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  1. Robert.

    His succulent breasts we-
  2. Robert.

    Ugh king looks so charming and sophisticated. Too bad SperM will be a certified disaster
  3. Robert.

    He looks up, grinning like a IT'S NEW
  4. Robert.

    Satan saranghae
  5. Robert.

  6. Robert.

    The Taylor talk in here is SENDING me The Lord kind of lost me with (L)OVER era, let's see if the full alber can win me back On the topic of over... Plus new RV teaser for Peppa Peppa:
  7. Robert.

    Oop EXPOSE me
  8. Robert.

    Not RV & Twice switching demos... who would have thought
  9. Robert.

  10. Robert.


    Thankfully this is the last video in her Madonna series I'll have to sit out For some reason I had thought that she would like HC but I guess not nn
  11. Robert.

    Only Kpop Idol Reject which is horrendous but also kind of a classic
  12. Robert.


    Confession: I actually haven't listened to all of their songs (even tho there's like only 14 of them nn) cause they're not really for me I'll try to catch up tho xox <3
  13. Robert.

    9:30 and 10:00 Stiff's promo endeavors always ****ing SEND me, what a queen
  14. Robert.

    Kick It is the only listenable song on that most recent mini of theirs. All fax no printer
  15. Robert.

    The way king always delivers the BOPLETS