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  1. Ikr, I guess our fellow snake sistren got so bored they decided to give out sum charity views kii!
  2. Rumor

    Mess, was hoping for something more banger-ish
  3. Its prettier, younger, smarter, snakier sister did it first <3
  4. Omg I'm so gonna watch this! Gotta rewatch The Avengers beforehand doe
  5. Performance

  6. Give me both Taylor and Rih their vocals on it and have the music video just be them dominating Calvin who is wearing nothing but a very strategically cut leather jockstrap so I can die and go to stan heaven
  7. Game

    One of my all-time faves (I also think I'm the only Snake stain who cares for this hymn nn) - 10!
  8. Game

  9. Album

    "Kraken" "flood" "fishing songs" that mermaid song (Don't Be Scared to Dive) - I stand CONFIRMED that #KP4Aquapop is HAPPENING!!!
  10. Ikr! I wanna see it!
  11. @Juinae Oh yes, she showed it to fans at one of the 1989 Secret Sessions back in October 2014. We only know of its existence thanks to those fans who attended that Secret Session and then posted about it on Tumblr and stuff I think the video was a montage of US American soldiers returning home to their families and I think it was meant to be a Thanksgiving tribute video that would have been shown during "Thank You America", a Thanksgiving special on ABC during which Taylor also made an appearance
  12. here

    Just came out to my best friend


    1. Hermione

      Congratulations! <3

    2. Entea

      Aww, gratz hug1

    3. Robert.

      Aw thank u guys so much! cry7 It went so much better than I could have ever wished for, #SHOOK tbh giveup1 

  13. Discussion

    YES PLEASE. I need this record to soundtrack my summer since it's shaping up to be boppy af!
  14. Those dancers doe mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm papis!