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  1. the title track is so bad but I'm still very pleased bc everything else on the album is amazing
  2. MTE I'm in love with I Really Want You wtf The rockabilly meets Carly Rae's 'Dedicated' vibes are STRONG on this one. Also, Kiss Kiss is Prince-lite BLISS and Heart Attack's chorus is gigantic Really, a solid 8-track EP all around
  3. This mv is going to be a visual extravaganza yup yup
  4. MY KINGS ARE COMING BACK ON FEBRUARY 22nd, AHHHH I know this section is dead but I just had to leave that here
  5. Right, i didn't even expect SM to put out anything for them nn Btw, I love your current avi and signature, Blue Moon is an underrated banger
  6. My last.fm generated this powerful image when I opened it today... coincidence? I think not. #TaeminIsMadonnasSonConfirmed




  7. This incoming serve The (ex-)Wonder Girls just can't do no wrong Speaking of serves, TVXQ's Yunho is releasing soon and all the tracks previewed so far are BOPS Gen 2 REPRESENT!
  8. Yeah, and they also seemed to have such a sincere bond and friendship. Still, I'm excited to see what they'll go on to do individually, I'm perched for JB's solo career in particular Hope he serves us some more sensual bops like this:
  9. Omg just got done reading the two lists, here are my favorite bits: Your paragraphs on Dumhdurum, Criminal, Pporappippam, Mago, Apple, So Bad and Star spoke to me on a spiritual level! Ngl I for one am actually upset at the lack of a worst of 2020 and dishounorable mentions list (I was looking forward to some NCT roasts even though I kinda stan for them hihi), but I understand how much time goes into these and I am still immensely satisfied with all the content that you have given us on your blog this year And as always, there are so many artists and songs that