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    Janet Jackson section when
  2. Strobo

    Can also completely agree with Shake it Off, it still causes a visceral reaction out of me because of how overplayed it was.
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    1. Dance Floor Darling - Fletch 2. Dance Floor Darling - Max 3. Dance Floor Darling - BabyMario44 4. Supernova - ajp 5. Dance Floor Darling - CharnyBoy 6. Dance Floor Darling - Strobo 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
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    I'll try to send you something soon, though I can also handle mixing and such.
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    Freakum Dress
  6. Kendrick for for TPAB alone. Radiohead, Mariah and Beyonce all got robbed as well tbh.
  7. Thank you for the fun big brother game and the surprise VIP at the end! You bring a lot of life to this forum with the games and stuff you host and I love seeing them
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    Driver roll up the Partition please
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    No Angel
  10. I will be genuinely surprised if Black Parade wins any Grammys. That said, the Grammys ain't shit and every year without fail something like this happens. Someone is over-nominated and someone is completely snubbed. We really need better awards for music.
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    Savage Remix
  12. Well now it feels wrong to vote for myself... I'll give the vote to Tinashe and see who breaks the tie
  13. Strobo


    All of her 80s albums had excellent single runs imo, I don't think there were any missed opportunities here. Erotica isn't really commercial sounding enough for me to think of any singles that got away, but if it were up to me I would've given Waiting the single treatment. Bedtime Stories not having Survival as a single surprises me, as well as I'd Rather Be Your Lover (especially if it were the Tupac version) Agreed with Skin from ROL, but that also had a pretty much flawless single rollout. Music having only three singles feels like a crime because nearly every song on that album would've been great. I agree with Amazing, but I can understand her not wanting something as similar to Beautiful Stranger as a single. Impressive Instant and Runaway Lover also come to mind! American Life could've had a whole different single lineup tbh, but Nobody Knows Me and X-Static Process come to mind. COADF had a great singles run, but Future Lovers deserved. (this is another album like Music for me) Hard Candy has probably the most offensive lack of singles because while all three that we got were great, we were robbed of a good music video for Give it 2 Me, and overall robbed by not getting She's Not Me, Beat Goes On and Dance 2Night as singles. This album screamed massive era, and while the tour gave us that it deserved more. Madame X for absolutely no reason had her sleep on Faz Gostoso. That would've been the easiest Latin America hit ever and she just ignored it.