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  1. omg the Fever Tour Is her BEST tour, stop it heathens. she served vocals, looks, and everything, afrodyke wishes
  2. part of a twitter q+a she did, she was asked what she thinks of global warming + lady gaga but the without the question it seems odd
  3. she didn't lie, she is singing live, it's just that her mic is turned off. it's a lot harder to try and NOT sing when you're mouthing the words, so she definitely does sing some of it
  4. In b4 @Chris Morlock signs up and then pretends to hate her like he did on the last giveaway
  5. I don't own any of the PWL albums so I signed up
  6. Yes get taste! Its impossible to low-key stan Legendlie btw, she makes you OUT AND PROUD
  7. Omg I love her She is so EXTRAAA
  8. I was never...under her
  9. All_I_See is success!
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    I wanna make @Aidan. horny
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    I wish he'd just tell us the song name/if it's new or not