be wrong about the next record though!
  2. The masterminds of Miss Swift! Such an interesting theory. The timeline seem to match as well!
  3. I agree with Sam here! It's time to bring the visibility to the people who identify other than he/her!
  4. Wait wasn't Fine Line released like in 2019 The longetivity
  5. https://www.forbes.com/sites/joewalsh/2021/01/07/man-in-capitol-mob-fired-after-wearing-his-company-id-badge-to-riot/?sh=78218ab5514a The guy who had his work ID around his neck just got fired by his company. Moron
  6. I know Kijiji but never used it because I almost never buy things second-handed especially not meeting in person. Although it does provide variety of services like job offerings.
  7. Congrats! I couldn't help to feel that his parents are exploiting their child to make money
  8. Rain On Me Cardigan Dark Horse Lose You To Love Me Work Positions S&M Remix Moves like Jagger Touch My Body Savage Remix Music