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  1. Strobo here

    Listening to Chromatica again really got me in the mood to listen to Born This Way and tbh it made both albums better? They're almost like... two sides of the same coin?

  2. Strobo


    Pop punk, electro/dance pop and pop&b.
  3. Strobo

    It's Teenage Dream with a close second with 1989. Both were long, fully fledged eras that are some of the most iconic for pop music period. Adele does well, but her album releases aren't really pop culture moments so much as they are just really successful. Bangerz was successful and was also a moment but it only really lasted during 2013, while the other contenders lasted through several. Which is why both of Beyoncé's albums while also being huge eras, and having lasting impact also weren't as lasting as the first two. I will admit that I really did think BTW and Loud were bigger, but Teenage Dream was just THAT bitch that they were both overshadowed.
  4. Strobo

    Overexposed how? If you don't like her new music that's fine but I'd hardly call two collabs overexposed, especially since they're off-era collabs.
  5. Best track on the album instrumentally, it perfectly captures her time in Portugal, the wandering traveling theme and the Mirwais influence. The lyrics may be a bit... But everything else makes up for it!
  6. Strobo

    Me when I lie.
  7. Strobo

    If I'll be honest, I think people are over Katy as an act. Her particular brand of light hearted pop coupled with her goofy image made it hard for anyone to take her seriously when she tried to, and too "gimmicky" to really stick around. She has the power to get a surprise hit or so in the future, but overall I think she's done unless she pulls off a massive reinvention.
  8. Strobo

    Why are y'all pressed Jjang doesn't care for the video? It's absolutely delusional to call Gaga some kind of an artistic genius, but she delivered and executed a concept and visuals and really that's all anyone was asking for from her since she moved away from pop. Take the video or leave it depending on what you're looking for, but at the end of the day she made a proper video that had SOMETHING to it, which is more than we can say about anything since G.U.Y.
  9. Strobo

    Kanye, easily. Hell, without Kanye there wouldn't even be Drake as we know him. He might be problematic as fuck but most of his discography is quality.
  10. Strobo

    Not sure how we got to dragging Britney or Katy in this but alright Gaga simply set her standards too high for herself too early, wbk. Acting like Chromatica is worst album of 2020, and that 911 has a bad video is a bit of a stretch don't you think? Besides Beyoncé (who went above and beyond), I don't see any of the other girlies putting in close this kind of effort in visuals and concepts recently.
  11. Strobo

    I don't think Mariah has a bad album, just her voice is weak on E=MC2 and for what's supposed to be a "part 2" of Emancipation it just doesn't hold up as well as that or MOAIA imo. The good songs are good af but the others... Not so much. Same goes for Music Box. Emotions and Daydream were unique and very much Mariah. Music Box is her basic album.
  12. Strobo

    Oh wow this poll is extremely biased For Mariah, you could argue Charmbracelet but it has some of her strongest lyrics there? It's definitely more of a lamb favorite though. Music Box is her most basic and least Mariah album to the point where you can tell even she's not really into it. E=MC2 also exists as her most trend-hopping, weakest vocally and songwriting wise album. Madame X for Madonna is absolutely not her worst and this shows me you're looking for cheap bops over actually good songs. MDNA is her weakest and messiest work in terms of literally everything. Vocals, songwriting, production, just all of it. How are you gonna sit here and call what is generally considered a return to form creatively for Madonna her worst? Make it make sense. Liberation for Xtina? You can't seriously tell me the headache inducing mastering and tired af vocals on Lotus is better than Liberation. 4? Beyoncé's worst??? Did we listen to the same album? You mean the album where she actually got to explore her own sound with what she wanted to for the first time? With some of her best vocals on record to date? That 4? Sorry if I came off as harsh but??? I'm really confused how some of these are considered worst when all of these artists have worse albums that are more generally aged upon to be bad/underwhelming. Your least fav =/= worst.
  13. Strobo

    No lies were told here!
  14. Just because pop is meant to be appealing to a lot of people doesn't mean it has to be sent out like an assembly line. It's especially sad when you see an artist go from fairly unique early on and needing to water down what makes them so unique early on chasing a hit. Imo the harder you force a song to be a hit, the less likely anyone actually is to care and if they do? Not for long. So yeah I hate this mentality in the industry where artists are expected do the exact same thing over and over again and artistic growth is encouraged. Other note? Filler tracks. Please stop the albums with 3-5 singles and the rest is trash. No one wants an album full of songs even the artist doesn't care about sounded by a couple of filler tracks. I don't know why EPs that just have the singles/strong tracks aren't more normalized. Especially after The Fame Monster.