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  1. Robert.

    Bon Appetit. The Bieber video looks like something straight out of the Witness era though, holy ****
  2. Robert.


    Ooh yes, let me know how you feel about those songs once you do, king!
  3. Robert.


    Ok love this listening party that I missed Gonna get into this album tmrw!
  4. Robert.

    (the emoji attached to Paris' second comment shows up as question marks on Connect for some reason)
  5. Robert.


    Oh, something a bit more personal (raw)? I've got you!
  6. Robert.


    Should have been the title track instead of Regression
  7. Robert.

    Music Video

    Well... I guess they're more of a visual group than an audio group for me
  8. Robert.


    Can we like have this post put as a disclaimer at the top of every thread that gets made in this section? Cause I feel like it's gonna get pretty tiring to have certain individuals enter this section to share their stale ass, utterly uninformed assumptions about a music market they clearly want nothing to do with. OT: Only superficially aware of who they are (I'm not really into those Produce show groups) but I feel for their fans.
  9. Finale > Day 2 > Day 1. Psycho, In & Out, Eyes Locked Hands Locked and Sunny Side Up are kinda the only songs I use from that era, the mini's all were cute girls tho
  10. Robert.


    And that's on PERIYAT luvs Ugh, the way they casually invented the fashion industry with this one. Very revolutionary!
  11. Robert.


    You definitely should, if you're ever in need of specific recommendations, you know who to ask
  12. Robert.


    Love that you stan this furry anthem (and Miss Irene with that avi!)
  13. Robert.


    Well... let me attempt to revive this with an almighty Japanese BOP AH AH AH AH. AI NO ANIMAL
  14. Robert.


    Haven't listened yet but wow I'm ready for them to top their best song
  15. Robert.


    I'm like 90% sure this is a fake rumour, but I also wouldn't put it past SM to do something like this so who knows