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  1. Game

    IT WAS A HARD DECISION LSH, DON'T YOU GIVE ME THAT EMOJI! This one is easy though. Freedom vs. Single Ladies
  2. Game

    Ughggggghhhhhhhh Love On Top vs. Freedom
  3. Discussion

  4. At first I thought you were saying that because B'Day would temporarily be beaten by IASF kfjl;asdjfk;la my gosh Anna, LSH would never be that insensitive........ Thank you so much. I love you. <333
  5. Discussion

    SUBjectively for me it's DIL, but OBjectively yeah it's Sasha. Also anyone who says 4, Beyonce, or Lemonade should automatically be banned
  6. Sasha Fierce might temporarily beat B'Day on my charts this week because I found out my grandfather was a huge fan of the original version of Ave Maria (they played it at his service). Since I don't have the original Ave Maria, I will instead listen to Beyonce's cover of it. I will also listen to the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack song "I'll Fly Away" because that was another song they sang at his service. <3
  7. Game

    10. One of my faves, if not my #1 fave.
  8. When you're trying to enjoy your freedom in peace and criminals keep tagging you in their drama:
  9. Partay In The Prison
  10. I'm not getting you any food witch! XOXO Bon appetit this toe!
  11. #Fakenews #AlternativeFacts