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  1. Event

    I can get along without this song, a 3
  2. legendlie recovering after seeing Piss Me Once's charts
  3. Jacob!!!! Mostly because he was a) hot b) not as abusive and manipulative as Edward but even so I still wanted Jacob and Edward to fuck each other instead wbu?
  4. Event

    omg LAFS is gonna snatch this week
  5. I used to be in like 2012
  6. Oh yeah where is vertigo
  7. But like the immortal children from Twilight, Dannii is a demon child that leeches off others
  8. more like
  9. Music Video

    Oh wow I love it! Apparently she has filmed quite a few videos, with one of them being a "love yourself" anthem.
  11. but what is anal without the lube and condoms, it's just cum without all the asshole grieving