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    I won't be playing right away ( ) but just in case: J-Squared Records - Paris Jackson and Jackson Wang
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    @Maria The album looks GORGEOUS
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    Omg not the buffet that is Fatha X coming to CAL Wonho is a MEAL
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    oh I'm fine with @Quill taking her!
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    we can vote for multiple ones right
  7. Great arenas, beautiful arenas
  8. Busy playing sold-out stadiums around the globe in support of her latest 4-million-copies-selling studio album and setting all-time attendance records in the process. But congrats to Miss Germanotta on being the queen of Spotify for a day I expect more commercial milestones from the ASIB soundtrack in the following weeks OT: Yas Gaga
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    MARIAH CAREY WALKS THE RED CARPET posting on Jon's behalf
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    JACKSON WANG & PARIS JACKSON INTERVIEWED ON THE BBMA RED CARPET Interviewer: Welcome back to our Billboard Music Awards red carpet coverage! We're here with two up-and-coming recording artists - Jackson Wang and Paris Jackson! You guys just look absolutely breathtaking. Will we see more of you two during the ceremony tonight? Cause we'd love to! Paris: Aw, thank you, honey! I mean, we'll be watching the show obviously but we won't be part of the on-stage action - we're still working on our stuff, the both of us. Jackson: Yeah, we're just here tonight to look good. *laughs* Interviewer: Well, you're doing one hell of a job at that, let me tell you! Could you perhaps give us a bit of a tease as to what kind of stuff you guys are working on? What kind of music can we expect from the two of you? Jackson: Do you want to answer this one first? Paris: Nah, go ahead. My answer will be a long one and I don't want you to feel like you have to shorten or rush yours. *laughs* Jackson: *to interviewer* Isn't she sweet? Well, as for what kind of music I'm working on... it's like really gritty, sexy urban-meets-industrial pop. There's also lots of R&B in it. It's mainly inspired by the works of Janet Jackson- Paris: WHO IS MY AUNT okay go on- Jackson: *laughs* who is Paris' aunt and... okay where was I... ah yeah! So my music is mainly influenced by Janet, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Cassie, Ciara... those kind of artists! I'm also very inspired by Asian R&B artists such as Rain and BoA who are like legends in K-Pop. I hope to reflect those influences not just in my music, but also in my videos and my performances. It's gonna be a real dark, urban, sexy thing all around and I'm super excited about it! Interviewer: Sounds like you're the man who's gonna bring sexy back in 2018 - I mean, you definitely look the part! We can't wait! Now, what about you, Paris? What can we expect from you? Paris: Oh damn... a lot. *laughs* I'm afraid it won't be quite as sexy as what Jackson's gonna be putting out, but it's gonna be just as fun, I can promise that. The music that I've been recording for my project is kinda all over the place, both lyrically and sonically, but the overall direction I'd say is very pop, very glossy, very ABBA. Or 80s Kylie Minogue. It's sassy and feminine and colorful and like POP in all capital letters - *mouth pops* you know, POP. My goal with this first project that I'm putting out is to get people's attention and kind of lure them in before showing them what comes next. People like shiny things, you know? So I'm giving them those shiny things first before revealing the layers that aren't so shiny - the ones that are more vunerable and real and dirty. I kind of have this already all planned out in my mind. *laughs* Interviewer: Oh wow! You've got quite the game plan here, I can't wait to see how it unfolds! Now that we know what you guys have in store, we of course also want to know when we're getting it. Can you two tell us anything about that? Paris: Oh gosh, honey, IF I KNEW! It really depends on when I'm getting this damn music finished - if ever. *laughs* Jackson: Same here, like both of our projects are taking a long ass time because we're such perfectionists, we really want to come straight out of the gate with polished, solid collections of songs. We're both putting a lot of thought into what we've got planned and we're doing it all ourselves with no corporation backing us. So it's definitely gonna take some more time until we're ready to make our debuts, but the wait's gonna be worth it, promise! Interviewer: Fair enough! But now you've really got us anticipating. *laughs* Now, since the Billboard Music Awards are honoring some of the best Billboard hits of the year, I was wondering what your favorite releases of the past few months have been? What have you been listening to non-stop? Paris: For me, it'd have to be Mutually Detrimental, Camila's album. You know how I was talking about wanting my project to be like super POP - well, this record is that! In fact, I think it's like the most pop record of the year so far - pop in the sense that every track on it sounds like it could be a single. It's so much fun and it's just the best thing to put on and listen to while you're getting ready for a night out or cooking with friends and like dancing in the kitchen. I've also gotten high to a few songs on there too. *laughs* Jackson: I don't really get high, I'm usually always working out to music or practising in the dance studio. And on the top of my playlist is usually something by Britney [Spears] or Maluma - I just love me my bops! You know what a bop is, right? Interviewer: *laughs* I'm not like 40, I know what bops are. Jackson: *laughs* Ugh, I'm sorry! But yeah, I'm always listening to gym bops, basically. And Chinese music of course, gotta rep China! *laughs* Interviewer: *laughs* Well, it's been great talking to you and we hope to see more of you in the near future! Take care and enjoy the BBMAs! Paris: We will, thank you for having us! Jackson: Have a great night!
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    Max in hell rn: