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  1. does anyone have that thread about reimagining one album's artwork in the style of another

    1. H.O.N.E.Y


      I vaguely remember it but not sure of the title or who posted it.ย cheryl1

  2. popping in to say that Golden is legendary and anyone who disagrees is simply WRONG
  3. True Kylie Kunts never give up Al-Kylieda, ride or die!
  4. Oh wow, stanning Legendโ€™s best song!
  5. omg what!!!!!!!!!! It's Kylie Kuntmas time soon where is everyone going!!!!!!!
  6. omg congrats!!!! I wish I was still at uni tbh Whats_Going_On Did Stonehart ever come back?
  7. Hi ladies! How have we been? Sorry for being a #flop and not posting, I'm training as a teacher atm so I have like 0 free time now
  8. Omg I'm finally in Kanada now!!! @Aidan. I'm coming to get you
  9. Me helping out the kabin krew
  10. Where's that gif of Legendlie on the plane, that will be me on Friday