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  1. does anyone have that thread about reimagining one album's artwork in the style of another

    1. H.O.N.E.Y

      I vaguely remember it but not sure of the title or who posted it. cheryl1

  2. trashmagic


    popping in to say that Golden is legendary and anyone who disagrees is simply WRONG
  3. I knew there was a reason why homegirl was looking so good recently!
  4. trashmagic


    True Kylie Kunts never give up Al-Kylieda, ride or die!
  5. trashmagic


  6. trashmagic

    The definition of white mediocrity.
  7. trashmagic


    Oh wow, stanning Legend’s best song!
  8. trashmagic


    omg what!!!!!!!!!! It's Kylie Kuntmas time soon where is everyone going!!!!!!!
  9. trashmagic


    omg congrats!!!! I wish I was still at uni tbh Whats_Going_On Did Stonehart ever come back?
  10. trashmagic


    Hi ladies! How have we been? Sorry for being a #flop and not posting, I'm training as a teacher atm so I have like 0 free time now
  11. trashmagic

    Wtf I LOVE her style her! She looks 20 years younger
  12. trashmagic

    I mean, sure, her lyrics have got a little lazier in recent years. But she's still a damn brilliant writer when she truly tries: Still try and pretend it's possible To bring us back to life But we continue to subside Hanging on for life on this roller coaster ride I call your name, baby, subconsciously Always somewhere but you're not there for me -- And maybe I didn't give you your space back then And maybe I should have just held out a little bit longer But I was seduced by you, and I didn't know enough Truly too enchanted to disregard the words you said to make me yours I need to hold you until we break... Oh my love, imprudently I left every cell in me So naked, somewhere at the core of you Bless our souls --
  13. Let's wind back a few notches. One second I'm the SJW bullshit and suddenly the SJW bullshit is me. How interesting! Especially coupled with the fact that you have repeatedly stated how 'blackface isn't an issue'. It appears to me that you only seem to care about social issues when you can use them to try and fulfil your silly little agenda. Why is it that you devote so much time to artists you claim not to like, or claim to be 'irrelevant'? Could it be that your life is really that sad? I don't know. But I do know that Kylie Ann Minogue is a living legend!