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  1. YES. Treacherous, State of Grace, Begin Again, Holy Ground What other album has all THAT
  2. Thought I'd share this holy bop with the general FOTP GP
  3. She's serving PRINCESS meets Julie Andrews with that outfit, a serve
  4. Wait, "Aua" is how we say "ouch" in German Come thru with the bilingual bops, queen!
  5. Robert.

    @Edu I just realized... it's been literally THREE (3) YEARS since Lindsay's last alber came out. WE NEED TRUCE
  6. MADONNA Ugh, a GAME CHANGER. Redefined what a visual SPECTACLE at the SuperBowl is supposed to look like. Forever my favorite halftime show
  7. Robert.


    It's what we DESERVE. Come thru!
  8. Robert.

    Madead made SEVERAL points with Blow. 5th wave feminists shaking
  9. Robert.

    <3 Paris will return the love when she remembers her Twitter password
  10. Robert.


    Longer ones because there's more tracks to choose from and you can weed out the fillers according to your own taste and keep the gems
  11. Robert.


    The singles should have gone like this: 1) LWYMMD with its legendary video - perfect way to launch the era, we can definitely keep that 2) I Did Something Bad. The ONLY worthy follow-up to her previous "dark" second international singles, Trouble and Blank Space. Rather than being performed at the AMAs in 2018, it should have already gotten that treatment in 2017 (to truly continue the Trouble / Blank Space tradition). Then a 2018 BRITs performance as well for that UK exposure. a WIN. (ANd I bet the "ratattatttata" bit vwould have become a meme like the goat sounds from Trouble and the "Starbucks lovers" thing from Blank Space - ugh, to think of what could have been ) 3) End Game. It features Ed Sheeran AND Future so to not release it as a single would have been very silly + I actually like it a lot so yeah nn It could have done with a more focused (and well-lit!) mv tho, I'll say that. And actual promo ofc! 4) Getaway Car. This would be the Style of the era, a gift for the fans with a cute modern Bonnie & Clyde-inspired mv 5) Delicate. The Wildest Dreams of the era and a payola'd radio SMASH. 6) Don't Blame Me. Tour video treatment (sorry) So It Goes should have gotten added onto one of the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise soundtracks, it really has that vibe and could have gotten some cute promo by being played as background music during the trailers or something And that would have been, well, that!
  12. Robert.


    Depends what year, artists etc we're talking about specifically. For me, many K-Pop artists offered wayyyy more enjoyable pop songs and albums than Western artists did in 2018. While there are many things about the K-Pop industry that are to be criticized and that should be changed (as there are with almost every kind of industry), there are also a lot of gems for pop fans to be found and it's really not the monolith people make it out to be, it's actually quite diverse and really massive. I can only recommend looking into it in case you ever run short on bops or feel nostalgia for the days where people would actually perform and promote and have proper eras.
  13. Robert.


    Come Back Be Here and Long Live - ugh TASTE (they should be higher tho) and Miss Enchanted rightfully snatching that top 10 placement