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  1. Robert.

    now why would a friend of Lana del Rey do such a thing
  2. Robert.

    Paris Jackson's Earnings (Label: J-Squared) MC reviews: $1,500,000 @Ronlop I would like Jackson Wang and Paris Jackson to be added to the networths section on Kworb. Jackson's networth: $62,041,025 Paris' networth (including this week's earnings): $63,541,025
  3. Robert.

    listening to the album right now wow alvin you did that
  4. Robert.

    Official Twitter announcements from Jackson will be posted in all 4 of the languages he speaks fluently (English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese) to mimic his irl posting style.
  5. Robert.

    PARIS JACKSON & JACKSON WANG INTERVIEWED ON THE VMA RED CARPET Next to arrive on the VMAs red carpet were up-and-coming recording artists Jackson Wang and Paris Jackson, both wearing Balmain outfits inspired by 50s rockabilly style and a Maniac-esque aesthetic. While walking down the carpet, they stopped by an E! reporter to engage in a quick interview (their first ever as recording artists in the US). Interviewer: I’m now here with two artists that are walking the VMA red carpet for the very first time tonight: Paris Jackson & Jackson Wang! Okay, first off, you guys look stunning! What are you wearing? Paris: Just a casual get-up for a quick trip to Whole Foods - all Balmain, of course! Jackson: *laughs* In case you didn’t know, we’re going for a bad boy slash bad girl 50s kinda vibe, not like the jacket didn’t make it obvious enough. Interviewer: I’m definitely getting that! Now, I understand this is the first time you two are getting interviewed on TV in the US - as recording artists, anyways. Do you perhaps want to quickly introduce yourselves to our VMA viewers? Paris: Sure! Jackson, you don’t mind if I start, do you? Jackson: Nope, gotta finish my cigarette anyway! Paris: *laughs* Hey there, VMAs! My name is Paris Jackson and you may know me as the daughter of a certain Mister Michael Jackson. He’d been one of the first ever recipients of the MTV Vanguard Award which was then renamed in his honor and which will be given to Lorde tonight … so I thought I’d come by as a representative of the Jackson family and kind of see for myself whether or not Lorde’s performance will live up to the standards set by my dad! *chuckles* Nah, I’m SURE it will, I hope I’ll get to congratulate her on the award tonight! But to come back to the whole ‘introducing myself’ bit real quick - I’m actually a recording artist myself and both Jackson and I are signed to our own label. It’s called J-Squared cause like… Paris JACKSON, JACKSON Wang, you get it! *laughs* And tonight is kind of our first time making a public appearance as recording artists together. Which is pretty damn exciting! Jackson: Yeah, it is! As for me, well… *clears his throat* Hello, I’m Jackson Wang, nice to meet you! *chuckles* I’m the other half of J-Squared and I’ve actually already been putting out music in Korea, Japan and China, both solo and with my group Got7. But now that I’m signed to J-Squared I’m preparing to make my American solo debut! So in the US and on like a global scale, I’m basically a brand new artist. And tonight’s the first time I’m like putting myself out there if you know what I mean. But I’ve got Paris with me so it’s all good! Paris: Yep, it’s almost like we’re on a date or some shit! Jackson: We’re totally down if anyone wants to join us on our date though. Paris: Oh, one hundred percent! Interviewer: Like who? Do you guys have any celeb crushes? Maybe you’ll meet some of them tonight! Paris & Jackson in unison: Ma- Paris: You were gonna say Maluma too, right? Jackson: YES. Paris: Ugh, he’s so hot. And Ariana too. *Bella Hadid voice* Homegirl’s gonna like… get it. Jackson: I also really like Camila Cabello, she’s like perfection. I can’t wait to see her perform tonight. Oh, and I’ve seen Kai earlier - he’s an idol just like me so I kind of know him from Korean music shows and stuff. He’s got great lips. Beautiful lips. *smiles* Paris: Um, you better introduce me to him! Interviewer: Seems like you two have got quite some plans for tonight! *laughs* When can we expect you guys to come out with some music of your own though? Jackson: We’re gearing up for a fall-ish kind of rollout right now. I’m saying rollout instead of release because there’s gonna be a LOT of music the both of us we’ll be releasing, it won’t be just like one song. Paris: Yeah, it’s gonna be like a really ‘unique’ debut campaign for the both of us and right now we’re kind of in the beginning stages of figuring all of that out. But you can definitely expect to see more of us in the next few weeks! Jackson: Keep your eyes on us! We’ve got some really dope stuff lined up that’s gonna lead up to our debuts! Interviewer: Wow, sounds super promising! Can’t wait to see how all of that turns out. Thanks for talking to us, enjoy the VMAs! Paris: You can bet we will! Jackson: Thanks, it was nice meeting you!
  6. Robert.

    Okay, I'm done with ALL my exams FINALFUCKINGLY (still need to write like 4 term papers but I'll get started on those 'soon'). Now I just need to know when the VMAs will be. Jackson is ready to 'interact' with male artists
  7. Robert.

    Omg I was tagged does that mean I can submit Max's stuff? Come on posthumous VOTY!
  9. Robert.

    @Ronlop Night Air is discounted this week
  10. Robert.

    @Ronlop Just want to let you know that I'll be dropping Maxence due to the fact that I simply should be studying right now for my exams and not working on stuff for this game. I'm really sorry for announcing this so close to the start of the new week, I hope this doesn't mean too much work for you. I would like all of the promo slots that Maxence has booked for the week starting tomorrow to be redistributed among Warner acts so WMG can still get that coin. I don't have any personal preference as to which of my Warner sisters should get them, but Troye, Ariana and Frank DESERVE, just saying!!! I'd also like both the Elle and Billboard magazine covers for this month to be reassigned to other Warner artists. I genuinely hope this won't result in too much effort for you, Ron; once again, I'm sorry for the late notice but I had to be 100% sure in my decision! (Also: If any of y'all kind souls intended to have Max cover their playlists for next week, I'd recommend looking for an alternative fgdxg sozzles!) If the "in-blood" rule is still a thing (eyeroll) and I cannot drop Max just like that, please let me know so I can work out a quick way to ... terminate him otherwise. *evil laugh* Either way, I'd like Maxence's exit from the game to manifest in the following ways (I hope it is not too much effort to take care of these): - I want his CALTube channel to be deleted and both 'Pyramids' and 'Kiss Me Under' to be removed from Encore. - I want his name to be erased from all regional artist rankings on Kworb. - And finally, I want to bequeath his networth ($124,082,050) to... MY NEW SIGNÉES JACKSON WANG & PARIS JACKSON! Bio: Born on March 28, 1994 in Hong Kong, Jackson attended an American International School as a teenager and also pursued a career in sports, being a sabre fencer for Hong Kong's fencing team and winning the Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships in 2011. He was offered a scholarship to Stanford for fencing but instead decided to move to Seoul to pursue a career in entertainment as a K-Pop idol. (lowkey whack priorities but werq I guess!) He auditioned for one of Korea's 3 big entertainment companies, JYP Entertainment, passed, and began his training to become a member of the boy group Got7. Originally, he auditioned as a vocalist but JYP forced him to rap instead which was a very unfortunate decision in hindsight cause his rapping is very Sehun'd. Jackson is a rapper, singer, dancer and reality television personality in Korea and Japan. In China, he's also active as a soloist and TV host while internationally, he sometimes performs government duties as an official Ambassador of Great China and has as such attended both the 2017 MTV EMAs and 2017 AMAs. (he stays BOOKED) With Got7, Jackson has toured Asia, South America, Europe and North America. He speaks fluent English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Shanghainese, Japanese and Korean as well as a little bit of French. Personality: Most of the time, Jackson is very loud, flirty / touchy-feely (this is mostly limited to his interactions with men... go figure!), confident, entertaining, hyper, funny, charismatic, but he can also be very stoic and depressed and worn out and weirdly distant at times, he has like an on and off-switch METHinks. Korea has this weird obsession of shitting on everything he does and he regularly gets cyber-bullied (although he's also massively adored), Idk why, like yes his solo music sucks but they're doing too much on him, let's hope that doesn't carry over into CAL (if it does, I'll SNAP) Bio: Paris-Michael K. Jackson is an actress, model, philantrophist and yes, the daughter of Michael Jackson, both by blood and by the fact that she's simply been raised by him from the day she was born so no one try it okay!!! Born on April 23rd 1998, the good sis is actually younger than me which is scary and she's also emerging on the celebrity scene, covering magazines left and right and attending Paris Hilton perfume launches before making out with Cara Delevigne in front of paparazzi and going on Twitter to tell the world that it was God that made Wendy Williams faint on live television for being an evil, obsessed, old witch. In short: That's so Paris! Keeping up with the Jacksons is taxing but to my knowledge, at the moment Paris is on good terms with LaToya, okay with Janet and kind of hated by the rest of the Jackson clan who is always quick to tell E News what a trainwreck she's becoming. Oh and both Josephine and Joe (rip) love her a lot and then there are her amazing brothers of course (who should really both arrange a trip to the hairdresser asap but that's for another day). Personality: Paris is a Bohemian spirit, an old soul with very classic taste in music (don't worry I won't have none of that in her CAL music), soft-spoken, considerate, bold, adventurous, sweet, chill, she writes songs and sings in her sparetime, she loves nature, animals, is really into spiritualism and photoshopping third eyes onto her forehead or photoshopping her current self into pics of her dad and posting the results on Instagram, she's friends with the Hadid sisters, Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, the homophobic girl that plays 11 on Stranger things etc you get my point, girl gets around. Oh and she's very, very much bisexual and if you thought Emma was an extreme feminist, well wait for Paris!!! Once the transactions are done ($62,041,025 from Max to Paris; $62,041,025 from Max to Jackson), I want Max's name to be erased from the networth chart on Kworb. Oh and please change my label name from Elite Records to J-Squared! Thenks a tenfold! And now, for something completely different: I'd actually want to propose an idea that would really represent a much-needed innovation for CAL. As it currently stands, we have kind of a three-tier-system in terms of major corporations: There's Sony for the newcomers and moderate successful, Warner which basically caters for everything and has the biggest and (on average) youngest roster of artists and just keeps expanding despite not budget constraints, and UMG which is corp with the biggest ressources in terms of everything (exposure, budget, promo) but also the smallest and most static roster of artists. If a player signs a new artist, they are most likely to get sent a Sony or a Warner contract (but lbr the chances you're going straight to Sony are muuch higher). And that perpetuates the three-tier-system of corps that I've described above. instead of having 3 big corporations that are actually able to compete with each other in terms of new talent and market share, we have a clear-cut "ranking" of corps and the corp that currently only has new artists keeps getting only new artists while the corp with established artists retains its established artists and so on. I think it's time for a much-needed revamp! And here's how this could work: Instead of getting automatically sent a contract by either WMG or Sony, a new artist will have to audition for all 3 major corporations and depending on their 'performance', they'll be signed by either Sony, UMG or Warner. And this would not only be a requirement for new artists - established artists would also have to audition if they want to signj to a different corporations! No more "step 1: Sony - TRY TO GET OUTTA THERE - step 2: Warner - OKAY BUT I WANT THE FUCKING BIGGEST BUDGET BITCH GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE TOO - step 3: OKAY I CAN RELAX UMG WILL BOOK ME STH ITS FINE LET ME NOT BOTHER ABOUT PROMO AND JUST MASTURBATE" trajectories for players, nope, say BYE BYE to the static three-tier-system and say HELLO to a system that will allow you to enter any corp as a new artist - depending on how your audition goes, of course! What these "auditions" would entail, I don't know - but maybe they could be handled in a similar fashion to the "SuperBowl rehearsals / pre-tests" you did with Jon to determine how well-received Mariah's superBowl performance would be by the CAL GP? @Ronlop If this is too much effort I understand, it's just an idea and I'm sure there are reasonable arguments for why it shouldn't happen, but if there's an easy and systematic way to put this into practice, I think it'd be a welcome change for CAL! Okay, but back to the actual point of this Arcane release article-sized post FXGCFHGJ I'll be dropping Maxence, I will NOT bring him back, and yes, I have thought in depth about it and I am ONE HUNDRED PERCENT sure of it so if anyone is planning to send me a PM saying "Are you sure about this? You've put a lot of work into making Max as big as he is, do you really want to throw that all away" BITCH IF I WASN'T SURE OF THAT WOULD I WRITE NUMEROUS PARAGRAPHS ABOUT IT WHEN I SHOULD ACTUALLY BE PREPARING FOR AN EXAM THAT I HAVE TOMORROW? NO. but yep I'm DEAD serious with all of this and if you're sad to see Max go, know that I'll at least be back sometime later this year once I have time for all of this again and then I'll start anew with Godris Jehowason & Jehowason Qrang, YES I WILL! @tigerlily13 I hope you're not too upset by this, I know we had more planned for Emma and Max but this is just something I have to do. And lbr Emma deserves better anyways, where was Max when Dave threatened to leak the tape? He sure was not promoting so what excuse did he have?!! But forreal, I hope you're not mad or anything, you're finding out about this at the same time as everyone else and I hope it doesn't throw your plans too much off track. You can still mention Max in Emma articles if you wish but I'd recommend dumping him, he's kinda a rodent. @Lucky17 @fuck I'm so sorry for being the most unreliable collaborator in the history of collaborations but I'm sure you guys understand that our collabs can no longer happen now rip. Sorry for all the trouble, lysm and Troye's album is still gonna SNAP anyways so I'm not worried! And to everyone else who's playing this game and who's had their artists show love to Max over the 2 years I had him signed (yes TWO YEARS, do I smell a chart boost for Frank) or just enjoyed the stuff I did with him (278 articles xgfgchv YES GIRLS THAT'S THE NUMBER a lot isn't it, all that hard work and promo and the Maniac era is still gon outsell his total record sales, a true fad) - THANK YOU SO MUCH, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. It was so much fun (and more emotionally taxing than I'd like to admit) and yeah I really gotta study now so see you in a couple months I guess fdhgfgjh AND THIS IS ALL. I'LL END THIS BY SPAMMING THE FOLLOWING SO RON WILL NOT COMPOSE A PM ASKING ME TO CHANGE MY MIND: THIS IS MY FINAL DECISION. THIS IS MY FINAL DECISION. THIS IS MY FINAL DECISION. THIS IS MY FINAL DECISION. THIS IS MY FINAL DECISION. THIS IS MY FINAL DECISION. THIS IS MY FINAL DECISION. THIS IS MY FINAL DECISION. THIS IS MY FINAL DECISION. TRASHLEY FRANGIPANE IS UGLY, BALD AND WILL NEVER BE LORDE. THIS IS MY FINAL DECISION. THIS IS MY FINAL DECISION. THIS IS MY FINAL DECISION. THIS IS MY FINAL DECISION. THIS IS MY FINAL DECISION. THIS IS MY FINAL DECISION. THIS IS MY FINAL DEC