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  1. Discussion

    Fearless is life though?
  2. Discussion

    It's because you disrespected Sorry and Formation to be honest
  3. Discussion

    Another lie but whatever, at least you're giving it a good score I guess... Bye @Saiga
  4. Discussion

    Okay that's it I'm out No time for a meltdown because I gotta go back to writing Someone else should get them for me
  5. Discussion

    @Saiga is making me procrastinate when I should be writing, but I gotta see what rating they give Formation
  6. Discussion

    No Belinda actually appreciated it
  7. Discussion

    No, we gotta keep posting!
  8. Discussion

    When even BELINDA/RUPAUL/whatever his name is now, agrees that All Night is magical... You need to look in the mirror if you give it a 1.
  9. Discussion

    9.5/10 is "not digging it as much" now??? I hate to wonder what you (incorrectly) feel about Sorry then.
  10. Discussion

    Like yeah, open correctional gates in higher desert Yeah, open our mind as we cast away oppression Yeah, open the streets and watch our beliefs And when they carve my name inside the concrete I pray it forever reads FREEDOM FREEDOM
  11. Discussion

    @Lord Stoneheart