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  1. Limn

    That's the outcome I'm hoping for: Scooter finally re-sell the masters to Taylor under PR pressure. Everyone is happy and moves on. Unless he's dumb enough to keep them himself and the feud continues. Not a good look for Scooter publicity wise.
  2. Limn

    well depending on the person who owns her masters. Having money doesn't mean you have the rights to buy them back
  3. Limn

    Even Taylor or her dad knew about the deal days before the announcement, it's already too late to do anything because a deal like this usually take about MONTHS to process. Taylor was totally blindsided from it even though she has expressed interest of buying them back. It makes absolutely no sense when an artist is willing give up their years of hard work. YES there's many artists out there who don't own their works but we are talking about Taylor here. She's totally rich enough obtain her works. Heck even Mariah took YEARS of trying to get her masters back through deals and negotiations. Prince re-recorded his entire catalogue after his label refused sell the masters to him. Labels are greedy af. It's understandable that she would get pissed, especially it's the MAN that she has trusted over 15 years and handed to the MAN she has despised for.
  4. Many but you are always welcomed to my late night show! x
  5. New day, new attitude, new avi
  6. That was cute! I love the chemistry between them!
  7. 2 mins countdown? I swear this BITCH
  8. Brendon better snap with his vocals
  9. I love an asian invasion in Western culture!