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  1. Robert.


    The queen of pop and her Bajan heir apparent just provide the perfect name-drop opportunities seeing as their names rhyme and they're both just badass
  2. Robert.

    Music Video

    SO ****ING GOOD This is like the sister track to Chung Ha's Roller Coaster I never knew I needed. Sunmi's best since Siren imo
  3. Robert.


    The video is a SERVE... that stage in the middle of the lake Not a fan of the styling (aside from the white outfits) and the drop but I can see this song growing on me. Gonna check out the mini in a bit!
  4. Robert.


    Their B-sides >>>
  5. Robert.

    Hung Up vs. All the Lovers Get Together vs. Get Outta My Way Sorry vs. Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) Future Lovers vs. Closer I Love New York vs. Everything is Beautiful Let It Will Be vs. Aphrodite Forbidden Love vs. Illusion Jump vs. Better Than Today How High vs. Too Much Isaac vs. Cupid Boy Push vs. Looking for an Angel Like It or Not vs. Can't Beat the Feeling Fighting Spirit vs. Heartstrings History vs. Mighty Rivers Superpop vs. Go Hard or Go Home Triggering vs. Silence Evidently, I love both albums pretty much equally
  6. Robert.

  7. Oh my The LASHINGS I have to ****ing stan OT: She ALWAYS wins.
  8. Red Velvet have these two songs in their discography so they win automatically
  9. I thought this was going to be a troll thread... but sounds like something YG would do
  10. Robert.


    Well... if that's true, then RedOne has certainly changed up his production style over the years. But I just can't see Gaga willingly working with him in 2019/20, like she doesn't strike me as the kinda gal that would reunite with an old producer to recreate some of the "old magic", like I genuinely don't think she has much nostalgia for The Fame days at all at this point But well... we'll know for sure if when the song gets released and the credits get out.
  11. Robert.

    Aw this is SO sweet! Thank you so much! Love you all and highkey miss this game very much... 😭
  12. Robert. here

    I've waited so many years for this moment... now it's finally here! 

    My 22nd birthday aka 22 by Taylor Swift appreciation day ari3

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    2. Royalty

      Happy bday

    3. Snow


    4. Chris Morlock

      I'm only a couple years behind you tay3

      I've been DYING to do this. I also teased my brother about me playing it for his 22nd few years ago. 

  13. Robert.

    All the JLovers >>>>
  14. Robert.


    Fever era just had so many good high-concept performances... she really was the perfect pop star during that era
  15. Robert.


    LOVING this thread concept I wanted to pick just one performance from this tour but that proved to be impossible. I mean I could have picked Closer, Slow, All the Lovers, Aphrodite, The One... or just bless you with the full 2-hour-length meal. You're welcome! With Madonna, there are again dozens of performances you could single out, and I was first considering posting the Confessions Tour finale, but I eventually settled on the MDNA Tour rendition of Vogue just because it's a little bit more goosebumps-inducing for me and always takes me back to the 2012 SuperBowl Halftime Show (my favorite SB performance to this day, fight me). This might be controversial but in my opinion, the MDNA Tour is Madonna's most luxurious, visually appealing, and most entertaining show (which is saying something considering she's the undisputed queen of tours). And Vogue right here is the centerpiece of it all. The opening number of Britney's best tour and a perfect example of early 2000's high pop culture. Just look at the BOMBAST of it all and marvel. And this isn't even the craziest production number on the tour (the Baby encore says hi)! Infinitely better than the AMAs performance (although that one is amazing as well), and that's on periyat I will NEVER forgive the Brit Awards for removing this performance from their YouTube channel... the video had over 50 million views and the comments section was such a delightful relic of 2013 pop culture with fumes from One Direction stans taking up the majority of it. Ugh, the RED era was a simpler, grander time The production of this performance honestly rivals that of a SuperBowl Halftime Show. I am OBSESSED with those elevated moving platforms, and the dancing, vocals, energy and live instrumentation are just the icing on the c*m cake (if you get that reference, you're a real one) And let it be known that I don't use the studio version of this song at all, but whenever they do it on tour, whew... I kinda have to stan.