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  1. Robert.

    This drama giving me what I NEED on a uni night
  2. Robert.

    4 YEARS OF VIEW On May 18th 2015, South Korean boy group SHINee released View as the sole single off their 4th full-length studio album Odd. The song’s release marked their first Korean comeback since 2013’s ‘Everybody’. Facts & trivia: -It sold 724,659 copies in South Korea in 2015. -It reached #2 on the US Billboard World Digital Chart and #1 on the Gaon Chart. -It was named the 18th Best K-Pop Song of 2015 by Billboard. -It was named the 3rd Best K-Pop Song of 2015 by Idolator. -It was named the 7th Best K-Pop Song of 2015 by Vice magazine’s Noisey. -View’s parent album, Odd, has sold 313,000 copies in total. It managed to reach #1 on the US Billboard World Albums Chart. -The music video is SHINee’s 4th most-viewed video on YouTube. It was filmed over the course of several days in Thailand. -Jonghyun competed with 30 other songwriters to write the lyrics for View. In the end, his lyrics (which use metaphors of synaesthesia to talk about a sensual, flirtatious summer fling) got chosen by SM, beating out all the of the contributions that had been submitted by writing camps. Live stages: The boys wore leisure wear, casual summer attire and sports clothing for the music show performances with the iconic "-daun-daun-daun-daun view" move being a particular highlight of the choreo (thanks, in part, to Minho's arms) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Happy 4th anniviewsary y'all
  3. Robert.

    FDZGHJH We need more nugu excellence like this in this wretched thread!
  4. Robert.

    Off-topic but feel free to follow me on last.fm https://www.last.fm/user/robertwittke I'll follow back unless I detect a severe display of non-taste in ur recent track collection
  5. Robert.

    Wait I forgot about that one Probably bc it has two recycled songs (Clue and Note) and one song that was appropriated from Japanese (Stranger) The Reason slays tho
  6. Robert.

    I remember listening to the debut for the first time and I had already been pre-conditioned by OH and K-TRL to LOATHE it but then I listened and it was KLASSIK after KLASSIK and R&B hymn upon R&B hymn So many gems ghcjgk even the balladas move me
  7. Robert.

    Misconceptions of Me (the one that had Why So Atrocious as the title track) >>> 1 of 1 + 1 and 1 repackage > Everybody > Married to the Music repackage > the debut (don't @ me) >> everything else
  8. Robert.

    This I can kinda agree on. But that's also 2013 material so Misconceptions still won by proxy
  9. Robert.

    An album that has songs like Christmare, Angil, Organ, DIVINe (Messiah I), Dangerous (Messiah II) and Excuse Me Christ on it simply SHARTS on every other album by default. Only 1 of 1 comes close in terms of overall holiness. Sorry, I don't make the rules! All fax no printer! Better Off from The Misconceptions of Us is also a moment most pleasing to me
  10. Robert.

    This LaN/A tour
  11. Robert.

    Listening to SHINee's Misconceptions rn and wow... I don't know a better album
  12. Robert.

    New stuff Also don't think anyone posted these Lovelyz are a COMIN'!
  13. Robert. here

    No matter what happens in tomorrow's episode... I'll stand by the rightful QUEEN! #Dracarys


    1. Hylia

      Yes we stand by Queen Cersei!

    2. TomTom

      I second this!

      @Hylia We absolutely don't awk1

    3. Hylia

      So back to this status!

  14. THIS The entire alber is just bop after bop Socialite pop done right