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    UK King here
  2. Simply iconic, a 10!
  3. Aidan and Aidan's daddy...woo I'm sprung
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    Invented the Wild West
  5. Sarah was so wrong for saying this. But Girls Aloud were massive though, they were the second biggest girl group in the UK after the Spice Girls. Anyone claiming she's a nobody is wrong.
  6. Omg spill the deets NOW, I wanna hear the mess
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    Was Lookin' Ass supposed to be on TP
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    Omg lesbian anthem
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    We love a legend!
  10. It's gonna be called . And when people refer it to it, they'll have to say
  11. Mariah's was definitely more embarrassing and more well-publicised. But, as has already proven, it's hardly the worst performance by a pop girl. I mean, Katy actually thought her SNL one was good...yikes!