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  1. singles that don't belong to an album, like The Cure or Till It Happens To You I think at this point, she just releases stuff that she thinks other people would like instead of what she cares about I'm sure if she decided "fuck it, I'm making the music I care about" she would have something that stands out again instead all the safe/phoned in music she's been doing Either that or we get another Joanne.
  2. Kendrick himself made the comparison to be fair, so it's not him being outta pocket
  3. Because he's not being problematic? He's telling a story?
  4. The way almost none of y'all listened to the song, read the ENTIRE lyrics and used your brains before thinking you can have an opinion. There are absolutely things about the song that can be criticized, but overall the song is well intentioned and for someone of his status calling out casual homophobia/transphobia within the black community (and I know y'all white Europeans aren't trying to speak on THAT) that he actively participated in. Things that were learned due to religion and the culture surrounding us, as well as calling out the hypocrisy of cis straight black men using the
  5. Never again and no one really expects or wants her to. I don't think even she wants this judging by how she'd rather do movies and jazz.
  6. Certainly not the transphobic, racist, overall unhinged piece of work trying to call Gaga racist. wbk Gaga was on some bullshit during Artpop especially, but I'm gonna need more than someone like Azealia fucking Banks claiming all this fucked up bullshit to believe it without receipts.
  7. At least the proceeds go to a good place...? She really should educate herself on why NFTs (or rather, crypto/blockchains) are bad though.
  8. More iconic rap albums and more interesting topics? Absolutely. Nicki has no album touching Hard Core or The Naked Truth. More interesting music and Nicki having the same flow? Now let's not discredit Nicki like that. Nicki had versatility in a way that most other women in rap besides a select few did NOT. Nicki (and Drake) are a very large reason why rap is the dominant genre today, even if they did crossover music to r&b and pop (which isn't new to rap music). I'm far from a Nicki stan, but I'm not gonna discredit her merits and what she's contributed just because she's a shit
  9. except the difference is Nicki writes her raps/has more lyrical and flow variety than Kim (who only really had The Naked Truth to prove she was more than just Biggie's ghostwrites and chasing the same old shit and it was too late)
  10. Y'all are taking the tweet that has *devil wears Prada Meryl Streep voice* way too seriously don't you think? Nicki has plenty of reasons to be pressed about, including the subpar single. This tweet ain't one of em.
  11. Tantrum where? JT is hardly being a brat, they're bothering him about Britney's pregnancy SPECIFICALLY because they dated like 20 years ago. It's childish to go out of your way to do that to someone just minding their business like that. He doesn't owe anyone the time of day like that, especially not some dumbass paparazzi.
  12. 2 is objectively the best one here, though 4 and 5 are also good