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  1. They should have just re-released UK with the new singles, plus some remastered X outtakes
  2. Achievement

    27 years of Devil today
  3. Omg jealous! Les Folies seems like it was such a fantastic tour, Legend always goes all out for her tours
  4. Slow @ Les Folies The Head Remix @ Les Folies
  5. She can do a LOT better than that trash But a collab with him would be good for her US image tbh
  6. Event

    5 but the song is a 10
  7. does this mean Legend helped her finish writing it??????????????????
  8. Nobody is denying that Madonna is a brilliant artist. Madonna is the Queen of Pop, whilst Legendlie remains a fantastic Princess. If she was so terrible, why has M shown her support for her on numerous occasions?
  9. You are literally so stupid Kylie has always been MASSIVE in Europe, especially in the U.K., since her debut. The alternative facts that you're trying to peddle are ridiculous
  10. PYIMP hit 11 in the U.K., her prime market. Bedtime Story hit 42 in the US, her prime market. I love how you completely ignored the other completely OBVIOUS rip offs in favour of the only questionable one. Got nothing to say about Give It 2 Me? Or Confide? Perhaps you can shed some light onto why the Fever tour backdrops and shoots seem to have been ripped directly by M? Poor dat.
  11. Obsessed Kylie Haters
  12. I LOVE getting the OKH mad! Whew, Legend stays a successful worldwide icon