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  1. Robert.


    I know it's just a tiny snippet but this is kind of giving me Without You (emotional, epic rock-tinged power ballad) vibes and I'm loving it So ready for this!
  2. Robert.


    Right, i didn't even expect SM to put out anything for them nn Btw, I love your current avi and signature, Blue Moon is an underrated banger
  3. Robert. here

    My last.fm generated this powerful image when I opened it today... coincidence? I think not. #TaeminIsMadonnasSonConfirmed




  4. Robert.


    This is just the "online cover" so there's still hope for a nice physical cover that we can all pretend is the only official cover
  5. Robert.


    WORLD STOP Okay, carry on
  6. Robert.


    Also the feature on Demente... oh wow oh wow
  7. Robert.


    Ahhh, BICYCLE is gonna be her Side to Side I fear
  8. Robert.


  9. Robert.


    This incoming serve The (ex-)Wonder Girls just can't do no wrong Speaking of serves, TVXQ's Yunho is releasing soon and all the tracks previewed so far are BOPS Gen 2 REPRESENT!
  10. Robert.


    Yeah, and they also seemed to have such a sincere bond and friendship. Still, I'm excited to see what they'll go on to do individually, I'm perched for JB's solo career in particular Hope he serves us some more sensual bops like this:
  11. Best entrance and exit of any Super Bowl Halftime Show, best arrangement of Vogue she's ever done (along with the MDNA Tour version ofc but they're virtually identical), best use of stage projections and the field up till then... and what's more, no one has come close to topping this show in terms of sheer entertainment value and camp factor still The way she completely and utterly set the standard for what a Super Bowl Halftime Show should be with this unprecedented spectacle - queen ****.
  12. Robert.


    Omg just got done reading the two lists, here are my favorite bits: Your paragraphs on Dumhdurum, Criminal, Pporappippam, Mago, Apple, So Bad and Star spoke to me on a spiritual level! Ngl I for one am actually upset at the lack of a worst of 2020 and dishounorable mentions list (I was looking forward to some NCT roasts even though I kinda stan for them hihi), but I understand how much time goes into these and I am still immensely satisfied with all the content that you have given us on your blog this year And as always, there are so many artists and songs that I'm discovering through your blog, ones that have completely flown under most K-Pop stans' radar, so thank you for introducing me to more undeground star quality Everyone who visits this thread better go check out Vilppu's end-of-year lists, they're highly entertaining! And it's as clear as Sunmi's skin that more effort and research goes into them than goes into any of these MTV / Paper mag / Billboard / etc end-of-year lists!!
  13. Robert.


    Happy Holidays, everyone!
  14. Your spotify was folklore-evermore-dumbledore-witch-pop-cottagecore-albanian-pop-agenda bad. > Thank your obsessions with Taylor Swift, Folklore, and Ava Max for that. > Based on your listening habits, I can also tell you your spotify was... > k-pop-aficionado bad > cavity-inducing-sweet-pop bad > your-gen-x-is-showing bad > women-of-a-certain-age-obsessed bad > former-child-star bad > But wait, it gets worse: You listen to these tracks too much: Criminal by TAEMIN august by Taylor Swift One Touch by Julie Bergan betty by Taylor Swift Born to the Night by Ava Max You stan these artists to an uncomfortable extent: Britney Spears Madonna Kylie Minogue Glee Cast Ariana Grande You are 30% basic. You've got some original music, but most of it is mainstream garbage, like Ariana Grande.. You're stuck in the early 2010s. You must have peaked right around Madonna's MDNA World Tour. That's it. I'm done. I need to go recalibrate my taste levels. Shutting down. Well... I'm afraid I'm seeing no lies
  15. Robert.


    Fei She got done so wrong by Korea, all because she didn't opt for a squeaky clean solo debut Still one of the best (K-)Pop songs of all time imo