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    Who is lying to themselves voting Hanky Panky over Vogue
  2. I'll give Mariah edge on ballads, but Xtina probably has the most range out of the faves (besides maybe Beyoncé or Madonna) her bops and ballads are both just as good!
  3. You could spend that energy streaming your flop ass fave instead of trying to drag one of the most unproblematic artists for their weight.
  4. I can't recall the last time I've seen this user post something worth reading. Once again I'm not surprised. Take your shitty opinions and weight shaming elsewhere. Imagine hating on Adele, like??? What was the reason?
  5. Circus felt forced as a "redemption" to the whole 07 breakdown/Blackout era, and I doubt she cared much for it. The production did much more heavy lifting on this album compared to Blackout which people wrongly accuse of overly computerizing Britney. Blackout was the last album pre-Glory where she really played with her voice the way she's been known to. Femme Fatale and especially Britney Jean were phoned in experiences, as shown by the Myah Marie controversy with the latter and how she definitely did not look into it during public appearances on tour, X Factor or otherwise during the fo
  6. Once in a generation talent =/= trailblazer or trendsetter No one's discrediting her talent, but all she really has is her voice. Low-key I could say the same about Celine too but she has the sales to back it up.