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  1. Robert.

    Oooh look at the girlies giving us a little bit of a budget So ready for this!
  2. Robert.

    Sadly their company thinks yes
  3. Robert.


    Gorgeous OP! Definitely gonna do this and bring some justice to Kylie
  4. Robert.

    YES. Bated Breath still remains unmatched by any of her other work, even her mixtape songs can't compare. Not to mention Bet, Feels Like Vegas, the title track... A gift to the world!
  5. Robert.

    The way looN/A went from cutting-edge pop heroines to 360,000,000 ₩ debt to BTS cover group to being shelved, period. Really puts things into perspective, maybe things aren't going so bad for Red Velvet after all
  6. Robert.

    First look at upcoming Mamamoo comeback: Aaaand some more teasers for EXO's Obsession era! Demon Kai is... a choice but we love the Monster throwback vibes!
  7. I'm usually not one for violence but ngl I live for the way he showed that homophobe what happens when he tries it
  8. Robert.

    New avi!
  9. Robert.

    Wow yet another FOTP event I would loved to participate in but missed the sign-ups for, we love. That's what you get for only being online once a week Ig
  10. Robert.

    f(x)'s Amber has a new video out btw I don't really use her music but I've seen bits of the video and it looks kinda sickening ngl
  11. Robert.

    Oh WOW If only D.O. was part of this comeback, it would be perfect
  12. Robert.

    So Thot7 might have done something (Jackson still TREASON tho) The mini has a gem or two as well! https://open.spotify.com/track/1XXyHhgmhMYqn55Gej4NXs
  13. Robert.

    On a lighter note, there are new things out / on the horizon!
  14. Robert.

    He was targeted by a female ex-trainee who has made it her mission to take down as many idols as possible because she got rejected by all of the entertainment companies she auditioned for nn. That girl and her boyfriend basically orchestrated the spreading of several rumors and allegations surrounding Wonho's past, one of them being that he did weed (which, believe it or not, is still something that causes public outrage in Korea in 2019 ). Just a week after the first allegations surfaced (all of which are still unproven), his company basically fired him and he announced that he would be leaving his group with his departure being effective immediately. He's been trending in Korea non-stop this past week and is pretty much the most hated person among K-Netizens right now. Weirdly enough, this same exact thing has also happened to a member of Stray Kids and a member from another boy group last month. I wonder who's gonna be next