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  1. the title track is so bad but I'm still very pleased bc everything else on the album is amazing
  2. The way these are my thoughts exactly Come N Goes is highkey transcendent and Flying on Faith should have been the title imo (I kinda stan Bicycle on the DL but it is a little bit of a mess)
  3. MTE I'm in love with I Really Want You wtf The rockabilly meets Carly Rae's 'Dedicated' vibes are STRONG on this one. Also, Kiss Kiss is Prince-lite BLISS and Heart Attack's chorus is gigantic Really, a solid 8-track EP all around
  4. This mv is going to be a visual extravaganza yup yup
  5. The melodies during the chorus Her singles run this era is giving me Dangerous Woman era vibes and I am HERE for it
  6. MY KINGS ARE COMING BACK ON FEBRUARY 22nd, AHHHH I know this section is dead but I just had to leave that here
  7. The rollout and the packaging are looking SO GOOD
  8. I know it's just a tiny snippet but this is kind of giving me Without You (emotional, epic rock-tinged power ballad) vibes and I'm loving it So ready for this!
  9. Right, i didn't even expect SM to put out anything for them nn Btw, I love your current avi and signature, Blue Moon is an underrated banger
  10. My last.fm generated this powerful image when I opened it today... coincidence? I think not. #TaeminIsMadonnasSonConfirmed




  11. This is just the "online cover" so there's still hope for a nice physical cover that we can all pretend is the only official cover