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  1. These literally mean the same thing pls
  2. Out of those, only LTWYL is a feature, the others are her songs, one of which is literally a solo song. Calvin Harris wrote and produced We Found Love, but that's no different than other songwriters/producers giving songs to other artists. He just wanted to be (rightly) featured. And are we really calling Rihanna a feature on Umbrella when Jay-Z only rapped on the first verse? By that logic Crazy in Love, Can't Hold Us Down, Problem, etc are all features
  3. Strobo

    Game Like a M

    I Know It (though I expect Borderline to win this one)
  4. Strobo

    Game Like a M

    You'll See, easily.
  5. While you may be right, it's not comparable bringing up legends from the 80s have have decades under their belts as opposed to ladies who started their careers in the mid 00s.
  6. Stan: Taylor Swift (though that carried into 2021), Chloe x Halle, lowkey Jessie Ware Unstan: N/A
  7. Okay but real talk has anyone else ever been this delusional thinking they're more like -insert completely dissimilar artist here- I wanna know
  8. Strobo

    Game Like a M

    Medellin tbh, I'm tired of pretending this song isn't good
  9. Why do upcoming artists who are so obviously inspired by a SPECIFIC artist pretend they're more similar to another artist? Who do they think they're fooling?
  10. Believe has more impact and sales. I do feel like CGYOMH has more longevity though, and appeals to more than just gays and clubgoers though.
  11. Strobo

    Game Like a M

    I Don't Give A about either of these songs