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  1. Beautiful (minus Lotus)
  2. I was hoping to fix those album tags for Angel before posting it but ah well.
  3. here

    Ratings for the 2017 Lemonade megarate are due today. Please *read the rules* before you submit your ratings. wub1 


  4. I love you Urbi.
  5. Don't drink and Survivor kids
  6. Thank you @Infrared and @iknewbetter
  7. If the answer is no I will...
  8. Music
  9. *crickets*
  10. Oh my gosh....
  11. Yes we love Milk
  12. Does that mean it was found by Rumir?
  13. here

    There should be something like this of Britney that says "cries in feat"


    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. Hylia

      Btw when Native Inslayder comes out we should do a listening thread

    3. Vulnicura.

      Most perchedt for Reindeer King tbh

    4. Sylk

      here for it!

  14. If you're quick enough you might NOT actually miss the immunity and might only miss my team being put in court.
  15. I'm here bc I didn't want @Milk to rot alone again.