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  1. Hi are you @Entea‘s friend wub1 

    1. Entea

      She is but she's also a flop and doesn't come on anymore rip4

    2. Royalty

      Omg hi nice to meet you I am Marlon, also his friend but he kinda flops sometimes kii katy1 

  2. Laura

    I'm good and you? I just decided to check in again
  3. Laura

    What kind of flop game is this?
  4. Laura

    @Hyun. I downloaded every NCT 127 mini and I'm loving them so far
  5. Laura

    The parody wasn't that great. Ur So Gay deserved to be dragged though!
  6. I don't know her but I love this gif
  7. It honestly just looks like he was trying to put his hand on her back
  8. Laura

    Clearly @Vilppu has taste!
  9. Laura

    No according to google it was Taeyong And yes I love them both
  10. Laura

    @Hyun. @Maraj Well, I'm gonna go eat until I hate myself and then go to bed so I'll be on WhatsApp maybe if I don't pass out Also my computer just froze for like 10 minutes straight and it took me like ages to finish this fucking comment
  11. Laura

    Slay me king of fights!
  12. Laura

    I loved The 7th Sense why are they doing this to me I actually stanned for one of the members but I forgot his name all I remember is that he was really pretty kii
  13. Laura

    Wait you were high when that happened? Omg I relate, the messy things I've done when I was high