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  1. Must read for anyone who has not purchased tickets yet.. take this into consideration while you wait to purchase. HAVE YOU GOT YOUR TICKETS YET!!?? Early Bird Discounted GLORY - Meet and Greet tickets have sold out!! More Glory Meet and Greet will be added this coming week at the standard ticket price so be quick!!! We still have General, Gold and VIP Booth available but these wont last long!! TICKET LISTING: General: $30 (Early Bird) $60 Full Price Gold: $150 VIP Booth $699 (Group Booking Option) Glor
  2. If it's true it's a reason to watch the vmas for the whole Britney Army.
  3. This is awesome. Couldn't resist shared on mybritneyinsider
  4. Until it's fromg a solid source I doubt it's anything to worry about.
  5. Who cares if he hates he... he has to be nice when she's on and we get a new video interview.
  6. It's probably going to mention the up and coming Intimate Britney Australia Launch hopefully a confirmed date and venue would be nice. Britney visiting aus again too even better.
  7. I had a the teaser snippet video on @TeamMBI Twitter and got a dm saying it was removed for copyright that's all. I guess if they like the account they just remove the tweet itself and go futher for others lol.
  8. At least he is grateful for the song together.
  9. She's being a mom... and we get to see her happy. Did you guys see the pic she posted of the boys passed out in the car.
  10. I'd say it will come down to how long make me stays high in the charts.
  11. For anyone who didn't see it.. Jamie Lynn posted this. Thank y'all again for all the When The Lights Go Out ❤️!! If you missed it, you can watch it online ? http://smarturl.it/JLSwtlgo
  12. Anyone have a link to a full copy of jl when the lights go out documentary?