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  1. Damn, this is her best work in 7 years!!! Queen has slayed so damn hard. R.O.S.E. era found dead
  2. This is really good, effortlessly ended her first album
  3. I’m glad things are finally moving, they’ve been trying to come back for years 😭😭 I am still kinda gutted we never got the second 4.0 album as Freedom was a bop. I’d love for Amelle to be a Sugababe again one day as she’s my fave. Anyway the new MNEK remix is pretty cool.
  4. Have you ever stopped stanning some one? If so, why? I stopped stanning Kitty Brucknell when she tweeted that she was going to write a song about poo and wee, it was just the last straw for me. Although I had been building up to leaving the standom after her previous behaviour but that was just the final thing for me
  5. Gaudete dates back to 1581 and was covered by Erasure in 2013. This is probably the oldest song I have heard
  6. Is Up about dicks? The chorus certainly sounds it. Apparently "if it's up then it's stuck" is a saying but I mean even the saying probably comes from a dick being up and stuck in a pussy. Urban Dictionary defines the saying as "There is an issue with someone/ somebody and it's gonna stay that way until the beef is settled." I still think the meaning of the saying originates from a dick being stuck up somewhere. Also her last song was about wet ass pussy so it seems like a song about dicks makes senses for her Thoughts?
  7. She named a song Good In Bed nnnnnn... it’s kinda a bop though 😋
  8. I love this music video. Take That + some of my favourite comedians, what’s not to love? Also I love the throwbacks to their previous music videos in this too.
  9. I’m so excited, she is back in dance pop and I cannot wait to hear everything