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  1. Just Max for me!
  2. Event

    OPUS. State of God, Testamenterous, Holy Sound, Baptise Again
  3. Rumor

    Serving sexified versions of 2012 candid + 2013 ACM look Rep is truly RED's evil reincarnation ahhhhh
  4. What this thread has become... can't believe that ONE ankle did this!
  5. Other

    All the looks flash by so quickly but damn she looks AMAZING, I can't wait for the reputation magazine HQ pics to come out Also, all the details in her old wardrobe, the former Taylor looks, the hair, the jewelry Only a visual magnum OPUS. Also love her humor in these BTS clips, she really had a blast making this
  6. YESSSS ugh the drought is the very worst! I'm ready for your RETURN Lord
  7. Not Selena posing with Emma irl this week. I can literally SMELL them cooking up their own Dreamcatcher as I type! When will CAnceLled's impact end? @tigerlily13 @Eglė
  8. Single

    YoUr AVi OT: A cute song! Like it more than WAU.
  9. Hi! <3 I had Rihanna in S5, here are my entries: Good luck with the game!
  10. Photos

    THIS SLAYS I hate the fact that we're not getting single covers this era (or interviews, or performances, or candids okay let me stop)
  11. Her (pregnant) glow She looks AMAZING with that hair, wish we'd see more of her
  12. UMG U.K. chief David Joseph and Virgin EMI boss Ted Cockle talk tea and cake with Taylor Swift, who paid a visit to the label's annual company event in London at Shepherd's Bush Empire. Afterwards, the label heads treated Her Majesty of Pop to a slap up meal at Wetherspoons, where she declared the fish and chips delightful. http://m.hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=308481
  13. d is there gonna be an update on the state of the game? (also glad you're alive king!)