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  1. Robert.

    Y'all know what it is
  2. Robert.

    Max rn in hell heaven:
  3. Robert.

    New tingz
  4. Robert.

    More summer comebacks incoming
  5. Robert.

    I am nothing but a ****, sir
  6. Robert.

    If this is even half as good as Days Gone By, it's OVER for everyone
  7. Robert.

  8. But you can't spell Lover without OVER!!!1!
  9. Robert.

  10. Robert.

    A lil too noisy for me but the bridge is a moment!
  11. Robert.

    Yeah, exactly. A few years ago, one of my faves had to meet with Melania cause he was SK's representative at the Seoul Olympics. It did give us this iconic moment tho so I can't be too mad
  12. Robert.

    Soloists have been serving this year, period. Still haven't recovered from this excellence r
  13. Robert.

    So Sunmi just got some competition for best K-MV of 2019 And this B-side... WHEW
  14. Robert.

    Hide yo faves, Allahlee is a CUMMIN